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How to Prune a Hibiscus Plant? The ULTIMATE GUIDE on Pruning of Hibiscus!


Hibiscus Plant is a Very Fast Growing Summer Season Flowering Plant, that Thrives Very Well in an Indirect Sunlight. As It Comes to It’s Season, It Starts On Growing & Grow Up Very Long & Leggy Branches, that Ultimately Stops the Flowering of Hibiscus Plant.

In this Article, I am Going to Show You How to Prune a Hibiscus Tree, to Get More Growth & Blooming on Them. This includes, Benefits Of Pruning, Method, When to Prune, & How to Prune a Hibiscus Tree. So Keep Reading.

Hibiscus Pruning & Triming;-

Pruning is the Triming and Cutting of Unwanted branches from a plant. Sometimes, the hibiscus grows in a very disordered shape, to make it in order we need to cut the Branches.

Further on, Hibiscus Plant Grow Again & the New Branches Came Out from the Nodes Below the Cut, making the Plant More Bushier & Healthier for the Blooming Season. 

Some Benefits Of Pruning of Hibiscus:-

Pruning of Hibiscus Enhance the beauty of the Plant and the health of the Hibiscus plant also increases. And only A healthy plant can produce lot’s of BLOOMS and it grow faster.

Pruning makes a Plant More Bushy, pruning of Hibiscus plant makes Your Plant Very healthy. The Sunlight Reaches the hidden Parts of the hibiscus plant also, that Makes it more Powerful. This thing also reduces the Chances of Yellow Leaves & Fungal Growth.

When to Prune a Hibiscus?

In this Guide of How to Prune a Hibiscus plant, The correct Seasoning can boost The Growth of Hibiscus Plant, Making Our Pruning Successful. It is super beneficial, if you do this in a Right season. The best time to Prune your Hibiscus plant Is in the Spring season and in the whole summer season also. Because this is the Growing time Of Hibiscus Plant. 

When not to Prune a Hibiscus?

If you prune it in the winters, there is nothing going to happen. In the Spring season, the atmosphere is very Favourable For the Hibiscus plant to Produce new Branches and gets more bushy. In Reverse, Pruning of Hibiscus in Winter Days can lead To Fungal Growth, That Ultimately Effects the Plant Health.

How to Prune a Hibiscus Plant?

Following are the Some Was to Prune a Hibiscus plant, That results in different Growth Styles of The Plant. You can Choose Whichever You want.

Types of Pruning of a Hibiscus:-

You can prune your Hibiscus plant in two styles. To make your plant more bushy, you can prune your hibiscus plant softly.

And if you wants to make your hibiscus plant more Strong and healthy, you have to prune it hardly.

To Give an Attractive Look, You can Also Choose Selective Pruning Of Hibiscus Plant. It gives the Hibiscus tree, to Really Look like a Big Tree.

Soft Pruning:-

In the soft pruning, you just need to pinch out the Upper growing shoots a little. You can prune your Hibiscus plant softly within the whole Growing Season (Mar to Aug). It helps a lot to keep the hibiscus plant is shape. Making it More Bushier, Getting the Hibiscus Plant On Blooming, by Making More Buds.

Hard Pruning:-

Pruning firmly is the Triming of Woody stems to make it more growing and to enhance its IMMUNITY. Hard pruning is mainly used to make a desired shape of the hibiscus plant.

When to Prune Hibiscus Plant Hardly?

You can prune your hibiscus plant hardly in the spring season. You shouldn’t Prune Your Hibiscus Plant with this Technique, in the Summer days, as it reduces the Growth of Buds by Making it Smaller in size.

Selective Pruning;-

This is the Way to Prune A Hibiscus in such a Way to get Desired Growth on it. Means suppose You wanna Grow Your Hibiscus Plant in an Umbrella Shape, then the Branches That Came Out From the Main Trunk of Hibiscus, Requires to be Pruned. This is Called as Selective Pruning Of Hibiscus Plant.

This is Not as important as The Soft pruning, because it isn’t Going to Make the More Blooming & Bushier. It’s mostly Used in the bonsai making & A Great Way to Grow Hibiscus Plant In a Desired shape.

Selection of a Clean Cutter;-

You shouldn’t Use any Pruner, Cutter or Tool to cut the Branches of Hibiscus Plant, Because The Cutters can be Infected of Germs, or Fungus that Can be Fatal To Use on Hibiscus Plant. You can Use any Cutter, only make sure it is Disinfected & Sharp to make a Clean Cut.

The main mistake we made is the usage of wrong tool. You can use any cutter that is Disinfected of all type of germs. “Disinfection is the removal Germs from the Cutter” So they don’t get entered from the Cut that we make.

Disinfective Solution;-

To remove the Germs, You can Use alcoholic Rub or any other Disinfective Solution. like, Hydrogen peroxide.

How to Prune a Hibiscus Properly?

After Disinfection, Cut the Branches a Little. Make a cut of 45° and Leave the Plant to Grow it’s own. Try to use a Sharp Cutter. You can also apply a fungicide Powder on the Cut but is not Necessary.

The Cut part is sensitive area Don’t spray water over there. After a Few days you will find new Branches growing just behind the Cut.

Some precautions to Prune a Hibiscus..!

  • Don’t Prune the Hibiscus Plant in the Dormancy Time Period.
  • Don’t Prune the Hibiscus, if it have a Pest Attack. Make it solution First.
  • Don’t Spray Water Over the Cut Part.
  • Don’t make Irregular Cuts, use a Sharp Cutter or Scissor.
  • Try to Fertilize your Hibiscus Plant After it’s Pruning.

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