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How to Care For Bunny Ear Cactus? (7 EASY TIPS)

How-to-Care-For-Bunny-Ear-Cactus? (7 EASY TIPS)

Bunny Ear Cactus Is One Of The Most Easiest To Grow Plants & If You Keep Some Simple Things In Mind, This Plant Can Grow Really Fast. In This Post, We Will Talk all About Bunny Ear Cactus Care, InCluding Its Favourite Location, Best Fertilizer & Soil Requirements & Watering Technique.

Origin & Basics About Bunny Ear Cactus

Bunny Ears Cactus Is a Low Maintanance, Permanent Plant. As The Name Indicates, Its Thick Leaves Looks Like The Ears of a Bunny. This plant is Native To mexican Deserts & a Very Common Indoor or Outdoor Plant.


Bunny Ear Cactus Flower, But Mostly In ground. Their Plants Can Grow upto 1 to 2 Feets High & Are Not Poisnous At all.


Oppositely they Are Edible & Just Look at This Photo This is The Fruit of Bunny Ear Cactus & Its Used in Many Recipes.



Their Leaves Have Small Spikes & they Can Cause a Little Irritation If Touched, So be Carefull.

Season of Growth & Dormancyโ€ฆ.


As We Know Bunny cactus is an Easy To Grow Plant But Growing It in Right Season is Still Very Important. Bunny Cactus Is a Desert area Plant With Extremely High Temperature Ranges. & In The Same way, Growing It in Such an Environment Can Help It Grow Really Well.

Its Season of Growth Starts as The Temperature Starts To Warm Up in Springs & In The Hot Days Of Summers Bunny Cactus Is On Its Peak level Of Growth. & After That as The Temperature Starts to Drop In Early Winters, It Also Grdually Stops its Growth & Became a Little Dormant.

If you are Growing This Plant In a hot Climate Area, Winter Woouldnot Affect its Growth. But in Colder area, You Need To Move Them in Some Shade or Indoors.

Describing Ideal Pot Size!


Another important Thing in Bunny Ear Cactus Care is The size Of The Pot. It Majorly Depends On The Age of The Plant, For An older & mature Plant 10 to 12 Inches Can Work Well, But For a Younger plant 4 to 6 Inches of Pot In More Than Enough.

Its Because Its a Cactus & By Nature Grow Slow. They also Doesnot Produces So Many of Roots, Like Other House Plants. So Here You Can Choose a Clay Pot To Prevent any Chance of Overwatering. Because as a bigenner Plastic Pot Can Be Bad Choice For You. Some of The Good Cacti Pots are Also Linked Here To Buy.

What type of Soil Mix It Likes?


Another important thing To Consider For Bunny ear cactus is Its Soil medium. Bunny Cactus is a Drought Tolerant Plant & That’s Why You Need To Provide Them a Very Well Draining Soil Mix. If you Overwatered Them Once, It Can Go Really Bad. So Choose a Very Well Draining & Fertile Soil Mix for Them.


Water blocking Medium Can Cause Rotting of Their Leaves, & a Very Dull growth, So Make Sure Your Soil Mix Is draining Out The Moisture Properly. You Can Buy a perfect Mixture From This Link, Otherwise a Detailed guide is added here as Well, To Show You Some Simple Homemade Soil Recipes For Such Cacti & Succulents. Must Check That Out.

Master Watering With Thisโ€ฆ


For Correctly Watering Bunny Cactus, You Need To remember Its a Desert area Plant & Likes dryness. Control Watering once a Week Can Work Well, if Your Soil Mix Is Well Draining. Bunny Cactus Leaves Store Moisture Inside Their Leaves & That’s Why They Can Survive Without Moisture For Weeks Very Easily.

So Dont Panic & let The Soil to Dry out completely & Then Add Some Moisture. If The Soil Is Good, Watering doesnot Matter Much, So First Use the Soil mixes Added Here.

Location Matters or Not?


Another Thing in Bunny Ear Cactus Care is its Location. As We Know Its a Desert area Plant, That’s Why Sunlight is extremely Important.


Putting it in a Shade Can Result Such Type of Yellowing Leaves, So Make Sure You Providing it atleast a Few Hours of Direct Sunlight, & More Than That Will be Even better.

& If you Havenot So Much Sun, Then Keep It in Fully Bright Area. In The hot Sunny Days, Their Leaves May Turn a Little Redish, That it Totally a Normal Thing, So dont Worry.

Fertilize With This!


Another important thing in Bunny Cactus Care is Its Nutritional Need. Bunny Cactus Plant is a hardy & Easy To Grow Plant, & It Would Not Show you any signs Of Nutritional Deficiency, But it requires a high Dose, Slow Release fertilizer atleast Once a Month.


Other wise The Growth Wil be Slow & The Size Of The Leaves will be Smaller as Well. So Make Sure You Are adding a powerful Fertilizer once a Month. You Can Also Use This homemade Fertilizer, Detail guide on Making & Applying this cacti Food Is added Here, must Check it Out.

But If You Are Expecting Blooms & Fruit on Your Bunny Cactus, Then Try to Put Them in Ground First & Let Them grow At least an Year.

Common Problems & Diseases:-


As far As You Follow Up this Guide, most of The problems Would Not Appear On your bunny cactus. But Rotting of Its Leaves is its Common Problem, So Focus On Proper Watering & a Good Soil Mix.
Its a Cactus, But Mealy Bugs Can be problem for Them. They are Rare In Bunny Cactus, If Appear You can use Neem Oil Spray, complete Guide Is Here. The wrinkled & Shrinked Leaves Can also appear, But This Happens When The Leaf Is Internally Disconnected With The plant.

Here You Can Simply Use This Part of The Plant propagate It, That is Super Easy. A Detailed Guide Is Linked Here to Show You The Step by Step technique of Bunny Cactus Propagation.

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