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The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant – More Growth & Leaves!

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!

Indoor Plants Requires a Variety Of Nutrients To Grow Well, therefore We have to make a liquid Fertilizer According to Their Needs. Deficiency of a Single Nutrient Can Result in many Harmful Problems. Like Brown Leaves, Drying & Burning Tips of Leaves, Stunted Growth, black Patches on Leaves.
So the Cure of all of these Problems is to Apply a Good Powerful Fertilizer on your Indoor Plants. Therefore In this Post, we will Discuss About making The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plants In Details.

The Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants;-

Indoor Plants are more Expensive & Sensitive Plants Than Other Outdoor Plants, & They also Grow Very Beautifully. So To Consider these Points in mind, we Need to Provide them a Good Fertilizer that Fulfills Their Nutritional Needs Efficiently. For that We have to First Know What type of Fertilizer Works Best For Indoor Plants.

What Is the Best Fertilizer For Indoor Plants?

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!

Indoor Plants Are Commonly Low Light Plants, placed in a Bright Spot With Very Less amount Of Sun. Therefore, We Have to Choose a Fertilizer That Contains a Good concentration Of Nitrogen & Magnesium. These Elements are Extremely Essential For their Growth & Mostly Produced & Absorbed In the presence of Sunlight.
But Here We Don’t Have Sunlight To Provide The indoor Plants, therefore This Deficiency Should Be Fulfilled By The Fertilizer. Your Indoor Plants Fertilizer Must Contains Nitrogen, & Magnesium To Avoid Yellowing Leaves & Other Trace Elements Like calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc, copper So on.
Indoor Plants Comes in Different Colour Ranges Unlikely to the Other Outdoor Plants, Therefore Here the Role of Micro Elements Plays a Very Big Role. Beautiful Pattern & Colours of Indoor Plant’s Leaves Requires A Wide range Of Elements. So must Add a Good Source of These Essential Nutrients As Well.

Benefits Of Indoor Plants Fertilizer;-

This All in one Organic Fertilizer For Indoor Plants Works Really Amazing, as it is Specifically Formulated according To the Requirements of indoor House Plants. Following Are the Some Benefits Of Regularly Using This Homemade Organic Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plants.

  • More Leaves & Upshot Growth
  • No Browning Tips
  • No Yellow Leaves
  • Less Effect of Temp.
  • Stronger Immune System
  • A Massive Root Structure

Magic Organic Ingredients;-

Following Are the ingredients Selected For Giving Your Indoor Plants A Healthy & Long Lasting Effects. You Can Find All of these Ingredients Online Here.

  1. Eggshells 4-5 Tbsp
  2. Tea Powder 2Tbsp
  3. Cow Dung Compost 20g
  4. Liquid SeaWeed 5ml


The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!
Eggshells – 4-5 Tbsp

Eggshells are the Best Source of Organic Calcium, & Other Trace Elements. These Nutrients Works Very Effectively to Keep the Black Patches of Leaves Away. You Can Wash the Eggshells, Dry them in the Sun & Crush Them in powder Form, for a Faster & Effective Absorption.
Eggshells Contains Very Beneficial Effects, as The Supply of useful Micro Elements boosts the growth of Roots & A Powerful Immune System Appears also.

Tea Powder;-

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!
Tea Powder – 2Tbsp

The Another Ingredient for making the Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plants is the Tea Powder, that is a Very good Source of Nitrogen. Because the tea Powder is made from the Leaves of Tea Plant, it contains Nitrogen. & also contains an Acidic Effect on the Soil, that Ensures the Better Absorption of Nutrients in the Soil Medium.
Roots Became un able To Absorb Ay Nutrition from the Soil, if it’s Soil becomes Alkaline in Nature. Use of Tea Powder Or Used Tea Powder Works Really Well To Maintain an ideal Nitrogen Content in the Soil mix of indoor Plants.

Cow Dung Compost;-

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!
Cow Dung Compost – 20G

The next Ingredient in our Organic Fertilizer For Indoor Plants is not only the Best Source of Nitrogen & Magnesium, but it is also contains hundred of Micro Elements as well.

Cow dung is the Best & the Most Traditionally Used Fertilizer in all Type of Crops, but there are Several Precautions as well, that we should Must Know to get Most Effective Benefits of Cow Dung Compost.
Cow Dung have many Benefits, it makes the Soil Softer, Increase Nitrogen Content, provide Trace Elements, that Results in Beautiful Results. You can Check Out A Detailed Article on Uses & Benefits Of Cow Dung Compost Here.

Sea Weed Liquid;-

Sea Weed is a Type of Plant, that Grow wild in the Deep Sea, Which Is Further Used to make a liquid Fertilizer Out of it. The Sea Weed Liquid Contains hundred Of Micro Elements in it, that are required by the Indoor Plants.
Using Sea Weed Liquid In our Organic Indoor Plants Fertilizer Works just Perfect To Fulfill all Types of Deficiencies, that Causes a Stunted Growth, Yellow & Patchy Leaves etc.. so A Detailed Article on Its Uses & benefits Is Here, must Check It Out.

Perfect Ratios;-

How to Make This Indoor Plants Fertilizer?

Take all of these Organic Ingredients (Except Sea Weed Liquid) in Similar Ratios & Put them in a Liter of Water Bottle. Let them in it For at least 4 to 5 days.

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!
After 3-5 Days…

After a Few Days, as the Colour of the Liquid Turns it’s Colour, you Can Stain This Liquid in a Separate Container.
Now it’s Time to Add Sea Weed Liquid, take 5 Ml of Sea Weed Liquid & Add it Directly In it & Now You Can dilute this Liquid Fertilizer. Add 5 parts of Water & 1 part of this indoor Plants Liquid Fertilizer.

How to Apply Liquid Fertilizer on Indoor Plants?

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!

Mix Well & Take a Glass of this Diluted Liquid Fertilizer & Add in the Soil of Indoor Plants. A Glass of this Fertilizer in Every 10 to 12″ Pot Works Very Well. Adjust the Dose According to The Pot Size & Plant Age.

The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Indoor Plant - More Growth & Leaves!

Less Fertilizer For Smaller Pots & Plants. You Can Use this Organic Indoor Plants Fertilizer Every 20 days for quality Results, Use Regularly & Have Some Patience for Visible Results.

When You Should Fertilize Your Indoor Plants?

Indoor Plants Mostly Grown as Permanent Plants, & have Seasons. In their growing Season, applying This Liquid Fertilizer Gives You Maximum Results. Because the Temperature & Humidity are Very Ideal For the Good Absorption of Nutrients from the soil.
Avoid Using Indoor Plants Fertilizer Specially after Transplant, in the Dormancy Time Period & When you grow a Cutting of Indoor Plants.

Buy Ready To Use Organic Fertilizer For Indoor Plants..!

What Fertilizer Works Best Homemade or Commercial?

As We Made The Homemade Fertilizer Mostly From organic Ingredients, therefore They Take time to Show Their Effects, but Have Long Lasting Results. On the other hand, Commercial Indoor Plants Fertilizers get Absorbed in the Soil Very Quickly & Show Really Good Results within Days.

But They have Something Bad Also, Chemical Fertilizers makes the Soil Harder, if Used Regularly. A Weaker Immune System of Plant appears, that Increases the Chance of Diseases. while Homemade Organic Fertilizers Strengthen the Immune System & Makes the Plant Resistant of Environment & Diseases.
So it’s UpTo You , what Do you Want as Results, You Can Also Check out a List of These Fertilizers Here.
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