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5-Causes of Rose Dieback Disease! (TREAT This Way)


Rose Plant Die Back Disease Is Very Common, & Can be Caused By Very simple Mistakes. So in This Post, We Will See What causes Rose Dieback Disease & How We Can Solve This Thing.

What is Rose Dieback Disease?

In This Disease, The Plant is Being attack By a Fungus That results The Sudden Drying Of Branches & heading Towards The Bottom Of The Rose Trunk. Sometimes You May See Black Spots On Younger Branches of Rose Plant.

& As Soon As The Infection Reaches Back to The Trunk part of Rose Plant, it Dies. As The Name appears Die Back. Its Common in Roses, Citrus Plants, Fruiting Trees & vines.

1-Poor Air Circulation:-


The First Common Cause Of Rose Plant Die Back Disease Is about Air Circulation. In a Congested enviroment With High Humidity Levels, The fungus That Causes Rose Die Back Activates & Causes The Blackish Rose Branches.

High Levels Of Humidity & Poor Circulation of Air Around The Plant, Can attract This Problem. A Good Circulation of air Around Is very Important, if your rose plant is placed in between of plants, this can idealize The environment For The Germination of Fungal Spores Already Present Around The Plant.

So Overall, Poor airCirculation around Your Rose Plant Can really increase The Chance of Dieback Disease. So It Important To Properly Locate Your Rose Plant. A Good Amount of Sunlight As Well As Some Air Circulation Can Work Well. So Make Sure of That.

2-Infected Soil Mix:-


The Another Cause Of Rose DieBack Disease Is an Infected Soil Mix. Soil contains Many Type of Insects & Microbes, & The Soil Mix That is Exposed With an Infected plant Also Have The Same Disease Causing agents. This Fungus From Your Soil, Gets Into The Roots & Starts Showing The Symptoms Of Dieback Disease.

An infected Mixture, Can also Contribute in The Spreading of Other Problems Specially In Roses. So It will be Very Helpful If You Stelize The Soil First & Then Plant Your Rose In it.

& For That You Can Spread It In The sun For Some days, this Thing Removes all Type of Pests & Fungi. Here You can also Use Some Neem Cake Powder in It, As It Works as a Fungicide, Detailed Guide On Its Other benefits Is Linked Here.

Here Let Me Tell You another Thing About The Soil Mix. If Your soil Mix is Hard & Compact, This Canm Put Stess on The Rose, Which Can also Lead To Dieback Disease. Because a Healthy Plant can Sometime Resist The Fungus, But A Stressed Plant Cant.


So Use a Loose & well Draining Soil Mix For Your Rose Plant, Dont Worry You can Make It at Home using Very Simple Ingredients, Details are Linked Here.

3-Use of Infected Cutters:-


The Another Reason Of Rose Plant Die Back is the Use of Infected Cutters. It is very Common, We Use the Same Cutter For All Our Plants Without The Hazards of Infection. But This Thing Spreads Many Disease From Plant To Plant. The Infected Cutter Gives The Germs A Way Inside the Rose Branch Through The Cut area.

You must Have Noticed, The branch Starts Getting blackish Just After The Cut Part. So Here The Chance of Dieback Disease Is very High. To Avoid This Issue, You Should Clean Your Cutter With a disinfectant, Like hydrogen Peroxide, Its also Linked Here To Buy.

The Cut Part of Rose branch is also a sensitive Part, So Avoid Spraying Water There. Dont prune Rose Plant In dormancy Time, As It’s The Resting Time of Rose.

4-Temp. Fluctuations:-


Rose Dieback Disease Can also Caused By The Fluctuations of Temperature. As The Season Changes, The Temperature Becomes very un Constant & This Thing Also Puts Stress On Rose Plant, Which Increases The Chance of Fungal Attack.

The Change Of Season Can also Cause Yellowing Leaves & a Temperary Growth Slow Down. But Its All Out of Your Control, Here You can Do Anything. Just Keep The Plant Healthy By Proper Watering & fertilization, So It can pass This Phase.

5-:-Pest Infection


Another Cause of Rose Dieback Disease is The Attack of Pests. Pests attack is Very Common In Roses, & they are also Suseptable to many Type of Pests Like Aphids, White Flies, Thrips & Mites. Once The Plant gets Attacked This Can Trigger The Fungal Attack & Hence Die Back Symptoms.


It Can Be Difficult to Treat Pest attack, But Its very easy To Prevent. You Just Need a Regular application of a Pesticide, That You Can Simply Make At Home Using Neem Oil & Liquid Soap. Complete Guide is Linked Here. This Thing Not Only Prevents Die Back & Pest attack, It can Save Your Other Plants From Spreading of dieback & Pests.

How To Treat Rose DieBack Disease?


Assuming Your Rose Plant is Suffering From Dieback Disease, So Here Its Not sure it can Be Saved or Not. But There are a Few Thing You Can Do To Treat It.

  • First Take A disinfected Cutter & Cut Of The infected Branches Below 1 inch of The black Part. It Helps The Further Spreading Of The Disease.
  • Now Loosen Up The Soil So The Gases Can Get In & Out.
  • Make Sure You have Fertilized Your Plant Recently, If Not Provide It Some Nutrients. an Easy & effective Fertilizer is linked Here, You can Make It at Home & Fertilize Your Rose.
  • If You Have Used some Fungicide in The Soil of Rose Plant Then Ok, Otherwise You Can also Add 2 to 3 table Spoons of Neem Cake In The Soil of Rose Plant.

It all About Rose DieBack Disease, For The Treatment of Rose Plant Black Spot Problem, You Can Follow Up this 5 Step Guide.

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