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Making The Best Soil Mix For Succulents at Home…. (5-Ingredients)


A Good Soil mix is The Most Important Thing, Specially When We Are Growing Succulents in Pots. Their Roots Are Very Much Sensitive To The Moisture & little Mistake Can Cause Many Serious Problems. To Solve This Problem, We Are Going To make an Ideal Soil Mix For Succulents. We Will Also Discuss About Some Plus Points Of This Potting mix.

What Type of Soil Works Best For Succulents?

First of All It is important To Know What Type Of Mixture Do Works Well For Succulents. So These Plants Like a Very Well Draining, Loose & fertile Soil Mix.

If Water Stays Long in The Soil, The Roots Can Rot & Plant Stops To Grow As Well. The Compactness of Soil mix is also a Visible Issue & Can Cause Very Stunted Growth.

We Have to Avoid Such Issues By The use Of Different Ingredients, & The Ingredients That I am Going To Use have Been Selected Just According To These Requirements. You Can Buy Them Here.

Key Ingredients:-

Making The Best Soil Mix For Succulents Requires a Few Ingredients, That we have To Select According To Their Requirements. Follow Up the Given Ingredients In Given Ratios.

2-Parts Of Sand:-


The First Ingredient to Make The Best Soil Mix For Succulents is our Major Ingredient & very Known to make a Very Well Draining Mix. Sand Makes up the Soil Drainage & looseness, You can use 2 Parts of Sand in This Succulents Soil Recipe. But Make Sure You are not Using Sea Sand, as it have a High amount of Salt in It. Alternatively You can use Construction Sand Or river Sand.

1/2-Part of Compost:-


The Another Ingredient in Our Succulents Soil Recipe is The Compost. Compost is a very Useful source of Nutrients & Minerals & It is Slightly acidic as Well. Compost not only Makes Up The Soil nutritional values but also Improves Soil Porouscity & Drainage. You can Buy it Here.

1-Part of Soil:-

Good-soil-mix for-succulents

The Next Component for making The Best Soil mix for Succulents is The Simple Soil mix. Soil is A Perfect Source Of Hundred of Trace Elements & it also Keeps Up The Growth of Beneficial Microbes required by The Roots for Their Faster Growth.

1-Part of Perlite:-


Another Ingredient That will Improve the Drainage of The Mixture Very efficiently is Perlite. Perlite is Very Light Weight & Porous To Makes Up the Soil Quality. It’s Made up of Organic Sources & You can Use it For Your Plant Without any Problem. We Only Require a Part of Perlite In Our Succulents Soil Mix, & You can Buy It from This Link.

2 Tbsp Neem cake Powder:-

Here you can Also Add A Small Amount Of Neem Cake, That is Known To Prevent any Type Of Fungal Issues, Which is Very Common in Succulents.
So Its All, Mix These Ingredients In Similar Ratios & Our Homemade Succulents Soil Mixture Is Ready. Buy Neem Cake Here.

On What Plants Can We use This Mixture?

You can Use This Mixture On all Type Of Succulents, It Will Work very Well. Simply Put Your Plant Straight into This Mixture & It Will Definitely Grow Well.

What The Benefits Of Using This Succulents Soil mix?


But Here is a Big Question: What are Its Benefits & Why We Should Choose This Mixture instead Of Other Potting mixes. So The Answer is Really Simple, This Mixture is Made For Succulents According to Their Requirements, That’s Why You Wouldnot Face any Drainage issues While Using This Mixture. As It have Nutrients In The Form of Compost, Your Plants Would not Show You Leaf Problems Like Black Spots.

This Mixture Also Promotes a Healthy growth, Because The Plant is Not going to face Stress Caused By Over Watering. If Mistakenly You Add Too much Moisture In The Soil, The Extra Moisture Will Drains Out & Save The Roots From Rotting. So These are The Simple Plus Points Of using This Succulent Soil Mix.

But It is Obvious You have To Make This Mixture, By Mixing 5 different Ingredients. But Here You can Also Buy a Ready To Use Good Mixture For Your Succulents. Its Added Here. Aloe Vera Plant Show us Yellowing Leaves very Commonly, Which could be Due To Over Watering & Drainage Issues. So Must Use This Mixture To Prevent This problem. But Some Of Its Other Causes Are Added in This Aloe Vera Winter Care Guide. Must Check It Out.

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