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Making the Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants!


Making The Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants Can be Very Useful, if you Follow up this Recipe. It Contains Nitrogen, & Phosphorus In Good Amounts with Very Helpful Micro Elements. Application of this Fertilizer on Indoor Plants 2 to 3 times a month Will Definitely Show you Amazing Results.

In this Post, I will Show you How to make the Best Fertilizer For indoor Plants & apply It On Them. So Keep Reading & Let’s Start.

What type of Fertilizer Do Indoor Plants Need?

The Best liquid fertilizer for indoor plants is That Which Contains a Nitrogen Source for a Healthier Foliage Growth & Phosphorus For the Development of a Health Root Structure. & Micro Elements like Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Magnase, iron etc... For Enhancing a good Immune System to Fight Against Harmful Problems.

What Type of Problems Mostly Found In Indoor Plants?

Problems that Found In Indoor Plants Very Commonly, like Yellow Leaves, Brown Tips, Black Patches on Leaves & So on. So the Solution is Simple, You have to make such a Fertilizer For them That Have Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Micro Elements for a proper Growth Style.

Benefits Of This Fertilizer;-


Before Making the Best homemade fertilizer for indoor plants, You Need to Know Some Very Helpful Benefits & Qualities of Applying This Fertilizer.

Applying this Indoor Plants Fertilizer Makes Following Changes in The Growth of Plant;-

  • Makes a Stronger Immune System to Harmful Diseases.
  • Makes the Soil Softer & Nutrients Enrich for the Roots.
  • Keep Yellow & Browning Leaves Away from your Indoor Plants.
  • Indoor Plants Grow Really fast With this Fertilizer.
  • Give them a Fresh Boost To Grow New Shoots & Leaves.
  • Phosphorus Helps the Plant To Grow New Pups & Baby Plants.
  • Shows You Long Lasting Results, as it is Slow Release Fertilizer.

What Makes the Leaves of Indoor Plants Yellow?

Deficiency of Magnesium & Nitrogen in soil Causes the Leaves to gives up their Formation of Chlorophyll,that Keeps the Leaves Green. & ultimately This Deficiency Makes the Leaves to Turn Yellow.

Other Reasons Of Yellowing Leaves could be Light Deficiency, Over Watering & Pests attack Etc... So also Consider that, But This Fertilizer Keeps such Nutritional Deficiencies away & Plant Grows really Well.

How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants?

For Making The Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants, requires a Few Very Useful Ingredients;-
  • Cow Dung Compost 20g
  • Egg Shells Powder 2 Table Spoons
  • Tea Powder 1 Table Spoons
  • Bone Meal Powder 20g

Cow Dung Compost;-

Cow Dung Compost is a Very useful Fertilizer, it contains Nitrogen & many Useful Micro Nutrients to Keep The Indoor Plant Healthy & Well Growing. For learning More Beneficial effects of Cow Dung Compost, Check Out this Article.

The Quantity of Cow Dung Compost Really Matters for Using in the Best all purpose fertilizer for indoor plants, Increased Amount Can results Burning of Leaves, so Follow up this Post. Use About 30 grams of Cow Dung Compost to this Fertilizer.

Tea Powder;-

Tea Powder or Dried Tea Leaves Contains a Good amount Of Nitrogen in it, that is a Very Useful thing to provide to The roots of indoor Plants. You can Use Tea waste Or Tea Powder UpTo 1 Table Spoon.

Bone Meal Powder;-

The Bone Meal Powder is a Slow Release Phosphorus Enrich Fertilizer, that Works amazing to Boost up the Growth of New Fibrous Roots. This Thing promotes the Growth of New Pups & Baby Plants, that Came out From the Root Level of indoor Plants.

You can Make also Make Bone Meal Powder at Home, Follow up This Video.

Or Buy a Ready to Use Bone Meal Powder Here. 

Egg Shells;-

For Making The Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants, Role of Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus etc.. are Un neglectable. & Egg Shells Powder Contains These Nutrients in good amounts, so Adding about 2-3 table Spoons of Egg Shells Powder in this Indoor Plant Fertilizer, also Work Great to Raise up the Level of Nutrition in it.

How to Fertilize your indoor Plants?

Mix all of these Ingredients well & Our Best diy fertilizer for indoor plants is Ready To apply. Put them into the Soil after Digging the Upper Soil Layer. It helps absorb the Nutrients from the Soil More Fastly.

Watering just after the Fertilizer helps the Roots to absorb Nutrients, therefore Add frequent Amount of Water into the Soil.

You can Use this Fertilizer on all your Indoor Plant, But Don’t Use it on the Cactus family Plants.

Apply after Every 20 days At Evening.


Using an Organic Homemade Food For indoor Plants really Helps a lot. And it is also So much easy to Correctly Fertilize Indoor Plants after This article. So Must Use our Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plant & Get More Growth & Useful Results.

If You Don’t Want to Make effort in making This indoor Plant Food, You can Simply Buy and use It Every 10-15 days.

Buy Organic Indoor Plant Food Here!

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