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4 Effects of Calcium Deficiency in Pepper Plantsโ€ฆ (Cure This Way)


Calcium Deficiency In Pepper Plants Is Very Common & Shows its Effects in The Form of Several Problems. In This Post, We will Talk about Calcium Deficiency in Pepper Plants. How You Can Identify This Problem & What are Different Options To Cure This Problem. Calcium Deficiency Is Not Only An Effect of a Poor Quality Fertilizer, Some Of Its Other Causes are also Added in This Post, So keeps on watching Reading.

What are Its Possible effects & Signs?

Calcium Deficiency in pepper Plants is Simply The Shortage Of Calcium element in The Plant Body, It Happens due to Several Reasons, That Can effects The Pepper Plants In 4 to 5 Different Ways. You can identify this Problem With these Signs & Solve Them.

Black Spots:-


The Most Common Effect of Calcium Deficiency in Pepper Plants are the Black Spots of Leaves. pepper Plants Shows Black Patches On Their Leaves When They are Facing Calcium Deficiency . Its a Natural Thing, Deficiency of Calcium Comes Up on a Plant in The Form Of Black patches.

Pepper Leaf Curlings:-


Another effect is The Curling of Leaves, Especially Pepper Leaves Curls Very Commonly That can be A sign of Calcium Deficiency. But You should Also Know About Some Other Reasons of Pepper Leaf Curl Problem, a Detailed Guide is added Here.

But If the younger Leaves Of Your Pepper Plants are Curling, That Means The Plant Is Facing the Deficiency of Calcium. & You Should Treat This Thing Timely.

Blossom End Rot:-


Their is very Common Diseases in Pepper & Tomato Plants, In which The lower side Of The Fruit Turns

Blackish & Rotted, That is also Due To Calcium Shortage. The Blossom End Rot Problem Is a visible effect of Calcium Deficiency.

Stunted Growth:-

Another Common Effect of Calcium Deficiency in Pepper Plants, Is The Stunted & Very Slow Growth of Pepper Plants. Common Grow Well, But an affected Plant Will show You a Very Slow Growth, With Small Size Leaves.

It is Also Due To Calcium Deficiency & Can Be Cured very Easily If We Know Why Is It Happening

In our Peppers.

How does Calcium Deficiency happen in Pepper Plants?

There are Number of Reasons Thar Causes Calcium Deficiency In Pepper Plants, That are Described Below.

Soils pH:-


A Common Cause of Calcium Deficiency in Peppers is Your Soil Ph. When The Soil’s Ph Rises, The Plant Absorbs Nutrients Very Un Efficiently & Shows Us The Signs Of Calcium Deficiency. To Cure This Problem, You Can Make Your Soil Mix a Little Acidic By Using Ingredients Like Compost Or Tea Waste.

An Acidic Soil mix is Very Important For Vegetable Plants & Must Be Maintained Time to time. Just take Some Compost & Add In The Soil Mix of Pepper Plants. Using Compost On Pepper Seedlings Not Only Makes Up the Ph Level, But also Provide Us Number Of Benefits, That Described In a detailed Guide Linked Here.

Calcium Less Fertilizer:-


Another Big Reason of calcium Shortage In Peppers is Because Of Your fertilizer, That Don’t Have Enough Calcium In It to provide To Your Pepper Plants. This Thing Causes calcium Deficiency in the Soil & in The Plant Body as Well. So To Treat This Thing, You should Use a Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer.

As Pepper Plants Likes a good Amount of Nutrition, That’s why an ideal Fertilizer is Added Here To Buy. Other Wise You Can also Make a Powerful fertilizer for Your Vegetables at Home, A Detailed Guide is Linked Here.

Circulation Problem:-


Circulation of Air Around Your Pepper Plants Is also Very Important, Otherwise It again Show us Curling Pepper Leaves & Other Problems. It Happen When You Grow So many Seeds is a Small Pot, or When Your Pepper Plants are Placed Between a Group of Plants.

So You Should Place Your Pepper Pots In a Bright & Open Space. Pepper Plants likes a Cool Area, Like Winter Vegetables, & Should be Given a Cool & Open Area To Grow them Bigger. A List of Other Easy to Grow Winter Vegetables is added Here, Must check it Out.

How We Can Treat Calcium Deficiency?

Different fertilizer Options….

Now Lets Discuss About Some Of The Organic Sources of Calcium That You Can Use To Prevent Calcium Deficiency in Your Pepper Plants.

  • Wood Ash Powder is The good Source Of Calcium As Well As Potassium, & Can Be Used in Peppers.
  • Bone Meal fertilizer also Have a Good amount of Organic Calcium in It, That You Can Use Every Month To Keep The Plant Well Growing.
  • Egg Shells Also Contains a Good Combination of Calcium With Other Trace Elements Like, Magnesium That Prevents Yellowing Leaves.

So Its all About Calcium Deficiency, For Any Question leave a Comment Below.

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