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How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?

How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?

Hibiscus Plant is a very Beautiful Flower Producing Summer Season plant & Grow Very Well in Rainy Days. It will be very easy for you To Grow & Care Hibiscus Plant, if You follow Up This Whole Post. 

We are Going to talk about all the Useful tips to Care hibiscus Plant, Including the Correct Watering technique, Sunlight Requirements, Fertilizers, Pruning, & also about the Most Common Problems Found In Hibiscus Plants, so Keep Reading. 

Introduction to Hibiscus Plant;-

How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?
At First, Let’s Talk About some Basics to care Hibiscus Plant. It Mainly Depends upon the Origin, From Where the Hibiscus Plant belongs to. Hibiscus Plant is a Tropical Area Plant, in Such Places it Grow under the Big Trees, With an indirect sunlight & High Humidity Level. 

Types & Varieties of Hibiscus Tree;-

There Are many Varieties of Hibiscus Plant, Classified According to their Flower Size & Shape. Some hibiscus Varieties have Variegated Leaves, That looks Very Beautiful. Hibiscus Plant is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, Grown in all most all regions of the World. 

Where do Hibiscus Plant Grow Best?

Hibiscus Plant Can be grown in any region, where temp. Remains Moderate, not too much high & not too low. Ideal temp. Range to Grow Hibiscus Plant Is roughly Around 25 to 45 °C. & The Plant Shows a fast Growth & Slow Growth According to It’s Ideal Temp. 

In winters, as the temp. Decreases from 20°C, hibiscus Plant Stops growing & became Dormant. At that Time you can Move them Indoors, to Protect them from Severe Temp. decrease. 

You can Grow Hibiscus Plant Any where Around the spring Days UpTo late Summer days, Avoid Planting & Growing Hibiscus in Winters.

Hibiscus Care in Pot;- 

Now let’s Talk About Few hibiscus Plant Care Tips, that helps You Alot. 

Moisture & Humidity;-

How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?
The Most Important Thing to care for Hibiscus Plant, is the Moisture & Humidity. And a Good Soil Mixture plays a Big Role in this Thing. A good Soil Mix can make the hibiscus Plant more growing & a bad mix Can make it Dying. 

Hibiscus Plant Loves to be Grown in a Soft & Water retaining Soil mix. In a Compact Soil Mix, they Hardly Survives & Such Type of Yellow Leaves Appears. So, it is preferred to use a Commercial Ready To Use Mixture, as it works really Well, Hibiscus roots Grow much faster in this mix. You can Buy This Hibiscus Plant Potting Mix

How to Water Hibiscus Plant? 

Next Thing for Caring Hibiscus Plant, is the Watering Technique. A deep Watering On alternate days, & Daily in summers Work just perfect. If Your Soil Mix is Draining Properly, then you don’t need to care so Much about How much to water. 

The extra Moisture automatically drains out, this Thing can be very useful, if you care Hibiscus Plant as a Beginner. If you are living in an area, with a burning & dry Sun. Then A gentle spray over the Leaves of Hibiscus Plant Make it feel really Good, and also the Plant Shows New Growth & Flower buds. Always Check the Soil Moisture level & then Water, don’t let the soil to Dry Out completely. 

OverWatered Hibiscus;- 

OverWatering Hibiscus Plant Causes So many Problems, that Ultimately Stops the Growth of Hibiscus. & The main Cause Of this issue is Less Experience of maintaining Moisture & a Blocked Moisture in the Soil. To Overcome This Issue, Use a Well Draining Soil mix To Grow & Care Hibiscus Plant. 

How much Sun Hibiscus Plant Requires? 

How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?
Availability of a good amount of Sunlight is also important to care Hibiscus Plant, As it Promotes the Growth of New Buds & Flowers. Hibiscus Plant Grow very Well, in a Bright SunnY Spot. Provide minimum 3 to 5 hours of Sunlight. Sunlight makes a good Immune system of hibiscus Plant against harmful Pests & Diseases.

