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How To PRUNE Jasmine Plant? (4-STEPS)

Regular Pruning Of Jasmine Plant Can Provide Us Many Benefits, But The Right Way To do that is also Very Important. & In This Post, I Will Show You The Whole Technique To Prune Jasmine Plant, The Best Time To Prune & Some Common Pruning Mistakes.

Some Benefits Of Pruningโ€ฆ.

Side Branches of Jasmine Plant

Pruning is Simply The Trimming & Cutting of Shoos, For The Betterment of the Plant. It also provide Us Several Benefits. Like It Promotes New Growth On The Plant, Helps in Side Branches, Prevent Fungal Growth & Pest Infection.

Pruning Also Indirectly Enforces New Buds, Makes Up The Shape of The Plant, Helps The Sun To Reach Soil Surface. But Pruning Works only If Done In The Rigjt Season.

What Is the Best Time To Prune Jasmine?

Jasmine Plant Flowers

You Can Prune Your jasmine Plant In Its Growing Season, That Starts At The early Springs & Goes Upto Late Summers Days. So Within The Season You Can Prune Your Jasmine Plant Whenever You Feel the Need.

But As The Season Offs, You Need to Avoid Pruning. In The Winter days, Plant Goes Under a Dormancy Period, & Pruning it At This Time Have No Use. So Pruning Will Be Useful, If Do It In The Growing Season Of The Plant.

Some Precautions To Follow:-

Hydrogen Peroxide

There are a Few Precautions That You Should Know About Pruning, otherWise These Mistakes Can Cause Damage To The Plant, Instead Of Benefits. First Thing is To Use a Sharp Cutter, So The Cut Part Will Be Smooth.

irregular Cut Of Jasmine Branch

Irregular Cuts Can Cause Harm, So Be Careful. Other Thing is to Clean Your Cutter, As It Can Be an Infected Tool. You Should Use Hydrogen Peroxide For That, Its Linked Here, Must Check it Out. Another Thing is To Avoid Spraying Water Over The Cut Part, as Its the Sensitive Area.

Method of Pruningโ€ฆ.

Sharp & Clean Cutter For Pruning

For Properly Pruning Jasmine Plant, You Need To Use a Sharp Cutter.

Pruning Jasmine Branch

& Cut The Upper Growing Shoot Around An Inch. The Node Behind The Cut Part, Now Produces New Branches.

Pruned Branch of jasmine Plant

You Can also Cut Off The Dead & Dried Branches, Because It prevents Pest attack & Many Other problems.

Pinching Jasmine Plant

You Can Also Pinch of The newly Growing Soft Branches. This Way You can Prune Your Jasmine Plant every 2 Weeks, Or as The Branches Get Long & Leggy.

Feeding Jasmine Plant After Pruningโ€ฆ.

Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant

After The Pruning of Jasmine Plant, It Will be Very Beneficial, If You can provide Some Nutrients To The Plant. Fertilizing Jasmine Plant after Pruning is Very Important, Because Jasmine Plant is a Heavy Feeder.

For That You Can use this Fertilizer, Its a Mix Of Compost, Cow dung & Mustard Cake. All of These Ingredients Not only Provide Nutrients, But also Enhance Soil Quality & Much More.

Details On Their benefits are added here, So Must Check Them Out. & Fertilize Jasmine Plant Every Time When You Prune It. & Check Out This Guide, To Know Some Other Growth Hacks Of Jasmine Plant.

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