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Top 9 Vinca Plant Care Tips for Lot’s of Flowers! (APPLY NOW)


How To Care For Vinca Plants: Growing Lots of Flowers on Vinca is really Easy, Just Follow these Simple Care Tips, that I am Going to Show You In This Post. These Growth Hacks Will Definitely Makes Your Vincas Full of Blooms, so Let’s Start.

Following are the Some Most Important Points, That I will discuss in This Post;-


  1. Proper Seasoning
  2. Locating Vinca Properly
  3. Prune Timely
  4. Fertilize Regularly
  5. Give A Deeper Pot
  6. Provide a Loose Mix
  7. Dead Heading Vincas
  8. Water Throughly
  9. Keep it Healthy

Proper Seasoning;-

First we Talk about the Proper Seasoning of Vinca Flowers. Vinca Rosea is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, that Can be Grown From Seeds or From Cuttings, any time Around the February month UpTo late Septembers.

Vinca Plant Grows Very Well When temperature of the Environment is Suitable for Their Healthier Growth. You Will Observe a Good Growth Style in Vincas At Around 25 to 32 degrees.

It’s a Summer Season plant, but still in hard summer Days, they Grow Really Slow. Because the Temperature had risen So much. So don’t disturb or Aspect Flowers from Vincas, when they are Out of Season.

Locating Vincas;-

The Next Thing that Plays a Big Role in Vincas Growth Is the location of the Pot. Vinca Flowers Bloom very Well in a Bright Area, with some Indirect Sunlight. You have to Find an area that is fully Bright at the day time & have sunlight for some time.

How much Sunlight is Good For Vinca Plants?

Direct Sunlight of 4 to 6 Hours is not So much Good for the Fast Growth of Vinca Plants. So it is Preferred to Place the Vinca pot Near a Sunny Area but not in Direct sun. You Will definitely Find a visible Change in Vinca’s Growth.

Keep Pruning;-

The Next Thing is to Prune the Vinca Branches Time to Time. As they Grow More & More Bigger, you just have to cut them out of the Plant. You can Prune Vinca Plants in the whole Growing season, & Avoid pruning in winter days. Pruning have so many Benefits, therefore Keep Pruning Your Vinca Plants Time to Time.

Fertilize Regularly;-

Another Growth Booster for Vinca Plants is the Regular Fertilization, deficiency of Nutrition Makes the Leaves Yellow & Brown. Pests Attacks Very Frequently & A Stunted Growth of Vinca Plant Appears.

How to Grow Lots Of Flowers on Vinca Plants?

For Keeping Lots of Buds & Flowers on Vinca Plants, Fertilizer Plays a Very Important Role, by Providing all the Essential Nutrients Time to Time.

What type of Fertilizer Vinca Plants Requires?

Fertilizer is one thing, But a Good Fertilizer makes a Visible Change in Vinca’s Growth. I have also made a Video On making the best Fertilizer For Vinca Plants, that Enhances a healthy Green Growth on the plant & Lots of Flowers also. If You Wants to Know How to make it & Apply Correctly, just Check out that video Here;-

Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plants!

Applying that homemade Recipe of organic Ingredients works Well, or If You like to buy a Good Fertilizer For Blooming Vincas, Check it Out Here. So keep Fertilizing Your Vinca Plants Regularly, just a single dose of a Fertilizer Every 15 to 20 days works Great.

Give a Deeper Pot;-

Moving towards our next Point, that is about to Provide more Space to The Roots. Vinca Plants grows Really Fast when Season is Suitable, but as they Grow the Roots Get stuck in a Smaller Container.

So it is important to Give a larger Container to the Vincas, Root Bounding Makes The Leaves yellow & a Stunted Growth of Vinca Plants Appears.

How much Bigger Should be the Vinca’s Pot?

Vinca Roots Don’t Grow So much Deeper, only about a 10 Inches of Pot works well. It is Enough for Vinca Roots to Keeps on growing in such a Bigger Container.

Provide a Loose Mix;-

The Next Thing is to Give a Good Medium To Vinca Plants, Poorly Draining Soil & Mainly a Compact mixture never Lets the vinca Roots to Grow Well. Such mixture Works as a hurdle & Always Stops the Vincas To bloom.

What Type of Soil Vinca Plants Requires?

Vincas like a Well Draining, loose Soil that is Really Easy to make. Mix a part of Coco peat, sand & Cow Dung Compost in 2 parts of gardening Soil, and our Mix is ready to Use.

Or If you like to a buy a Good Medium for Vinca Roots, it’s also available Here!

Dead Heading;-

Another Important Thing is to keep Removing the dead buds & Flowers Time to Time. Vinca Flowers Bloom for 2 to 3 days, after that you have to remove them, it indicates the Plant to Push more Flowers again.

Water Throughly;-

Watering Vinca Plants is also important, it can be very useful. If Your Soil Mix is well Draining, then You can add water daily. It keeps the Vinca Plants Hydrated & Well Blooming. You can also spray water over Their Leaves, it removes the pests & eggs also.

In summer Days, You might Need water Again & Again, just keep in mind don’t water overly. Always check the soil moisture level before watering. Vinca Plants don’t Wants to Much Water in winters & You also don’t have to water them. Winter Season is their dormancy time & Don’t Disturb them at that time.

Keep Vincas Healthy;-

Lastly, You have to Keep Your Vinca Plant Healthy. Vinca Plants don’t have so many diseases, yellow Leaves, a Stunted Growth & Rotted Trunks appears, only when you are missing something described previously.

What Type of Pests Attacks On Vinca Plants?

Pests & Insects Attacks are very rare in Vinca Plants, They are hard to kill & grow Very fastly.

Why Vinca Leaves Turns Yellow?

Yellow Leaves are Common in Vincas that indicates the nutritional deficiency. For Solving Yellow Leaves of Vinca Plants, You can Use Cow Dung liquid Fertilizer, that You Can Make at Home very Easily, simply Follow up this Video;-

Cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer for Plants! 




Now, If You Follow Up These Tips & Tricks To Grow Your Vinca Plants, Then They Definitely Grow Really Well. Vincas Are easy to Grow and Caring This Way Boost Their Growth On a Next Level.

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