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Top 5 Syngonium Plant Care Tips For Maximum Growth! – How to Propagate Syngonium Plant?


Syngonium Plant is an easy To Grow Indoor Plant, that Grows Really Fast You Keep it’s Good Care. There Are few very Important Syngonium Plant Care Tips, that You Should Must Follow for a Well growing Syngonium Plant.

Soil Quality;-

The Most Important thing to Keep In Mind While Growing Syngonium Plants, is the Quality of Soil Mixture, that You Are Using. Providing The Right amount of Moisture to Syngonium plant is Really Important, and a Little mistake can results Root Rot Problem.

What type of Soil Syngonium Plant Requires?

So Syngonium Plant requires a Well Draining, Water retainsive Soil Mix, that Remains Moist but Not Wet. As Syngonium Plant is a Tropical area Plant Therefore, a Moist Area make it Grow Very faster & Healthier.

If Your Soil Dry outs So fastly, then the Plant Grow But very Slowly. Humidity makes the Syngonium Plant Full of Leaves, so Keep In Mind Your soil Mix Must be Well Draining & Also retains good Amount of Moisture in it.

You Can Make Such Type of Mixture at Home But the Commercially Made mixes Works Very Efficiently. So Buying a Soil Mixture for Syngonium Plant can be a good Choice.

You Can Buy That Here!

Homemade Mixture can also be Used, but Only if You Can maintain the ideal Moisture level. Its Simple, just don’t add to much Moisture & Don’t Let the Soil To Dry Out Completely.

Watering Correctly;-

Watering Syngonium Plant is also big Point in order to maintain a well Growing Plant. If You are a Beginner, then Don’t add water Until You feel it is drying. Try to maintain a slightly Moist Soil Mix, Not too much Wet & Too much dry. First Check the upper layer of Soil & Then add Water.


Over watering Causes these Type of Yellow Leaves on Syngonium Plant & Some times the Whole Plant Dies. Syngonium Plant is a Water Loving Plant, but Blockage of Water is the main Problem.

If Your Soil Mix is Draining Water Perfectly, then You don’t Need to care So much about Watering. So First Make Sure Soil Mix is Good to be used for Syngonium Plants. You can also use this homemade Recipe, it is easy & cheap that works well also.

You can also Use a Spray bottle to Moisten it’s leaves, so it feels Humid & Grow faster. New leaves came Out with this trick & also such Type of Arial Roots came Out. And this thing can be used to multiply Your Syngoniums, so hope you Understand how it works.

Fertilize Regularly;-

The Next Thing in Syngonium growing tips, That can boost the Growth of Syngonium Plant on a next Level, is the Good Fertilization. It’s Not that simple to add any Fertilizer after a month or so.

What type of Fertilizer Syngonium Plant Requires?

You have to use a good Fertilizer, that fulfills the needs of Syngonium Plant. As it’s a Tropical area Plant & it have to produce more leaves & branches, we have to use Nitrogen Enrich Fertilizer.

The best option for this is cow Dung liquid Fertilizer, that keep it hydrated, Makes a good Roots structure, & Promotes more & more Leaves on them.

A Cup of Cow Dung liquid Fertilizer, every 10 to 15 days works Perfect. You can Make Cow dung Liquid at home, simply follow up this Article.

You can Use this Liquid all around the year on Syngonium Plants, just Avoid Adding in off seasons.

Locating Syngonium;-

In Syngonium Plant Growing Tips, our next point is To locate Syngonium Plant Correctly. In it’s origin, it is Grown in the Shade of Bigger trees with a Bright light & Much Of humidity.

Do Syngonium need Sun Or Shade?

Syngonium Plant Doesn’t requires so much of Sunlight to Grow, little bit of sun & Full da with a Bright Light works Great.

In my Experience, they just stops growing if We keep them In a Sunny area. So it is Best to Choose a Semi shaded area, it works Very well. Make sure the area have good light, deficiency of light also makes the leaves Yellow.

Syngonium Growing Season;-

For Growing Syngonium Plant Healthily, it is also important to know When You should disturb or Aspect growth on them & when not to.

Syngonium Plant Stops it’s Growth when it facing any stress condition, that could be due to Over watering or Transplanting effects.

The biggest reason is the seasonal change that have a Major effect. In rainy days, You find a Really faster Growth on your Syngonium Plants, but in Hard Winter days, Syngonium Plant literally stops growing.

So this thing also makes the change. Don’t disturb Syngonium Plants in Winters, & when they are under Stress. Just keep the plant healthy & give it some time to grow.

Syngonium Plant Propagation;-

Syngonium Plant can be Propagated very Easily, we will discuss about Syngonium Plant Propagation in details. Syngonium Plant is a Tropical area Plant, that Grows Very fastly if we keep it well hydrated.

You can Grow Them from Cuttings Propagation or by dividing the plants from root stock. But first you have to make Sure, the plant is Healthy & well growing.

When to Propagate Syngonium?

You Can Propagate syngonium Plant any where around the year, but it is preferred to Propagate them in spring days & in rainy season. The temperature & Humidity level is perfectly ideal at that time. And it became very easy to Propagate them without any chance of failure.

How to Propagate?

If Your Plant is very small & You want to Propagate it, then first make it bigger enough. First we have to prepare a Good Soil Mix For out new Syngonium Plant.

You can Use any mixture, but make Sure it is Well Draining, otherwise it can cause over watering & Ultimately a dying Syngonium Plant.

You can also buy a Good Mixture for Syngonium Plants Here. This mixture Drains Water Very well, and Syngonium Plant also Grows Very fastly in it.

Take a pot at fill up the pot with this Soil mix. Now Let’s take our plant out of the Pot. It is very Easy, first you have to get the Plant Out of the Pot.


Be careful, try not to damage the Roots. Remove the Soil slightly, Make the main Trunk Visible. Break the Plant out of the Mother Plant.


Make sure the new plant have some Roots with it. This is our New Plant that grow on its Own. Put this Plant in the Soil & Fill up the Container with the soil.


Water well, make the Soil Moist. For a Few days, you have to put this Container in a Shaded area, away from sun.

It helps the plant to recover from the shock & continue it’s Healthier Growth again. This is How you can Make Multiple Plants from a single Syngonium Plant.

Precautions of Syngonium Propagation;-

Lastly, let’s talk about some precautions of Syngonium Plant Propagation. This whole Process must be done in The setting sun, in a Hot Sunny Day, it Became hard for both the mother & baby Plant to Recover.

You can Propagate them at the evening. Don’t add to much Moisture after dividing both the Plants, it can cause stress on Syngonium Plants, that can be really harmful.

Don’t Propagate syngonium Plant in the hot summer Days, as I told you earlier, Best Time to Propagate them is In springs & rainy days.

After dividing the plants, It can be very harmful, if You put them in an open Area, just put them in a Shade for some days.

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