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How To Use Cow dung Compost & Its Liquid Tea For Plants? (The CORRECT Way!)

Cow Dung Compost is One of The Best & Most useful organic Fertilizers For Plants. But Using It in a wrong way Can Kill Your Plants Over Night. That’s Why In This Post, We Will Learn All about Cow dung Compost, Its Benefits, Do & Donts, How To Use Cow dung Compost Correctly All of This In This Post.

What is Cow dung Compost & Why Its So Important?

Cow dung Compost Is The Composted Form of Cow dung Waste That Contains Some Very Useful Nutrients. All Plants Like These Nutrients & That’s why Cowdung is So Much Famous & useful.

6 Exciting Cow dung Compost & Tea Benefitsโ€ฆ..

Using Cow dung Compost For Plants Can Provide us Number of Benefits, Let me Tell That To You Shortly.

1-Nitrogen Source:-

Moringa Plant Leaves

The Most Useful Thing About Cow dung Compost is That It have Nitrogen Which Promotes alot of Green Growth On The Plant. Cow dung Also Contain Some Other Essential Nutrients.

2-Healthy Immune System:-

The Another Benefit of Cow dung is that It regular use can make up The Immune System of The Plant. & Minor Problems & Shock Would affect The Plant So Much Badly.

3-Impact On Soil Health:-

Loose Soil Mix for Vinca

Using Cow dung Compost Regularly Can Also Improve the Quality of Your Soil Mix. Means It makes The Soil Porous, Softer, Well draining & Fertile. So thats a very Useful Thing.

Soil Plays a Big Role In The Healthy Growth of Any plant, So You Should Must Provide a Good Soil mix to your plants. An Article Is Linked Here, That Will tell You All about Making a Good Soil Mix, Must checkout That.

4-Beneficial Microbes:-

Another Benefit of Using Cow dung Compost is That It promotes The Growth of beneficial Microbes In The Soil. Which Ultimately enhances Root Growth.

5-100% Natural & Organic:-

The Another Thing About Cow dung Compost is That It is purely Natural & Organic, That Is very useful Specially For Vegetable Plants.

6-Trace Elements:-

Yellow & Patchy Leaves

Cow dung Compost Also Contains 100 of Trace Elements That Are Required In small amounts, But They Plays a Crucial Role In The Healthy Growth Of A plant. No Matter Your plant’s Leaves have Black Patches, Yellowing Leaves or Wilting Appearance, All Of Them Are Caused By The Shortage of An Element. & Cow dung Can help You Solve That Issue very Efficiently.

How To Use Cow dung Compost For Plants?

Now Lets Know How We Should Use Cow dung Compost On Our Plants. The First Method Is Very Simple, All You Have To do:

  • Just Loose The Upper layer of Soil & Let It Dry Before Fertilizing.
Cow Dung compost
  • Then Take a Dose Of Cow dung Compost. Remember i am Talking about Cow dung’s Compost, Not Cow dung. You can also Buy It From This Link.
Applying Cow Dung compost on Soil
  • Add It Over The Soil Surface, Dose Basically depends on Plant Age & Size of The Container.
  • For a 5 to 8 Inches Pot, You Can use upto 5 to 8 table Spoons, For a Bigger Pot Increase the Amount Respectively.
Watering After Fertilizing
  • Frequent Watering After adding Cow dung is also very Important For Proper Aborption, So Do a Deep watering.
  • If You Plant Is a Younger Plant, try to use a Lesser Dose, & Dont Add it near to the Trunk.

This way You Can fertilize Your Plants With Cow dung Compost every 2 Weeks Within The Growing Season.

How To Make Cow dung Compost Tea?

The Another Way To Use Cow dung Compost For Plants Is Very Useful, Becuase It Works Very quickly. I am Talking About Making Its Compost Tea. You Can Either Dried Cow dung Cakes, Or You Can also Use Its Compost Both are Ok.

Water In a Bottle
  • Just Take a Little Of Plane Water In a Container like This.
Cow dung Cakes
  • Add Around One Forth part of a Cowdung Cake, Which Is Around of This Much.
Making Cow dung Compost tea
  • You can also use A Small Piece of Jaggery Into this, This Will Increase Fermentation Process.
Jaggery For faster Decomposition

  • For Using The Cow dung Compost, You Can Do The same Just use Around a 100 Grams Of The Compost For a Liter of water.
  • Mix them Well with The Water. After That You Can Place Both of These Containers In a Warm & Shaded area.

After 4 Days….

Cow dung Compost Tea

After around 3 to 5 days, The Liquid Will Turns Its Colour Brownish & Now We Can Use it For Our plants. But First we have To Dilute it With more water.

diluting Cow dung Compost tea

This Concentrated Cow dung Compost tea Have all The Essential Nutrients, But It can Burn The Plant, So mix 10 parts of Water With one Part of This Liquid.

How To Use Cow dung Compost Liquid Fertilizer?

Cow dung Compost tea

After That, Now We can use This Diluted Cow dung Compost Tea For Our Plants. Loose the Upper Layer of Soil & Make Sure its Dry.

Applying Cow dung Compost Tea

Add around a glass of This Cowdung Compost tea fertilizer In Every 6 to 8 Inches of Pot. For a Bigger pot You Can Increase The Amount Respectively.
This way You Can use this Liquid fertilizer Every 10 days Within The Growing season.

On What Plants can We Use Cow dung Compost & Tea?

We Can use Cow dung Compost & Its Liquid fertilizer On all Most all Type of Plants. but They works better for The Leafy Plants. For Example, Indoor Foliage Plants, Or Leafy vegetables etc. You can also use them For Younger Plants, Because at This stage They need Nitrogen & a Leafy Growth.
Using Cowdung Compost & Its Liquid fertilizer For Flowering producing plants isnot a good Choice, For Them You Can use another fertilizer, A Complete Guide On That is Linked Here.

The Do & Don’ts Of Cow Dung!

Cow dung In Bowl

There Are Some Important Do & Dont Of Cow dung Compost, That You Should Must Consider Before Using It On Any of Your Plant. Otherwise It can cause Serious Damage to The Plant.

  • First Thing is That its a Nitrogen Enrich Plant Best for leafy Plants, But For Flowering Plants Its not a good Choice.
  • Using Cow dung Compost For To Long On a Plant, is Not Good also. Because all Plants have to Produce Roots also, So They can Take The Nutrients in. & Cow dung is Not a Good Option To Use, Here You can use Rock phosphate That is Best for Root Growth. A Detailed Guide Is Linked Here to Show You How To Use rock Phosphate fertilizer.
  • Another Thing About Cow dung is That It should be used on stressed Plant, Like A Recently Repotted Plant, or the Plant You Just Have Brought From Nursery, Or The Plant Having a pest attack.
  • Fresh Cow dung is Very high in nitrogen & Should Be used On plants also.
  • In The hot Summer days, you Should Use Cow dung Compost On Your Plants in Limits.

So Its all About Cow dung Compost, If You Are Dealing With Any Kind Of Leaf Problem, You can Use Compost tea. Here is the Article To make a Liquid fertilizer using Compost & Solve That issue. If you Need An Advice For Your Plants, Whatsapp link is Here, It Costs just 5$.

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