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How to Make Organic Bone Meal Powder At Home? – Phosphorus Fertilizers!


In an Npk Fertilizer, Phosphorus is Extremely Important to Keep the Roots Healthy & Fruit Size Bigger. In this Post, We are Going to Know How to Make Organic Bone Meal Powder At Home, that Is Bone Meal Powder.

Bone Meal powder Is a Really Good Phosphorus Fertilizer, and You Can Make Organic Bone Meal Powder by Yourself For Your Plants.

Benefits Of Phosphorus Fertilizer!

There are Lots of Benefits of Providing a Phosphorus Enrich Fertilizer to Your Plants. It Promotes a Heathier Root Growth, Helps to Make the Fruit Size Bigger. Phosphorus Fertilizer also makes the Plant Resistant of Many Harmful Pests & Insects.

A regular dose of Phosphorus Fertilizer is Extremely Beneficial for Pup Producing Plants Like Aloe Vera, Spider Plants, Syngoniums & So on. Deficiency of Phosphorus Show A Stunted Growth of Plant, Very Delayed Maturity of Fruit & Plants. So to Overcome Such Type of Issues, A Regular Use of Phosphorus Fertilizers can be Very Useful.

What is the Best Source Of Phosphorus?

One of Them is Bone Meal Powder, that Contains Npk Value of 1 by 5 by 0. That Shows Us it have A good amount of Phosphorus & Some Nitrogen in it & Both works Very Well for All Plants. This Organic Fertilizer also Contains Calcium, and deficiency of Calcium Shows Such Type of Rotted Bottoms in tomatoes & Many Other Diseases in Plants.

How To Make Bone Meal Powder For Plants?

Bone meal Powder can be prepared from Any Type of Bones. Bones Contains Phosphorus and They Release it as they go under The Soil. For Making Bone Meal Fertilizer Out of Bones,


1-Firstly Collect all the Washed Bones in a Container.


2-You have to Boil Them for a While, so They can be Crushed Easily.


3-After about 20 to 40 mints Depending on the type of Bones You are Using, You Can Stain them in a Bigger Plate & Let them in a Sunny area.

4-You have to Dry These Bones, it may take a Day or So.


5-After that, when they are Fully Dried. You have to Crush them in a blender or grinder. Or you can also do that manually.

6-I am adding some Egg Shells to increase Calcium, But You can Skip this Thing, Because Bones already have calcium.

And now our Fertilizer is ready to Be Use in our Plants, they are not fully powdered by it is ok for Plants.

How to Apply Bone Meal Fertilizer On our Plants?

Now, Let’s Try Out this On Our Plants a Bit. I am Going to Fertilize my Aloe Vera plant, that is Drying. You can Use this Bone Meal powder on almost all type of Plants, it Promotes a Fast Growth on Flowering Plants, Vegetables, Succulents & on Indoors Plants also.

For a Bigger Container, You Can Use 3 to 4 table Spoons of this Bone Meal Fertilizer Every 15 to 20 days. Must Mix it well with soil to Prevent Insects.

Would Bone Meal Powder Gives You Instant Results?

Bone Meal powder is a Slow Release Fertilizer, and gets into the Roots as it decomposes Day by day. Adding a Frequent Amount of Water after Applying Bone Meal Powder Is Compulsory.


After applying Bone Meal Powder For about 3 to 4 times, these are the Results. All the Dying Aloe Vera Plants are now Growing Really Well.

Making Bone Meal Powder at Home;-

Bone meal Powder is Really Useful, but a Little Harder To Make at Home, because its Smells while boiling.

Buying Bone Meal Fertilizer From Market Can be a Better Option, Because of it’s Quality & Refine ness. For Buying Bone Meal Fertilizer from a Quality Source, You can Check Out a Link Here;-

Buy Best Bone Meal Powder!

How to Get More Out of Bone Meal Fertilizer?

Lastly It is Easy & Worthy to Use Bone Meal Powder on Our Plants, But Applying a Balanced Npk Fertilizer in a Organic Form can Be Extremely Useful, For that You can Check Out This Homemade Recipe Here;-

Make Organic Npk Fertilizer at Home!

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