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10-Reasons To Use SeaWeed Fertilizer For Plants. | Uses & Benefits Of SeaWeed Liquid!


The SeaWeed Liquid Fertilizer Can Solve All Type of Leaf Problems Very Effciently. In This Post, We Will Talk All About seaweed Liquid, It Benefits, The Right Way To Use It & Some of Its Side effects.

What Basically Seaweed Fertilizer is?

SeaWeed fertilizer Also Known As SeaWeed Extract, is Basically the Extract Of Weeds Found In The Depth Of Sea. Their Are Certain Types of Such Weeds That are Used To Make This Organic fertilizer.

It Provides Our Plants Several Benefits, But Its Majorly Known, Because Of The microelements & Growth Harmones It Contains.

What Are The benefits Of Seaweed Fertilizer?


Some Of Its other Benefits Are Described Below.

Promotes Growth:-

First benefit Of SeaWeed Fertilizer For Plants is That It Promotes The Growth of Plant, It Contains Some Nitrogen That makes the Leaves & Branches.

Trace Elements (Ca, Mg, K, Fe, etc):-


Seaweed Fertilizer also Contains Trace Elements, like Calcium, Magnesium, iron, Zinc & So On. These Elements Are Required In Smaller Amounts, But Have major Roles.

For Example, The Shortage of magnesium Causes Yellowing Leaves & Calcium Deficiency Results Black Spots, This way Every Element is Related To a Leaf problem Somehow. hence The Regular Use of powdered seaweed fertilizerย Can Fullfill These deficiencies & Automatically No Leaf Problems.

Roots & Seeds:-

Seaweed Liquid can be used to Soak Seeds, As It Helps In better Germination & Faster Root Development.

Faster results (quick Absorption):-

As This Seaweed is A Liquid Fertilizer, That’s Why It Get Into The Roots quickly & Shows their Results within Days.

Best For Vegetables & Fruits to Enhance Taste:-


Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer Have A good Amount of Potassium in It, That’s Why It very Useful For vegetable & Fruiting Plants, To Enhance Their Taste & Colour.

Avoid black Spots / Less Leaf Plants:-

Plant Treated With Seaweed Liquid Tends To Have Lesser Leaf Problems, The Leaf Color & Size Will be Better As Well. This Thing Can Be Very useful For Foliage Plants.

Nematodes(Root Pests) Repellent:-

Seaweed Liquid Contains Certain Compounds That are Toxic To Nematodes. which are also Called as Soil Pests.

Reduce Stress:-

Seaweed fertilizer is also very Known Because Its Regular Use Can Make The Plant Resistant of Stresses caused by Drought, Temperature Fluctuations & So on.

Improves Soil Quality:-


Seaweed fertilizer also Improves The Quality Of Soil, Making It More useful For the Roots. It also Prevents The Soil Erosion, If Used Regularly.

High Potency Fertilizer:-

Seaweed fertilizer is a High Potency Fertilizer, That is a very Useful Thing About This fertilizer. But Here We also Need To use It More Carefully. Otherwise It can cause Serious Damage To The Plant, On Which We Will Talk at The end.

How To Make Seaweed Fertilizer At Home?


For Making A Liquid Fertilizer Out Of Seaweed Liquid, We Need Follow Right Ratios, As Concentrated Form Can Harm. For That, Take a Liter Of Water in a Bottle, & Add Around 10 m l of This Seaweed Liquid. You Can also Buy a Pure Quality Seaweed From here. Now You Can Mix This Solution Evenly.


This Way Our Useable Seaweed Fertilizer is Ready To Use.

How To Correctly Use SeaWeed Liquid Fertilizer For Plants?


As It is a Liquid Fertilizer, You Need To apply It Carefully. For That First Loose The Upper Layer of Soil & Let It Dry Out a Bit. Now You Can Apply This Diluted Seaweed Liquid on The Soil.


Use around a Hundred ml For a 10 inches of Pot, In The evening Time. its an Organic Fertilizer, A Little up & Down Is Ok, But dont Go Much Far. This Way You can Use This Liquid Every 2 Weeks Within The Season.

On What Plants Can We Use This Liquid Fertilizer?

You can Use Seaweed Fertilizer For all Plants, Specially For Heavy Feeders. But Avoid Using Seaweed Liquid On Plants Like Cacti & Succulents, Newly Repotted Plants. & For The Seedlings Use Only a Small Amount.

What are it’s Drawbacks & Overuse Side Effects?

Now Lets Talk about Some Drawbacks Of Seaweed Fertilizer, & How We Can Overcome These Effects.

Alkaline pH:-


The First Thing is The Alkaline Nature of Seaweed Fertilizer, Once Applied It Raises The Soils PH. & This Thing Can Be a Problem For Flowering Plants. To Deal With This, You Can use limit Its use On Such Plants.

Or You Can use Compost, Because It Helps In Balancing The Ph Levels. & You even You Can Turn Your Kitchen Waste Into Compost, details are Linked here.

Smells Bad:-

Other Thing Is The Smell Of Seaweed Liquid, This Dark Green Coloured Liquid Have A Bad Smell Like Most of The Other Organic Fertilizers, But Once Its Absorbed By The Soil The Smell Will be Gone.

High Potency Fertilizer:-


Another Side Efffect of Seaweed Is That, It Is a High Dose Fertilizer, & Can Cause Burning Of Roots, & a Stunted Growth Of The Plant. So Follow Up The Ratios Described Previously.

It’s not A Complete Fertilizer (1-0-4)

Seaweed fertilizer is not a balanced fertilizer, & That’s Why Using only This Fertilizer Can be A bad Choice. So To Give a balanced Dose Of Nutrients To The Plant, You Can Use Compost Tea besides Seaweed As an Alternative Source. Complete Guide On That is Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

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