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How to Make Compost Tea Liquid Fertilizer At Home? [7-BENEFITS*]

Compost tea is One Of The Best Liquid Fertilizers That Can Be Made at Home very easily. In This post, We will go Step by step To make Compost tea Liquid Fertilizer, Also Discover Some of Its Powerful uses For Plants & Some Draw backs.

What is Compost Tea & Why it’s Used?

Compost tea Is simply The Extract of Compost In a liquid form That Can be Applied On Plants & Provide Them Nutrients. The Main Difference Between Compost & Compost Tea is That the Tea is a Liquid Fertilizer & gets Into The Roots More Quickly. Otherwise Both are almost Same.

What are the benefits of Compost Tea Liquid?

Compost Tea Liquid

There are Some Very Useful Benefits Of Compost Tea liquid that You Should Know.

1-Nutritional Value….

First Benefit is Its Nutritional Value, As Its made From Compost, Its the best Source of Essential nutrients. Besides The npk nutrients It also Contains Carbon, Sulfur, calcium, Iron, zinc, magnesium etc. Having These elements In The Soil Keep Many Problems away.

2-Quick Results….

Otheruse Of Compost Tea Liquid Fertilizer is That It works quickly. The Nutrients of Compost have Already Dissolved In The Liquid & As The Roots Take The Moisture From The soil The Nurtients Will also Go along. Overall This Means It works quickly & shows Its Effects in the Form of Buds, Leaves & Flowers.

3-Improved Soil Health…

Best Soil Mix For Syngonium Plant

Another Benefit of Compost Tea Liquid fertilizer is That It Improves Soil Quality. Using It Regularly on The Soil Improves its Drainage & Looseness.

Soil is Main Component for Growing any type of Plant, So Its Better to use atleast a Well Draining Soil Mix, To ensure Better Growth. & Its Very Easy & You Can even make Such a Mixture At Home, Some simple Soil Recipes Are Linked Here, Must Chekc it Out.

4-Organic & Natural…..

Compost Tea Liquid Is also an Organic Form of Fertilizer & can Be Used On vegetable Plants without any Worries

5-Less Leaf Problems….

Leaf Curl On Jasmine Leaves

Using Compost Tea liquid Regularly on a Plant, Can Result is lesser Leaf Problems. For Example, It Your Rose Leaves are turning Yellow, It could be Due To the Deficiency of trace Elements, So for That You can use this Compost Tea liquid, Remember Yellow Leaves Can also Appear Due to Some Other Reasons, Like soil Issues, Water Problems etc. So Checkout The Detailed guide Linked Here to solve this Issue.

6-Better Immune System…

Regulalar use Of compost Tea also enhances the Immune System of a Plant, means The Minor Problems Like transplant shock, Or seasonal change Would Not Effect it so Badly.

7-Acidic pH….

Compost tea Liquid have an Acidic ph That can Be Very useful To reduce The Soils ph. a plant with higher soil ph is unable to take Nutrients out of soil effciently, & Here Compost tea can help to solve This issue. You can Use a ph meter to analyze The Soils Ph, & act accordingly. Its Linked Here to buy.

How to make Compost Tea Fertilizer?

Now lets Know how To make This Compost tea Liquid fertilizer at Home.

Water In a Bottle
  • First you have to take a liter of simple Water in The Bottle or any other Container.
Making Compost Tea
  • Take Around a 100 grams of Compost, Now Its Depends on You.
  • You can use Kitchen waste Compost, Leaf Compost or even the Cowdung Compost All of Them Can be used To Prepare A Compost tea. Nutrients Will vary from the Type of compost you use, But Commonly we Make Compost tea Using the kitchen Waste Compost, Because its a balanced Fertilizer.
jaggery for Compost tea
  • I am Also adding This special Ingredient into This, Its a Piece of jaggery. This Thing works as a Starter of Decomposition. Jaggery is very Useful To initiate the Microbial Growth in the liquid. This Way We will get a More fermented Compost tea, with better nutrientional contents.
Compost Tea Liquid Fertilizer Ready For Decompostion

After 5 Days….

After 5 days of making Compost Tea

After around 4 to 6 days, You will See the Liquid will turn its Colour dark & bownish, Now You can Use This Liquid.

Diluting The Compost Tea

But First You Have To Dilute it With 10 parts of more Water. This Will help To lower the Concentration of The Liquid.

Compost Tea Fertilizer ReadyTo Use

Now This Is The Final Liquid To be Called as Compost Tea.

How to Correctly Apply It On Plants?

Compost Tea Liquid

To apply the compost Tea fertilizer on Any Plant, Loose the Upper Layer of Soil using any tool & Let it dry for a while.

applying Compost Tea

Then You can add a dose Of This Compost tea Liquid. The dose size Depends On The Container size, For a Smaller pot use Less & For a bigger pot use More of this liquid. You can This Every 7 to 10 days at The Evening Time.

On What Plants Can We Use Compost Tea?

Compost Tea Fertilizer

You can Use Compost Tea Liquid Fertilizer on almost all Type of Plants, Either on an Indoor Plant, vegetable or on a Flowering Plant, Just Avoid Using on Succulents & cacti, As they like Dryness. For Them another Homemade fertilizer recipe is Included in This article, You can Checkout That.

Some Drawbacks…?

Compost Tea liquid

Compost Tea Liquid also have Some Drawbacks.

  • One of them is That it doesnt have any long lasting effects. For That reason, You need to Use It regularly. But Other organic Fertilizer Like Cowdung, Rock Phosphate etc works slow but Steadily. So thats a Bad thing about it.
  • Another thing is That compost tea is a Low potency fertilizer, it Contain nurtients But in very Small ratios. & Thats Why I told You to use It every 7 to 10 days.

So Overall its a Great Fertilizer, But It Shouldnot Be used as a regular fertilizer, specialy for moderate & Heavy feeder Plants. If You Like To Know About Rock Phosphate Uses For Plants, Complete guide is Linked Here. its Best For Growing a Massive Root system & to achieve More Pups Around your Aloe Vera plants.

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