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How to Make Fertilizer For Cacti & Succulents at Home? (EASY INGREDIENTS)


You Can Also Fertilize Your Cacti & Succulents, Using This Homemade Fertilizer, & It Works As Same As The Commercial Fertilizers. So Let’s Know All About This Fertilizer, Including Some Of Its Benefits, How To Make It & Most Importantly How & When To Apply it.

What Is The Best Fertilizer For Succulents\What type Of Fertilizer Is Good For Cactus & Succulents?

First Its Important To Know What Type of Fertilizer Do Cacti & Succulents Like. Both are Low To Moderate Feeders & They Grow Slowly By Their Nature. For That Reason, We Need a Fertilizer That Feed Them Very Constantly, Not Heavily.

Cacti & succulents Are from The habitat Of Very Less Fertile Soil. & Providing Them A High Dose Fertilizer Can Works Oppositely. So Make Sure Your Fertilizer In a Balanced & Slow Release fertilizer.

Because We Are not Going To Fertilize Them Like Our Regular Plants. Most Succulents Propagate Themselves Through Pups, So Here You Should Include Phosphorus & Potassium element, because Both of Them Helps In Better Roots Growth & Ultimately More Pups.

Why We Should Use This Homemade Fertilizer?


There Are a Few Benefits Of This Homemade Cacti & Succulents Food, That You Should Know.

1-Better Growth:-

First is That It Contains all Essential Nutrients, & Keeps The Growth On Its Full Potential. By Nature, Cacti & Succulents are Slow Growing Plants, But Still You Will Find A Relatively Good Growth.

2-Natural & Organic:-

This Fertilizer Is Also Purely Organic, So Here The Chance of Over Fertilization is also Less.

3-Cost effective:-

This Fertilizer Is Very Cost Effective, Because its Made From Very Simple Ingredients.

4-Soil Health:-


This Cacti & Succlents Fertilizer Aslo Improves The Soil Health, By Improving its Drainage, & Softness. & In Such a Mixture, Roots Grow Much Better.

Soil Mix Plays a Really Big Role In Keeping Your Succulents & Cacti Healthy, So Detailed Guide is added Here To Show You Some Easy & Effective Recipes.

5-More Pups:-


This Fertilizer also Helps The Plant To Grow More Pups, as It Contains Phosphorus.

6-Works as a Fungicide:-

This Homemade Fertilizer also Have Fungicidic Effects, & Its Very Important Because These Plants are Very Sensitve To Fungal Diseases.

7-Pest Resistance:-


By The Regular Application Of This Fertilizer, Your Cacti & Succulents Will be Resistant Of Pests & Insects as Well.

How to make This Fertilizer?


To make This Beneficial fertilizer For Cacti & succulents, You need a Few Organic Ingredients That Are aslo Linked Here To Buy.

Tea Powder 1/2 Tbsp:-


The First Ingredients is The Tea Powder, That is Rich In Nitrogen, Which Helps In Overall Development of Thick Succulents & Cacti Leaves. You can also Use Tea Waste, But First Wash, Dry It In Sun & Then Use.

Neem Cake 1 Tbsp:-


The Next Thing To make The Best Fertilizer For cacti & Succlents Is the Neem Cake. Neem Cake Primarly Works as a Soil Pesticide & Fungicide, But It is also Full Of Benefits, Detailed Guide on Neem Cake is Linked here, That You Should Must Check Out.

Banana Peels Powder 4-5 Tbsp:-


Another Ingredient To make This Fertilizer for Cacti & Succulents is The Banana Peels Powder. First Dry The Banana Peels In Sun For a Few Days, & Then Crush Them Into Powder, Now You Can Use it.

Compost 4-5 Tbsp:-


Here We are Aslo using Compost, Because It Contains Hundred of Trace elements, That Have Small But Very Important Roles In Plant Growth. You Can also Make Compost at Home Using Your Kitchen Waste, Detailed Guide Is Linked Here.

Mustard Cake Powder 2-3 Tbsp:-


Another Thing To Make This Organic fertilizer For Cacti & succulents is The Mustard Cake Powder. But It Is A High Dose Fertilizer, So make Sure You Are Using it in Right Quantity. It’s Also Linked Here To Buy.

Mustard Cake Provides Our Fertilizer Nutrients Like Phosphorus, Potassium, iron, Calcium & so On. It indirectly Helps In More Pups & Better Root Growth As Well. You Can also Explore Some Of Its Other Uses For Plants, From Here.


Here We have All Our Ingredients, Note Down Their Ratios, Mix Well & Our Fertilizer For Cacti & Succulents is Ready To Use.

How to Correctly Apply This Fertilizer?


To Know When & How to apply This fertilizer is also Very Important.

  • To Apply This Fertilizer, Your Soil Mix Should Be Fully Dry.
  • Loose The Upper Layer a bit, add a Dose Of This Fertilizer.
  • Mix Well & Add Some Moisture.

You Can Fertilize Your Cacti & Succulents Once A Month, At Any Time Of The Day In the Season. Dont Fertilize Them In The Dormancy, As It is The Resting Time Of The Plant. So Its All About cacti & Succulents Fertilizer, To Make The Best Soil Mix For Succulents, Must Check out These Recipes here.

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