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The Complete Guide to Vinca Plant Care and How to Take Care of Them at Home


Growing Lots of Buds & Flowers on Vinca Requires a Few really Important Things, & In this video, we will Talk About the complete guide to Care Of Vinca Plants, that Makes your Vinca Plant more growing & Blooming.

How to Take Care of a Vinca Plant at Home?

Vinca Is a an Easy to Grow, Fast Growing Summer Season plant. Basically It’s a Summer Flowering Plant, therefore it became Dormant in Winters, as Temperature goes Down & down. So the first thing Is to know, vinca Do not Grow in winters, so we shouldn’t Disturb it in its Dormancy, otherwise it will die.


So the first trick to Get Your Vinca Rosea on Flowering is to Give it a little Pruning & Triming. Pruning & cutting of Upper Growing Shoots Helps to Get the Plant More Branches & Ultimately a Bushier Plant Appears.

The Health & immunity of Vinca Plant is an important Factor to Get it On Flowering. Vinca Plant produces Lots of Flowers if we keep pruning it. You can use any Clean Cutter to head off the Newly Growing Shoots.

You should Always Dis infect Your Cutter to avoid spread of Diseases. The Disinfectant Solution is added here to buy. You Can Prune Your Vinca shoots every 15 to 20 days, if they Grown up quickly.

Fertilizing Vinca Plant;-

In Vinca Plant Care, The Role of a good Fertilizer is un Neglect able. So, Other thing to get More Flowers on Vinca Rosea is to Fertilize Your Vinca Plant with a Nice & Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer. I have made a Detailed Video on this Topic, that shows You the whole Method to apply A good Homemade Fertilizer on Vinca Plant. Check it Here:-

Best Fertilizer for Vinca!

Otherwise a ready to Use Fertilizer also Works Great, You can buy Here!ย  & just keep Fertilizing Your Vinca every 15 to 20 days. To Grow More Branches & buds, after the Pruning of Shoots, it is important to feed the Vinca Plant with a powerful Fertilizer, so it shows a good Growth.

You Can also Choose Only Cow Dung Fertilizer, or Compost, but for quality Results, this Fertilizer works Really Well. So must check it Out. & One more thing, loosen Up the upper soil layer, it make sures a good absorption of nutrients.

Locating Vinca:-

Other Thing for more Blooming of vinca Is to locate the Vinca plant in a proper Area, with a good Light condition, & a few hours of Direct Sunlight. Sunlight is really Important factor, for the consistent Growth of New Buds & leaves.

Does Vinca Requires Shade or Sun?

You can choose any area near a sunny Spot, but make Sure the plant have some Sun. You don’t Need a full Day of sunlight, it is Enough even if you have only an hour of direct Sunlight on your Vinca Plants.

Soil Requirement;-

The Last thing that can be hurdle, if You are doing all of this & Still not getting Buds & Flowers on Vinca. It is your Soil Mix, take a look of your Soil, if It feels overly Moist or it feels really hard. Then You must need to do Something.

What kind of soil is best for Vinca Plant?

Vinca Plant Never Performe well in a Compact Mixture, you Must need to choose a well Draining, Soft Medium for Vinca Plants. It is easy to make a good soil mix at home, Take a part of Cocopeat & Cow Dung & add in two parts of gardening Soil. & Our mixture is ready to Use. Otherwise you can also Buy a Good Soil Mix For Your Vinca Rosea added Here.


Such type of Commercial mixtures Works really well. They Drains well, softer for the roots & also good for Faster Root Growth.

Conclusion: The Complete Guide to Growing & Caring for Vincas;-

IWe care Vinca Plant This Way, the growth Level goes on a next level & ultimately the Vinca Plant Produces Lots of Buds & Flowers. Now,ย  it’s Clearย  How we have care for vinca PLants, So Theyย  Produces More Flowers & Buds.
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