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How To Make The Best Fertilizer For House Plants? (Growth Booster Recipe)


Providing a good Fertilizer to Your House Plants plays a Very Important Role in Promoting a Healthier & faster growth On them. Lack of Nutrition causes Many Visible Changes in the plant’s growth, so to Overcome Such issues, In this Post, we will discuss about making the best Fertilizer For House Plants.

What type Of Fertilizer Indoor Plants Need?

Indoor House Plants requires a Good Fertilizer that Fulfills Their Needs, so they can Grow Well. For that, You Need a Fertilizer that Contains Nitrogen in Larger Amounts & other Micro Elements like Calcium & magnesium to overcome Yellow & Browning of Leaves.

What Causes of Brown & Yellow Leaves?

The Main reason of this Problem is The deficiency of Helpful Micro Elements, that makes the Indoor Plants to Show Such Symptoms. Deficiency of a specific Nutrient causes a Specific change in the growth of plant.

Mainly Deficiency of Calcium makes the leaves Browning, deficiency of Magnesium & Nitrogen causes Yellowing of leaves. Therefore It is Highly Important to Choose a Fertilizer, that Contains all the Essential Nutrients.

You can combine different Ingredients to make a Multi Use Best fertilizer for indoor house plants. Indoor Plants Mostly leaf growing Plants, There fore phosphorus & nitrogen both are must to add in Your Fertilizer.

Benefits Of This Fertilizer;-

Nitrogen makes new Branches & Leaves while phosphorus is important for a Strong Root Structure. The Fertilizer that we are going to make is Very Useful to use on Indoor Plants. It makes the Roots Grow Really well, promotes more branches & New Shoots, makes the Plant Resistant of Diseases & Pests. it also makes the Plant to Grow more Pups.

How to make This Fertilizer?

Now Let’s Know How to this Fertilizer. first You need a Few Ingredients, that Will be available around You, otherwise you can buy them Online!

Tea Powder;-

First Ingredient is the Rich Source of Nitrogen, that is really Important to Grow More leaves on indoor plants. it Is tea Powder, I am taking 2 table Spoons.

Cow Dung Compost;-

Next Ingredient for making This Fertilizer is Cow dung Compost that is also a Rich Source of Nitrogen. Nitrogen is the main thing to Provide indoor Plants, & cow Dung Contains good amount of Nitrogen. It also contains other Micro Nutrients, you can Check a Detailed Video on Cow dung Compost for understanding more. ?

Benefits & Uses Of Cow Dung Compost! 

Banana Peels Powder;-

Our Next Ingredient is a rich Source of Phosphorus that banana Peels Powder. It Is Mainly used to make a Massive Root Structure, & ultimately it also makes more Pups on different Indoor Plants.

First Dry Out the banana Peels in the sun For Some days, after that You can Crush Them to make Their powder. Use at least 10 table Spoons of This Powder.


Our last Ingredient for Our Indoor Plants Fertilizer is Compost. That is a Rich Source hundred of Trace Elements, compost is used In all plants due it’s Growth boosting Results. It is really Easy to make Compost from kitchen scraps, simply Follow up This Video. Otherwise You can also Buy ready to Use Compost Here!

How to Make Compost At Home?

ingredients Ratios;-

  1. tea powder 2table Spoons
  2. cow Dung 40g
  3. banana peels 10 table Spoons
  4. compost 40g

Mix All of These Ingredients with Similar ratios. & Our Fertilizer is ready to Use. You can Apply This Fertilizer on all your Indoor house Plants, It is very useful To Promote a Healthy Green Growth on them.

How to Apply Properly?

Make the Soil Loose Before Applying this Fertilizer & let It Dry For Some time. Add 4-5 Table Spoons of This Fertilizer on every 5 inches pot.

For Larger Pots, You can double The Dose. It is an organic fertilizer, therefore You don’t Need to Worry So much about How much to use. Use on all Your Indoor Plants every 15 days at the evening Time for quality Results.

So this Is the Fertilizer For House Plants, that Works Well. You can Also buy a Ready To Use Fertilizer For House Plants added Here, that Fertilizer also works Great & not that much Expensive.

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