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81 Carrots From 2 Grow Bags…? – This Happened After Growing Carrots From Seeds….


Growing Carrots From Seeds In an Easy Way, Requires to Deeply Understand a Few Very Important Things. This Video Is Not a Guide On a Successful Harvesting of carrots , Oppositely I am Going To Share my Experience of Growing Carrots In Containers, Starting From Seeds With Updates & Finally What i Got After 97 days Of Growing Their Seeds. What Fertilizer I Used & How Kept Them Growing.

How To Grow Carrots From Seeds?

Every Point I am Going to Share is Extremely Important & has a Major Effect on The harvest, So Follow Them carefully.


First You have to Choose Good Quality Seeds, That Must have a Higher Germination Rate & Good Variety. Follow This Link, To Explore Some Of The Good Quality Carrot Seeds.


Coming Towards The Soil Mixture, It Must Be Very Loose & Well Draining. You can use Any Regular Mix, But it Will Be Far Better if You Mix These Ingredients To make a Soil Mix For Carrot Plants.


The next Most Important Point Is Your Size of Container, as Carrot Plants Grow Deeper in The Soil, You Should Choose a Deeper Pot Of At Least 10 to 12 Inches. Make Sure Your Pot have a Good Drainage, In my way Of Growing Grow Bags Works Really Well In order to Achieve a Good Drainage. You Can Buy Good Ones Here, Otherwise Make Sure Of Water Drainage.


Fill Up The Soil in The Container & Make It evenly Moist. Place The Seeds Carefully & With a Proper Distancing, Try To Avoid Overlapping Seeds.


Cover Them With a Fine Layer Of Soil Mix, Here Your Soil Mix Should Be Very Soft, It helps In Better germination. You Can Make an Ideal Soil mix For Your Plants at Home, Using Very simple Ingredients, Complete Guide Is Added Here.

Water Your Seeds Well, & Keep The Pot in a Bright Spot. They Will Starts To Sprout Within a Few Days, Depending Upon The Season.

What is The Best Time To Sow Carrot Seeds?

9-Days-Of-Growing-Carrots-In-Pots9 Days Of Growing Carrots……

You Can Sow Carrot Seeds When The Temperature Starts To Decrease Day By Day In The Early Winter Days. Carrot Plants Are Winter Season Crops, & Likes A Cool Area Instead of a Burning environment. Some Of The Other Winter Vegetables to Grow Are added Here, Must Check Out To Add Them In Your Winter Garden.

27-Days-of-Growing-Carrot-Plants-From-Seeds27 Days of Growing Carrot Plants From Seeds….

Within a Few Weeks, Your Carrot Plants Looks Like This, At The Start They Grow Really Fast, Only If Your Soil Mix Is Not Blocking Moisture From Draining. So Keep Them Watered Whenever The Soil Dries Out a Little.


After a Month of Growing Carrot Plants From Seeds, you Can Provide Them a Good fertilizer. I am Using my Own Winter Vegetables Fertilizer, That is Just perfect To Use On Carrots. A Glass of This Liquid Fertilizer Works More Than Enough to Keep The Plants Thriving. A Complete On Making & applying This fertilizer is added Here, Must Check it Out & Keep The Plants fertilizing every 10 days.
At The Same Time, You also Have to keep Your Plants in a Sunny Spot, Otherwise, They Grow Slowly & May Show You Yellowing Leaves. 3 to 5 Hours Of Sunlight Is Ideal, More Then That Will Be Good. But Do Not Put Them in a Low Light area.

97-Days-Of-Growing-Carrots-From-Seeds97 Days Of Growing Carrots From Seeds…..

& After 97 Days Of Growing Carrots From Seeds, There Plants Started To Fall & Showing Yellowing Leaves. Yellow Leaves & The Stunted Growth is a Big Sign of Root Bounding. Here i am Going To Dig the Soil a Little, To see What is Happening Down There. The Carrot Bulbs Are Growing, But They are Extremely Close To one another, That is not a Good Thing.


After extracting The Root Bowl Out Of Our Grow Bag, I Found So Many Small Carrots Stuck with One Another. While sowing Seeds, i Sprinkled So Many of them in A Small Space, that made This Happen.


After Harvesting Both Grow Bags, I Got Around 81 Small Carrots, That Were quit good in taste & Numbers. But Their Size is very dishearting. it Could be much better if i had Sown the Seeds in a Proper Way.

What Happens If We Sow seeds Too Close?


Every Plant Tries To Grow Itself Bigger & bigger, by acquiring more & More Space. & In Results, Some Plants Grow Well, But Others That Cant Find Enough Space Grow Like This. in an ideal Way, Your Carrot plants Must be Planted at least 2 to 4 Inches a part from one Another. This was the Mistake That Cost me around Days Of Effort & Time.

So The Big Lesson Here is To always Sow the Seeds of any Type Of Root Vegetable With proper Distancing. 

Also Try To Maintain That Space around the Plant By thining Process, After They Stand Up on Their Feet.
Root Bounding Causes stress on The Plant & Never Let the Root Vegetables To Give You a Good Size Harvest.

Some Of The Other Reasons That Causes Small Size Bulbs In Root Vegetables Are Added Here, Checkout

To know More About That.

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