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The Best Potting Mix For Indoor Plants! (Make It).


Indoor Plants Gives our Garden an attractive Look & They also Makes the Air Clean for Us. There are So many Indoor Plants, But Most of Them have Similar Issues Like, Yellowing Of Leaves, Stunted Growth & Browning Tips. And The Major Reason of This problem Is the Use of a Wrong Medium, that makes the Plant To Show Such Symptoms. Therefore, in This Post we will make an ideal Potting Mix For Indoor Plants

What Type of Soil Indoor Plants Need?

First It is Important to know What type of Soil is Good For Indoor Plants, & What type of Soil is Harmful. Indoor Plants Mostly Stays Away from Sunlight, There fore it became Extremely Important to Choose a Mixture that have a really Good Drainage.

A water Draining Potting Mix Don’t Let The Excessive amount Of water to Stay in the soil.


Blockage of Water Flow Causes Many Harmful Problems, Like Yellow leaves & Browning Tips of Leaves. such Plants Don’t Grow So Much Well & Hardly Survives.

The Water Must Drains Properly, It keeps many Diseases away. For The Faster Growth of Roots, The Potting Mix Must be Loose & Soft. a Loose & Soft Mix Makes an ideal Environment for the Father Growth of Roots.

It is Ok If Your Potting Mix is Not Very Soft, But minimum if Shouldn’t be Compact & hard. You Can Use Coco Peat & Some sand in It to Make it Loose.

An Other Important thing is Nutrition, Your best homemade potting mix for indoor plantsย must have a Good Nutrients Content. Indoor Plants Mostly likes Nitrogen Enrich Soil & With lots of Other Micro Elements.

Indoor Plants Potting Mix Also be Water Retaining, if It Drains Water So much Faster, the roots remains Thirsty, that Is not good. You Have to make a Balance in The drainage & moisture Retention.

How to Make the Best Potting Mix For Indoor Plants?

Now let’s Know How to make Such Type of Potting Mix. I am Using Four Ingredients, all of Them can be Bought Online. You can Check Out That.


Coco peat For Making The Soil Softer & Water Retention Good.


Sand for A good Drainage of Water. And Their Ratios are adjust accordingly, so The drainage & Retention make a Balance.


For Nutrition, nothing Works better than Cow Dung Compost. iT contains Nitrogen & Other Helpful Minerals also.


I am also Adding Garden Plain Soil, Because it Contains Many Micro Elements & Hundred of Helpful Microbes for the Roots of Indoor Plants.

Why soil Less Medium is Not Good For Plants?

Soilless potting Soil is not a good Choice, Because These Trace Elements, that are Only Available in Soil, are very useful To Make good Immune system.

To Protect Your Plants from any chance of Pests attack, You can Sun Dry the Soil, Because it Contains Pests & Insects Sometimes. Spread it in the sun For 1 to 2 days, then use.

Mix All of Them Well & Our Homemade Indoor Plants Potting Mix is Read to Use. This Mixture Is easy to make & Works Very Well. It Contains Soil There fore it is Not so much Light, it have some weight.


This Mixture Can be Used as Indoor Plants Soil, But a commercial made potting Mix is Much Perfect for Indoor Plant. if You Can afford such a Potting Mix, You can Buy that Here;-?

Buy ready To Use Potting Mix For Indoor Plants!ย 

Check Out a Complete Video Guide On aย  making this Potting Mix At Home!

Best Potting Mix For Indoor Plants!ย 

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