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5-SECRETS For Pansy Plant Care! – Get 100+ Pansy Flowers This Way.


Growing Pansy Flowers In Pots Requires Only a Few easy Steps To Be followed, On Which We Will talk in This Pansy Plant Care Post. This Post Includes a 5 Step Process To Get Your Pansy Flower Plant On Blooming. & At The End, I Will Also Show You Some Tricks To Boost Flowering On the Next Level. This Guide is Fully Practical & Working, So Keep Following.

1- Master Watering Pansies:-

The First Step in Our Pansy Plant Care is To Master Watering. Proper Watering Always Plays a Very Big Role In The Healthy & Heavy Blooming of Pansy Plants. On The Other Hand, Over Watering Causes Stress On The Plant & In Results, Yellow Leaves Comes Up.

How To Water Pansy Flower Plants?


So The Best Way To water Pansy Plant is To Wait For The Soil To dry Out, & when It Looks Dry You Can Provide It Water. & Don’t let your Soil To Look Wet For a Long Time. For Growing Pansy Flowers in Pots, Proper watering is Very important & Must be Set as a Priority Thing.

Soil Mix also Plays Its Role In Watering & Drainage, We Will Talk about this In a while. As Pansy Plant is a Winters Flowering Plant, That’s Why The Soil May Dry After A Week, But You Always Have To Wait For the Soil To Dry Out a Little & Then Water. Some Of The Other Winter Flowering Plants List Is Added Here, Must Check it Out.

2-Yellow Leaves & Black Patches:-

Result of Extreme Stress on The Pansy Flower Plant…..

As i Told you, Over Watering Causes Such Type Of Abnormal & Diseased Leaves. but It can Be Also Due to Sudden Temperature Changes, So Make Sure Your Plant is Not Facing Any Type of Stress Condition. Stress Can Be Due to Transplant Shock, But It Wouldn’t Let the Pansy Plants To Bloom. So Follow Up a right Method To Transplant & Must Give Some Time To your Pansy Plants to recover.

3-Soil Mix Guide:-

Another Important Thing About Pansy Flower Plants Is That It Likes a well Draining Soil. & Water Blockage In The Soil, Can also Lead to Less Blooming. You can use any Good Soil Mix, Just Make Sure The Moisture is Not Staying Long In The Soil.

What Type of Soil Mix we Should Use for Pansy Plants?


You Can Either Add Some Sand In Your Regular Mix to make It Well Draining or You Can also Buy a Well Draining Potting Mix For Your Pansy Flower Plants. A Good Mixture is Linked Here. A Good Soil mix is Not Only Important For Drainage, But it should Also be Slightly Acidic That Promotes Buds & Flowers on Pansies.

That’s Why I Am Pushing You To use a Good Soil Mix. A Complete Guide on How Your Soil Mix Should be for More Flowering is added Here. Must Check It Out, It Will Help You a lot To Promote Flowers on Pansy Plant.

4-Fulfill Fertilization Needs:-

The Next Step In our Pansy Plant Care Guide is To Fulfill its Fertilization needs. & How You Will Do That? By Fertilizing Regularly With a Powerful Fertilizer. For A Massive Flowering, Proper Seasoning & Fertilization are The Two Most Important Things.

You Can’t Use Compost or Cow Dung to promote More Buds & Flowers. Compost is a low Dose Fertilizer, & Cow Dung Promotes More Leaves Instead of Flowers.

How We Should Fertilize Pansy Flower Plant?


At The Seedling Stage It Is Fine to use Cow Dung. But at The Flowering Stage, Pansy Plant Requires More & More nutrition to Grow. That’s Why You Should Use a Different Fertilizer, For Which You can Either Buy a Ready To Use Bloom Booster Fertilizer.

Or You can Also Make It Home By Mixing Some Easily Available Ingredients. A Detailed Guide is Linked Here, Check it Out & keep Fertilizing Your Pansy Plants Time To Time. It Will also Keep Your Plants Immuned Of Many Leaf Problems & Pests.

5-Where We Get Most From Pansy Plants?

Keeping Your Pansy Plants in an Ideal Location also Promises Consistent & Healthy Blooming. As Pansy Plant is a Winter Flowering Plant, Definetly it Likes More & More Sun. Winters Sunlight is Very Healing For Them.

Do Pansy Plants Like Sun Or Shade?


They Grow More & More Flowers When You provide Them a Sunny Spot. Pansy Plants are Sun Loving Plants & Likes To have a Full Day of Sun, If You Don’t Have Much Sun, Place it at least in a Few Hours Of Sun. Hope you Get That.

How to Boost Flowers on Pansies?

Lastly, Let Me Describe You a Few Important Tricks to you for Boosting the Flowering of Pansy Plants. For Getting Flowers From Pansy Plants Constantly, You Need To Do These 3 Things.

  • First Keep removing The Dried Flowers, Otherwise, The Plant Starts to Make Seed pods, That Ultimately affects its Flowering Health.
  • Secondly, You have to Grow Them at The Right Time, They are the Winter Flowers & Gradually Stops To Grow When Summer Comes up. You can Grow Them In The Whole Winter Days & They Keeps On Blooming Until Late Spring Days.
  • Lastly, Fertilizer is very Important, A Weak Plant Never Blooms Well. That’s Why You Should must Use Our Bloom Booster Recipe. It is Specially Made For Winter Flowers, Complete Guide In Linked Here.

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