Deficiency Of Sunlight in Hibiscus;-

If the Sunlight can’t Came so Long, at Your house, then make sure hibiscus Plant is placed minimum in a Bright Area. Deficiency of light Causes such type of yellow Leaves & A Stunted Growth. 

A Full day of direct Sunlight is not so much Ideal, unless the humidity is high. Choose a semi Shaded area, with a good amount of indirect Sunlight. You can also Check out this Detailed video to care hibiscus Plant, That Shows You many Useful Points Related To This Topic. 

The Best Fertilizer For Hibiscus Plant;- 

How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?
As Hibiscus Plant is a fast growing Flowering Plant, therefore it will definitely Requires a lot of Nutrients to keeps it’s Healthier Growth Continue. Hibiscus Plant is a heavy Feeder that requires a variety of essential nutrients & minerals to Grow well. 

Deficiency of Nutrition causes a Stunted Growth, Very less Blooming on hibiscus & Such type of yellow Leaves. So to keep all Type of Deficiencies away, you must need a good Fertilizer that Fulfills the requirements of hibiscus Plant. 

For that, can check out a Detailed article on making a Powerful Fertilizer For Hibiscus Plant Here. 

Otherwise you can also buy a ready to Use Hibiscus Plant Fertilizer, that works Just perfect. For consistent Blooming on hibiscus Plant, Buying a Good Fertilizer worth it. 

Hibiscus Plant Pruning;- 

As Hibiscus Plant is a tree type Plant, that Can Grow As Bigger as several feet, so regular Pruning & Triming of Overly Grown shoots is also important, to keep the plant in shape & A Constant Supply of buds & Flowers on it. 

How to Prune Hibiscus? 

You can cut off the Upper Growing Shoots with a clean cutter, any Where around the Growing season of Hibiscus Plant. This thing Makes Multiple branches on Hibiscus Plant & it also grow fast. 

When to Prune Hibiscus?

To Perfectly Care Hibiscus Plant, Pruning is super beneficial Thing, if you do this in a Right season. The best time to Prune your Hibiscus plant Is in the Spring season and in the whole summer season also. Because this is the Growing time Of Hibiscus Plant. 

If you prune it in the winters, there is nothing going to happen. In the Spring season, the atmosphere is very Favourable For the Hibiscus plant to Produce new Branches and gets more bushy. So keep pruning Hibiscus Plant & also add a Fertilizer every 15 to 20 days. 

Diseases & Pests In Hibiscus Plant;-

How to Care Hibiscus Plant For Massive Blooming?
The most common Pests, that you Might Face while Caring Hibiscus Plant, are Mealybugs, Aphids, White flies etc.. that Attacks very frequently on Hibiscus upper Growing Shoots. 

These Insects don’t let The Hibiscus Plant to keep it’s Growth continue. Some makes lines by eating the Leaves & some sucks the sap from leaf & make it Yellow. 

What is the Best Solution to Pests attack? 

So the all in one solution to all of these harmful Pests is the use of Pesticide spray every 15 days. You can Use Neem Oil Pesticide spray, that Works Just Perfect to Prevent all Type of These Pests & insects. It is very easy to Prepare a Neem Oil Pesticide spray At Home, Make it & keep applying Every 10 to 15 days. This Thing will keep all of these Pests Away From your Hibiscus.

You can buy a Ready To Use Neem oil pesticide spray Here.

What Makes the Hibiscus Leaves Yellow? 

Other problems found in hibiscus Plant are leaf Curl, Browning leaves, yellow Leaves etc… that found When You are OverWatering Hibiscus, Light is Properly reaching to The Hibiscus Leaves & may be Your Soil mix is Deficient of Nutrition. But if you Are Following all the Hibiscus plant care Tips described previously, they wouldn’t appear. 

So this is the all about to Care hibiscus Plant, follow up this Guide & you will definitely Find a visible Change. 

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