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Adenium Leaves Turning Yellow? 5-Reasons & Their Solutions.


Adenium Leaves Turning Yellow Very Frequently & Can go Really Bad, If We Don’t Treat This Thing on Time. in This Post, I am going To show You 5 Reasons Of Yellow Leaves On Adenium Plant. This Post also Includes Their Solutions, so Lets Begin.

Compact Mixture & Water Blockage:-

The Most Common Reason of Yellow Adenium Leaves is About its Soil Mix. If Your Soil Mix is Not Draining Out Extra Moisture, It can Cause a Stress Condition on The Plant & In Result, The Adenium Leaves Turns Yellow. So It’s Very Important To Choose a Good Soil Mix For Adeniums, If The Soil is Compact & Hard, Then again The Roots Hardly Survive In This Medium, & You Will Notice the Yellowing of Leaves On Your Adenium.

What Is The Best Soil Mix For adenium Plant?


The Best Soil Mix For adenium Plant is That, Which have A very Good Drainage System & Looseness. You can Make Such a Mixture at Home, By Mixng Sand & Cocopeat In Your Regular Soil mix. Otherwise a Ready To Use Good Soil Mix For Adenium Plant is also Added Here.

Temperature Effects:-


The Another Common Reason of Adenium Yellow Leaves is The Change of Season. Adenium Plant Grow in summers & as the Winter Season Starts, You Will Notice Yellow Leaves On Your Adenium & Plant Grow Really Slow as well. This is Because Of Temperature Change, & It is a Normal Thing, In The Dormancy Time Leaves Turns Yellow & When Season Changes again, It Will New Leaves & Buds Again.
In The Off Season of Adenium Plant, Try To Water Very Carefully & Place Your Adenium in a Shade To Protect it from The Frost. Give It Some Time & It will Definitely Grow Back.

Less Nutrition:-


Another Cause of Yellow Leaves On Adenium is The deficiency of Nutrition, When adenium plant Faces the Deficiency of a Specific Nutrition, Different Leaf Problems Starts To appear. But If You Use a Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer, This Wouldn’t Happen & Plant Keeps on Growing & Blooming As Well. Nutritional Deficiency Occurs When We Use a Low Dose Fertilizer That Cant Fulfill Adenium Nutrition Need.

So What You can do is To Make Sure Your Fertilizer Have A Nice Combination of Nutrients In It. You can Buy an Ideal Fertilizer For Your Heavy Feeder Plants Like Adenium Here. Other Wise Use Cow Dung Compost, That Works Really Well To Keep The Plant Out Of Nutritional Deficiency. A Detailed Article On Cow Dung is added Here. & keep fertilizing Your Adenium Plant Every week.

Sun Deficiency:-


Another Reason of A Yellowing adenium plant is the Deficiency of Light. Proper Lightening is not Only Important for Avoiding Yellow Leaves, But It Also Plays a Big Role in The Healthy Blooming Of Adenium.

As Adenium Plant is a desert area Plant & Needs to be Place in a Full Sun Area, That’s Why Provide It a Sunny Spot & Minimum 3 to 4 hours Of sun. If Your Adenium Pot is Placed in a Dark Area, A Stunted Growth Will appear & All The Leaves Turn Yellow as Well. So Must Give It a Bright & Sunny Spot for Its Healthier Growth & Blooming.

Root Bounding:-


Bounding of Roots Inside The Pot Can also lead to Yellow Leaves On Adenium Plant. When Roots Don’t Grow, The Plant Bloom Very Less & Also Turns Its Leaves Yellow.

A Yearly Repotting Of adenium Plant Can Prevent This Problem. You Just Have To re pot Your adenium Plant Every Springs, It Will Not Only Prevents Yellow Leaves, But Also Make Sure a Free Space For The Roots To keeps On Growing & Blooming As Well.

Adenium Leaves also Turns Yellow after Repotting, That is again a Normal Thing. It Happens Due To a Stressed Condition on The Plant, & Will Be Recovered Within Some Days. So make Sure Your Plant does not Requires any Repotting.

Leaf Life:-


Adenium Leaves also Turns Yellow, When They Become Older. leaf Life Is also a Common Reason of Yellow Leaves. Here you don’t have To Do anything, Just make Sure Your Plant is Growing Well. The Lower Leaves Will Keeps On Yellowing With Time, & It doesn’t have Anything To Worry about.
So Its all about Adenium Plant Yellow Leaves. For Any Question Leave a Comment Below. & For Growing More & More Buds & Flowers On Your Adenium Plant Follow Up This guide.

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