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How To Make COMPOST From Seed Shells Waste? (WITH UPDATES)

How-To-Make Compost-Step-By-Step-With-Pictures

How To Make Compost Step By Step With Pictures

Most of The Organic Matter Can Be Decomposed At Home & Used For Plants. & In This Post, We Will See How To Make Compost At Home Using Seed Shells Waste, Most Importantly Why Its So Much Useful & What are Its Side Effects For Plants.

What is a Seeds Shell Compost?


Seed Shells Compost Is Simply The Compost Made From The Shells Of Seeds. Commonly The Birds leave These Shells After Eating Their Inner Side. & We Can Use These Waste Shells To Make a Compost out Of It & Use To Feed Our Plants.

What does It Contains & How It’s Useful?

How-To-Make Compost-Step-By-Step-With-Pictures

This Seed Shell Compost Provides Many Benfits To Our Plants, Just like The kitchen Waste Compost. But It Differs On Its Nutritional Value. Nutrients of Compost Depends On The Material We Are Using To Make Compost. As Here We Are Using Seed Shells.

So Generally Seeds Shells Have A Good Amount of Carbon, Some Nitrogen & Some Trace Amounts of nutrients Like Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium. Like npk Nutrients, Carbon is also an Essential Plant Element.

Presence of Carbon In The Soil, Helps to Retains Nutrients in The Soil For Future Use. It also Improves Soil Texture & Areation. A Plant With frequent Amount of Carbon Tends have Stress Resistance.

Means Change Of Season, Transplant Shock & minor Pest Attacks Would Not Harm The Plant So Much. This Is Not All About Seed Shell Compost, Other Benefits of Using Compost Are Added Here.

Method of Compostingโ€ฆ.


For Making Compost Out of Seed Shells, You Can Use Any Type of Waste Seed Shells.

1-Convert Them In a Powder Form…

It Will be Better & Quick If You Can Crush Them Into A powder Form. Because it decomposes Much Faster Than Raw Seed Shells. But Its Not Compulsory.

2-Take a Composting Bin Like This…

For Better Composting, Use Such Type of a Basket With Lots of holes In it.

3-Add a Layer of Seed Shells at The Base…

First add a thin Layer of Seed Shells At The Bottom. You Can Make Compost At Home, In any Season.

How-To-Make Compost-Step-By-Step-With-Pictures
4-Add a Layer of Compost Or Soil….

Once You Add The Seed Shells, Now You Can add a Layer of Simple Garden Soil, Or You can Use Compost. This Helps In The Initiatation Of The Decomposition.

5-Just Go Layer By Layer…

This Way You Can Add Multiple Layers of Seed Shells Waste & Soil Over one another. Whole Seed shells Can Take Much Longer to Decompose, But Powder Form Material Decomoses Much Faster. To Speed Up The Composting Process, You Can Follow Up On Some Simple Tricks, Details On That Are Added Here.

6-Keep The Moisture Up At The Start…

Frequent Watering After Layering is also Very Important For The Growth of The Bacteria. So Water well.

7-Place A Bowl At The Bottom…

PLace A Bowl Under Such Basket So Extra Liquid Fertilizer Can Drain Out On That. Place This Pot in a Warm & Shaded Area.

After 20 daysโ€ฆ (Compost Tea)

How-To-Make Compost-Step-By-Step-With-Pictures
After 20 Days…

After Around 20 Days, This Is How our Composting bin Looks Like. At This Stage You Can Shuffle The material, Because It improves Gaseous Exchange.

8-Keep The Medium Moist…

keeping The Moisture level up Is Also Very Important For proper & faster Composting of Material.

This is The Draining Liquid..

The Draining Liquid Is also a Form Of Fertilizer Containing Hundred Of Nutrients. You Can use This Liquid as Compost Tea In The soil Of Your Plants, Other uses & Benefits of This Compost Tea Liquid Are added Here.

After 34 Daysโ€ฆ. (Applying On Plants)

After 34 Days….

After around a Couple Of Weeks, Our Seed Shell Compost Will Be Ready To use. You Can dig up This Material From aside & Check If Any Material is left For Decomposition.

Ready To use Compost!

This Is How its Look Like Once Its Ready To Use, Now You can Harvest This Rich In Nutrients Compost in a Separate Bowl. This Is Our Harvested Seed Shell Compost & Now We Can use It In Our Plants, Just Like Any Other Compost.

How To use Seed Shell Compost?

9-Apply On Plants…

Loose The Upper Soil Layer, add a Dose ( 50 g For 5-6″Pot, 100 g For 10-12″ Pot) Of This Compost. Use Smaller Doses For Younger Plants, Mix Well.

How-To-Make Compost-Step-By-Step-With-Pictures

& Add A Good Amount of Moisture. This Way You can Fertilize Your Plants every 10-15 Days Within The Season.

On What Plants Can We Use This Compost?

How-To-Make Compost-Step-By-Step-With-Pictures

Seed Shell Compost Can be Used On Almost Type of Plants, But Use a Higher Amounts For Heavy Feeders. For The Seedlings, Seed Shells Compost Can Work Really Well.

What are it’s Side Effects Or DrawBacks?


Seed Shell Compost Also Contains Some Side effects, That You Shoud Must Know. First is That it cant Be Used Regularly On Plants. It Contains Carbon, That Have Many Benefits But Too Much Carbon In The Soil Can Lead To Harmful Effects. So It Will be Very Optimum If You mix This Compost With Cow dung. This Will Optimize The Nitrogen To Carbon ratio.
Other Thing is That Seed Shells Compost Is Works Slow & so it Should not be Considered As a Quick Fix. For That Its Liquid fertilizer Can Be A Great Choice, Because It Absorbs Faster In The Roots. But Detail guide on Compost Tea is Here, Must Check it Out Before Applying.

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