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Making The Best Liquid Fertilizer for Jasmine Plant! (Instant Results).


Growing Lots Of Flowers on Jasmine all around The year, Requires a Constant Supply of a Powerful Fertilizer. Therefore in this Post, we are going to make an organic liquid Fertilizer for Arabian Jasmine Plant. That will give You Bunches of Buds & Flowers With in days.

What type of Fertilizer Jasmine Needs?

First Let’s Know What type of Fertilizer Jasmine Plant needs to Bloom Well. if Wants a Constant Supply of Jasmine Flowers, a Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer is really Important.

Your Jasmine Plant Fertilizer Must Contains a Combination of Helpful micro & Macro Nutrients. Arabian Jasmine is a Heavy Feeder that Requires lots of Nutrients to Grow Well.

You can add These Nutrients in the form of a Liquid Fertilizer, In the soil of Arabian jasmine time to time.

What Happens in Nutrients Deficiency?

Deficiency of Nutrition causes Many Visible Changes in the growth of Jasmine Plant, like Browning of Leaves, a Stunted Growth & No Flowers. You Can Fulfill this Deficiency by Fertilizing Arabian Jasmine Plant Regularly.

Benefits of This Fertilizer;-

This jasmine plant Fertilizer Contains so many Nutrients, that Are Very Useful For a Fast Growing Jasmine. This liquid Makes the Jasmine Plant to Grow New Leaves & branches, New Buds & Flowers, and also the Plant Resistant of Many Harmful problems.

This Liquid Contains a mixture of many Essential Micro Nutrients, required by jasmine roots in order to Bloom well. Therefore, this Fertilizer Is Very useful to apply on Arabian Jasmine Plant on regular Basis.

This Thing Keeps Bunches of Buds & Flowers on Jasmine all the time. Only Applying a Good Fertilizer is not Enough, You must Need to Apply Some Other Caring Tips.


For Consistent Blooming of Jasmine, Many other factors plays a Big Role. So You should also Consider that, a video is added Here;-

Jasmine Growing Tips! 

How to make this Liquid Fertilizer?

Now let’s Know How to make this Liquid Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant. You need 4 different Ingredients, that might be available around You.

Cow Dung Compost;-

Our First ingredient is Cow dung Compost, that Contains Nitrogen & many other Useful Micro Elements.

Cow Dung Compost is a Very useful thing to apply on jasmine, If you don’t know So much about the uses of Cow dung Compost in plants, a video is added Here, that helps you understand better. ?

Benefits & Uses of Cow Dung!


Our Next Ingredient for Jasmine Plant Fertilizer is Compost. It is really good Source of Hundred of Helpful Microbes, that makes the soil softer & Nutrients Enrich for the Roots.

It is very easy to make Compost at Home, You can follow up this video, otherwise you can buy a Ready to Use Compost Here!


Next Ingredient is Jaggery, It is the best Medium for the growth of Bacteria. This thing is mainly useful to decompose these ingredients fastly. jaggery boosts up the Fermentation Process & Our Nutrients will Dissolves in the water.

Mustard cake;-

Our last Ingredient is the main thing that Promotes bunches of Buds on The Jasmine, it is Mustard cake Pieces. 

They are really very useful for Flowering Plants. Mustard cake Pieces promotes a new growth on Arabian Jasmine with lots of new Buds & Flowers.

Ingredients Ratios;-

Add all of these ingredients in a Water Bottle with a liter of Water. Let it in the shade for 2 to 3 days.

After 3 days….

After about 3 days, Liquid color had turned Yellowish, that means it is ready To Use. First we have dilute this Liquid With at least 3 to 4 parts of More Water.

How to Apply This Liquid?

Now we can apply this Liquid Fertilizer on our Arabian Jasmine. First make the upper layer a little loose, so it Dissolves well. 100ml of this liquid Fertilizer on every 5 inches pot. & Larger doses for larger pots. You can Apply this Liquid Fertilizer on your Jasmine Plants Every 20 days at the evening time.

One to 2 doses of this Liquid Fertilizer will Definitely Gives you amazing Results. If You Wants to buy a ready to Use, Good Fertilizer for Jasmine Plant, You can it Out here;-?

Buy Best Fertilizer For Jasmine! 

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