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Top 12 Benefits Of Composting | Uses & Benefits Of Compost For Plantsโ€ฆ



Benefits Of Composting Is a The Most Commonly Used Fertilizer in The world, Because It Contains Many Benefits. Some Fertilizers Have Nitrogen, & Some are Higher in Potassium Content. But Compost is The Best Fertilizer, That Contains almost Every Required Nutrient In It. In This post, We Will Discuss About 12 Most Common Benefits of Composting, The Exact Way & Time To Apply This fertilizer.

What is Compost?

Compost is The Decomposed Organic Matter Used To Feed Plants, For Their Healthier & Faster Growth. Bacteria, Fungi & Small Insects Works Together & Break Down Our Kitchen Waste & Any Other Type of Organic Waste. & The Remaining Product After all Of This Is Called as Compost.

This Whole Process Of Composting Can Take Time, Depending The Type Of Material, You Want To Decompose. Mostly The Kitchen Waste Takes Lesser Time, As Compare To Leaf Composting. There Are Several Other Ways As Well You Can Use To Fasten Up Your Composting Process, That We Will Discuss About At The end Of This Post.

Why is Really Compost So Important?


But The Question Comes Up, Why The Compost Is So Important? Here i have Different Benefits of Using This fertilizer, That Makes The Composting Process So Special.

Improved Soil Texture / Prevents Soil Erosion:-


The Most Useful Thing About Composting Is That It Improves Thye Quality Of Soil, By Enhancing Its Texture & Looseness. This Is Very Important, Because Every Plant Likes a Good Quality Soil. There is a Thing Called as Soil Erosion, That Also Degrades Your Soil Quality & fertility. Compost also Prevents This Thing.

More Areation:-

The Regular Use of Compost Is Our Soil Mixes, Can not Only Improves Their Drainage, But also The areation of Soil Rises. It Helps In Better Gaseous Exchange, Which is Vital For every Plant.

Increased Fertility / Complete Fertilizer (Npk):-


The Another Benefit Of Composting is Obviously The Increased Fertility of Soil. Compost is a Rich Source of Nutrients, Which gets Into The Soil & Provide roots a Healthy medium To Grow. & This is Not about a Single Or a specific Type of Nutrition, Compost Contains Both The Major & Minor elements In the Required Amounts.

Best Medium For Useful Microbes:-


There are Several Helpful Microbes, That helps in Plant Growth & Use Of Chemical fertilizers Don’t let Them Grow, but In the Soil Treated With Compost, we Have a Very Ideal Environment For The Growth Of These beneficial Insects & Microbes.

Acidic pH:-

The Next Benefit of Composting is That It is a Slightly Acidic Fertilizer, Which is Best For The Flowering & Vegetable Plants. If Your Soil’s Ph is More Then 7, It Means fertilizers Would not Work Well. But In The Acidic Type of Soil, You Will Find More Blooming & Nutrients Gets absorbed By The Roots Faster as Well.

Trace Elements, Hence Less Leaf Problems:-


Compost Contains Micro nutrients Like Iron, Copper, Magnesium & Calcium Etc. Means Many Of The Leaf Problems That comes Up Due to the Deficiency of These Elements, Now Would Not Harm Your Plants.

Recycling Done:-

Another benefit of Composting is That it is a Recycling Process. Organic Waste Gets Into Work & Provides Us Healthy 7 Fresh Vegetables.


As Compost is Used very Commonly, that’s why it is Very Budget Friendly. Instead Of Other Costly fertilizers, It is Cheap & Reliable.

Stronger Immune System of the Plant:-


Compost Provides Nutrition To Your Plants, & In results They possess a Healthy & Stronger Immune System. & Now They Are More able Of Fighting With The Insects.

Organic Thing:-

Where Most Powerful Fertilizers Comes in Chemically Synthesized Forms, Compost Is an Organic Source of Nutrients. It Does not Kill Pollinators & Gives Us Full Of Life Vegetables.

Homemade Fertilizer:-

The Process of making Compost Can Be Done at Home. It is Extremely Easy & Simple, Which makes It Even More Convenient. Detailed Video is in Linked Here, Must Check It Out.


The Another Benefit Of Compost is That is an Eco-friendly Thing, & It Effects Positively On the Climate Change.

How to Use Compost For Plants?


To Get Most Out Of Compost, The right way of Using Compost is Extremely Important. so Now let’s Know What is Ideal Way Of using Compost. For Using Compost On our Plants, We First Have To Loosen up the Top Layer Of Soil. Now Take a Dose of Compost, Depend Upon Plant Age & Pot SIze. Add It Over The Soil Surface & Mix It Evenly. Adding Frequent Amount Of Water is Extremely Important. Repeat This Same Process Every 10 days In the Growing Season Of The Plant & 20 Days In The Off Season.

When We Should Use Compost On Our Plants?

Now the Question is When You Should use Compost For Maximum Results. Compost is a Regular Fertilizer That Can Be Used Whenever You Want. But For The Most effective Results You Should fertilize Your Plants When They Are Growing Well.

On What Plants Can we Use Compost?

You Can use Compost On Almost all type Of Plants, As i Told You Earlier, it is regular Fertilizer & Can be Used on all Type Of Plants. You can Use Compost On Indoor Plants, Vegetables, seedlings, Seasonal Flowering Plants. It is Best for The Low To Moderate Feeders. Compost May not Give You Better Results For the Heavy Feeders Like Lemons, Hibiscus, roses & Tomatoes. But For Them You Can Use Other Fertilizers, that are Added Here..

Disadvantages of Compost;-


There are A Few drawbacks Of Compost as Well, you Should Must Know.

  • When You make Compost At Home, It smells At The First.
  • Regular Use of Compost Can Cause More & More Weeds, As It is High In Nutrition.
  • Making Compost At Home Takes Much Longer, then Its Commercial Value.

Its Upto You, You can either Buy It Online, Or Make It At Home.

How to Fasten Up Composting Process?

There are Several Tips You Can follow To Fasten Up The Process of Composting. As Microbes Decompose Organic matter, That’s why You Can Give Them Ideal Environment, So They Can Decompose well.

  • More Areation in Your Composting bin Helps Better & Faster Composting.
  • In the Dark & Hot area, Composting also Works Faster.
  • Keeping Your Organic matter well Moist Is also Important To Get Results faster.

So Its All about Compost, But Its is Undoubtable Compost is Slow Release fertilizer & Takes Time To Show Results, But There is way To Get Results faster from Your Compost Fertilizer, Which is Compost Tea Liquid Fertilizer. A Detailed Article On this is also Linked Here.

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