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Raising an Organic Vegetable Garden, requires a Lots of Efforts, & a Good Fertilizer can Make Your Efforts Fruitful. In this post, We are Going to make an Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables. That Boosts up Their Growth & shows us a Healthy & big Harvest out of Them.

An Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables, Requires to Have a Good Combination Of Nutrition, So it Can Feed the Roots Completely.

Following are the Ingredients, we are Going To Use This Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables.

What is the Best Fertilizer For Vegetable Gardens?

Vegetable plants and all the other plants, basically Requires three main Elements. Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus also called as As. Chemical Fertilizers are Mainly Formulated on the basis of these Nutrients.

For the Vegetable Garden, Nitrogen helps to Improve Foliar growth, Phosphorus makes the Root System Stronger. And mainly the Potassium helps the Vegetable Plants to Bloom.

For making That type of Organic fertilizer, which have these Macronutrients and the Micro Nutrients also, We have to Choose Different Ingredients.

There are a Few Organic Ingredients, that Are added in this Article to Buy, just in case, if You didn’t Find them.

Benefits Of This Organic Fertilizer on Vegetables;-

There are Number Of Benefits Of Applying this Organic Fertilizer On Vegetable Plants.

  • It Promotes a New Growth On Them.
  • Make them Immuned of Harmful Diseases & Pests.
  • It Can Be Extremely Useful, if You apply it from the seedling Stage.
  • Leaves Don’t Turns Yellow, as It Contains Nitrogen & magnesium.
  • Plants Treated With this Fertilizer are Much Stronger To the Environmental Change, than the Other Vegetable Plants.
  • Vegetable Plants With This Liquid Fertilizer applied, produces Lot’s Of Flowers.

It Doesn’t Matter, are You Growing Flower Producing Vegetable Plants, or the Rooted Vegetables, it fills up Your Veggies with Nutrients & make them Bigger. You might be wondering with These, so Many of Benefits of Regularly Using this Liquid Fertilizer. But it Is True. So Let’s Know How to Prepare This Liquid.

Dried Banana Peels;-

First Ingredient For making this best organic fertilizer for vegetables
ย is the dried Banana Peels. They have Potassium For making Your Vegetables full of taste, & making Them bigger in size.

You have to Use Dried Peels, It’s easy, simply dry them in the sun for a Few Days, & Crush Them a little. & add About 4 to 5 dried & Crushed Banana peels.

Washed Tea Waste;-

Next Ingredient to Make this Organic Fertilizer is the Tea Waste. You have to wash The Tea Waste, to remove Sugar. It Contains a good amount of Nitrogen & it also makes the Soil acidic. I am Using 1 table Spoon of this Washed Tea waste.

Cow Dung Compost;-

Our Next Ingredient is The Cow Dung Compost, that have so many Nutrients to develop a healthy Immune System of a Younger Plant. I am Taking around 5 to 8 table Spoons of Cow Dung Compost.

As Cow Dung Compost Contains So Many Benefits, if Used Correctly, Therefore You Should Check Out a Detailed Article on The Benefits & Uses of Cow Dung Compost in Plants.ย 

The Micro Elements, like Calcium, magnesium, Iron, Zinc etc. Present in cow Dung Compost, Keeps the Yellowing Leaves, Brown Leaves, Black Patches etc.. away From Your Vegetable Plants.


Next Ingredient to make This Organic Fertilizer For Vegetables is the Compost, that is a very good Source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus & other Micro Elements, required by roots.

Compost also Makes the Soil Softer & roots Grow very Fastly with this. So add about 5 to 8 table Spoons for a Visible Change. You can also Buy a Nutrients Enrich, ready To Use Compost Here.ย 

How To Make This Liquid Fertilizer?

Add all Of these Ingredients & a Liter of Water in a bottle & Let it in the Shade for a Few days, so The ingredients can Decompose.

How much Time it Takes To Decompose?

In winters, give at least 4 to 6 days for a Proper Decomposition & in summers, you can Use This Liquid Fertilizer After 3 to 4 Days.

After 4 days…

Now we have to Dilute this Liquid, as it contains Nitrogen in Larger Amounts, that can be harmful if Exceeded. So Take a Container with 5 to 7 liters of Water, & add this Concentrated Liquid Fertilizer in it. Mix it well & Our best organic fertilizer for flowers and vegetables isย Ready To Apply.

What is the Best Time to Apply Liquid Fertilizer?

The Best Time To Apply This Fertilizer is From Seedling stage UpTo the Flowering Time, with a Regular Interval of 15 days. Use about a Glass of This Liquid Fertilizer on Every Mature Plant. You can Increase the Dose According to The Pot size.

For Smaller Seedlings, Use only a Hundred ml. As This is an organic Fertilizer, therefore overuse can’t Harm Most of the Times. Let the Soil to Dry Out a Little Before Applying this Liquid, so You will Find good Results.

You can Apply this Liquid on almost all type of Vegetable Plants, use more liquid for the Heavy Feeder Plants, Like Tomatoes. But For Them, You can Also check Out This Liquid Fertilizer.

Best fertilizer for vegetables:-

A Best Fertilizer for Vegetables is that Which makes the Plant Resistance of Fatal Diseases. Organic Fertilizers that have Combined Micro Nutrients Works Best to Enhance Vegetable Plant’s Growth.

To Get Healthier, Constant Growth on Your Vegetable plants, You Can Use this Organic Homemade Fertilizer. It Works Best on Vegetable Plants, because It is Specifically Prepared for Vegetables according to Their Needs.


For a Working Person, sometimes it hard to prepare a Fertilizer At Home. Therefore You can also Buy a Ready To Use this best liquid organic fertilizer for vegetables. It Also Works Great & easy to apply.

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