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How to Grow Euphorbia Milii Cuttings In Water? (4-Steps = 100% Success)

In This Post, we Will See How You Can propagate Euphorbia Milii Plant From Cuttings In Water. We Will go Step By Step, Through The Entire Method, So Keep Reading.

Season for Propagation:-

Euphorbia milii Plant is a Low Maintainance & An Easy To propagate Plant. The Most Important Thing For a Successful Propagation, is that You Need To Follow The Right Season.

When Should We Propagate Euphorbia milii Plant?

Euphorbia Milii Plant

Its Very Simple, As its a Summer Season Flowering plant, So That’s why You Can Grow this Plant From Cuttings In Whole Summer Days Whenever You Like.

Just Avoid Winter Days & Hot Burning days of Summers. Any other Time You Can Grow Them From Cutting Very Easily.

Taking Cuttings โ€ฆ.?

Euphorbia Milii Cuttings

Now Lets Dive Into our First Step, That Is Taking The Cuttings From The Plant. First Take a Sharp & Clean Cutter, Then Choose A Healthy Branch, You Can Choose any Older Branch, With a Set of Leaves On it.

Taking Euphorbia Milii Cuttings

The roots Will Appear Much quickly & The Chance of Rotting Will Be Less as Well, If You Choose Some Older Branches, The Optimum Length Would Be Around 5 to 8 Inches, but Euphorbia milii Plant is An Easy To Grow Plant, So I am Choosing Small Branches.

You Can Also Twist Them Very Carefully Out Of The Plant, But Make Sure to avoid The Milky Liquid, as it Is Poisnous.

After Taking The Cuttings, Now You Can Place Them In Shade For a Few Days, So The base part can Heal. Its very Important To avoid Rotting Of The Branch.

After 2 To 3 Days…

Drying Euphorbia Milii Plant Cuttings

After 2 to 3 Days, The Cuttings Will Look Like This, The Base Part Is Healed. & Now We Can Put Them in Water.

How to Propagate Them in Water?

Water Bottle For propagation

I am Using This Transparent Bottle, To Propagate Euphorbia Plant, You Can Choose any Container, its Better To choose colored Pot, So the Light Cant Get Into The Water.

The Roots Like Darkness to Grow, That’s Why Use a Dark Colored Container. Simply Fill Plane water Into It, Make sure Its Not salty, You Can use Drinking Water for This.

Propagating Euphorbia Milii Cutting

Put The Cutting Into The Water, You Just have To Make Sure The Base Part is Touching The water Surface, that’s all. More Water Tounching The Branch Can Increase The Chance of Rotting. Keep This In a Shade Away From Direct Sunlight, a Bright Spot Is Good.

After 4 to 5 Days….

Rooting Of Euphorbia Milii Plant

After Around 3 to 5 Days, You Will See Some Of the white Roots Pooping Out Of The Branch. Some Cuttings Can also Take a Little Longer, So Wait for Them. At This Time, remember To Change The Water for Atleast Once.

2 Weeks Laterโ€ฆ.

Euphorbia Milii Roots

After around 2 Weeks, This Is How Our first Cutting looks like. It Have Grown a lot Of Roots, The Other Cutting is Here, You can See It also Have Grown Some Roots, The Growth Is a little Slow Here.

Euphorbia Milii Roots

We Can Also Keep It In Water for another 2 to 3 Weeks, But Its Better To Transplant it into the Soil, So It Can get nutrients & Grow more Leaves.

Planting Themโ€ฆ!

Choose a Small Size Pot with a Good Soil Mix, You Can Buy That From Here. Place the euphorbia Cutting into The Soil & Add More Soil Around It.

Euphorbia Milii Planting

Gently Settle The Soil & Water thoroughly. Keep this Plant Under a Cool Shade For Some Days, & water Very Carefully.

Watering Euphorbia Milii Plant

Now That It, This Is How You Can Grow Euphorbia milii plant Cuttings In water.

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