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4-CUASES of Leaf Curl in Jasmine Plant! & Their Fixes.

4-CUASES of Leaf Curl in Jasmine Plant! & Their Fixes.

If Your Jasmine Plant Leaves are also Curling, Keep Following This Post, Because here We Will Talk All About The Common Causes Of Jasmine Leaf curl Problem, Making Their Easy Solutions.

What Is Leaf Curl Problem?

Jasmine Plant Leaf Curl problem is Very Common, Especially In Night Blooming Jasmine. In This Problem, The Leaves get Curled & Plant Shows Very Less Blooming.

The New Growth Looks Very Abnormal & This Thing Can be Fatal For The plant. There are Certain Causes That can Make This Problem, So Lets Talk About Them One by One.

1-Leaf Curl Virus:-

Curling Leaves of Night Jasmine Plant

The first Cause Of leaf curl Problem In Jasmine Plant is the a Viral Infection. The Leaf Curl Virus Gets Into The Plant Through a Transporter, & Here the transporter Could be an Insect. Once The Jasmine Plant is Diseased, It Becames Very Hard To Save It.

How Pests Attack Causes Leaf Curl Disease?

As The Pest Attack, The Plant First Becomes a Little Stressed & Then The Virus Takes Over. Most Commonly The Younger Shoots get Affected With jasmine sambac plant leaves curling Virus. But Here Jasmine Plant is a Hardy Plant & That’s Why We Can Still Save Our Plant, By The Reducing The Effect of Pests.

How To Control Pest attack?

MealyBugs Attack On Hibiscus Plant

For That Its Extremely Important To First Check For any Pests Like White Flies Or Mealy Bugs under The Leaves. Remove The Most Affected Leaves & Use a Pesticide Spray Every 2 to 3 Days. You Can Use Neem Oil For That, Detail Guide is added Here To Show You The Whole way.

Once The Pest Infection Is Over The Plant will Starts Its Recovery As Well, Just Keep The plant in Semi Shaded area & Water Very Carefully.

2-Compact & Infertile Soil:-

Compact Soil Mix

The Another Thing That Can Also Cause curling Leaves of Jasmine Plant Is Your Soil Mix. A Compact Mixture can Put Stress on The Plant & Here This Can Trigger The Leaf Curl Virus. Or May Be If You Have Planted Your Jasmine Plant in a Soil Mix From an infected Plant.

Most Probably The virus Must Be Present There & Can get In The Plant Through The Roots. A Water Blocking Soil mix Can also Cause an Overwatered Condition & This can also Trigger The Viral Infection.

How To Treat An Overwatered Condition?

So To Overcome This Whole Issue, You Should Use a Well Draining & Loose Soil Mix. & Also Make Sure The Soil is Pest & Insects Free. To do That, You Can Dry Out The Soil in Sun For Few Days, This Will Ensure The Removal Of All Type of Insects.

How To Make a Well Draining Soil Mix At Home?

Loose & Moist Soil Mix

& For Making A Well Draining & Loose Soil mix At Home, You can Checkout a Detailed Guide From here. Or Ready To Use Soil mix is also Added there to Buy.

3-Humidity & Air Circulation:-

Leaf Curl Signs on Jasmine Leaves

Another Cause of Jasmine Plant Curling Leaves Is Poor Air Circulation. Means If Your Jasmine Plant is Placed in an Area With Poor Circulation of Air, This Can Increase The Chance of Pest attack & Viral Infection. & Hence This Leads To Leaf Curl Problem.

How Much Sun Is Good For Jasmine Plant?

Generally Jasmine Plant Likes a Sunny Area & Oppositely Shaded area Can Cause Many Problems. So To make This Thing right, You Should Place Your Jasmine Plant In an Area With Good sun Light & Some Air Circulation.

5 to 6 Hours of Direct Sunlight Per Day Can Works Really Well To Prevent This Problem & Also To Get More Buds On Jasmine.

Calcium Deficiency:-

Curled Leaf of Night Jasmine

The Another Cause of Jasmine Plant Leaf Curl Problem is The Deficiency of Nutrients. Jasmine Plant Requires Relatively More Nutrition Than Other Plants. & If This Need Would not Be Fulfilled, This Can Not only Cause Leaf Curl, but Other Leaf Problems Can also Appear Very Frequently.

What Nutrient Deficiency Causes Leaf Curl Problem?

Specifically Deficieny Of Calcium In The Plant Can Result Curling Leaves, So Here Make Sure You Are Fertilizing Your Jasmine Regularly, With a Powerful fertilizer. This Will Keep All Leaf problems Away, a Homemade Fertilizer For Jasmine is Added Here.

How To Treat a Plant With Leaf Curl Problem?

Jasmine Leaf Curl Problem

& For Treating An Infected Plant You Can occasionally Use A Calcium Source, Like Bone Meal Fertilizer. This will Also Promotes Root Growth & Improves Soil Quality, Other Benefits of Bone Meal Fertilizer Are added Here, Must Check it Out.

& To Promote More Buds On Jasmine Plant Nothing Works better Than Mustard Cake Powder, But The Right Way To Use It Is The Key, Know All About That Here.

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