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5 Tips for Growing Pansy Flowers in pots!


For Growing Lots of Pansy buds & Flowers, Some Points are Very Useful to Boost More & More Flowers on Pansy Plant. Therefore In this Video, we are Going to Talk about Some really Important Tips, that Makes your Pansy Plants Full of Flowers.

Right Season:-

Pansy Flower Plants are Winter season Plants that Loves to have a Cool Environment to Bloom Heavily. In the Summer days, pansy Flower Plant doesn’t Produces So much Flowers, because summer is Not it’s Growing season. So make Sure You are growing Pansy Plants in their Growing season.

When Should We Grow Pansy Flowers in Pots?

You can Grow Pansy flowers from Starting Winter UpTo Early Summer days. But in the Western World, where the temperature is Cooler all around the year, pansy Flower Plants Grows Very Healthily all over the year.

But in Tropical Areas, where Summers are too hot, pansy Plants Hardly Survives. So make Sure you are Growing These Beautiful Flowering Plants in their Growing Season.

Soil Mix:-

The next thing that is Very much Important When we are growing Pansy Flowers is The Right Soil Mixture. A Well Draining, water retaining and Fer tile Soil mixture is Perfect to Use for pansy flower plants.

They grow Very Well and Produces Many Buds and flowers, You should must try out the best Potting Mix for Pansies From Here.

What type of Soil is Best For Pansy Flowers?

Pansy Flowers can Grow in an ordinary Soil mixture, but such type of a well draining and Fertile Mix promotes Lots of Buds on them. You can also use any Soil mixture, but make sure it is Draining Properly.

Hope you got the point. I have also made an video on the same topic in more details.

Proper Dead Heading:-

The next thing that Gives you Bunches of buds & Flowers on small Pansy Plants, is the proper Dead heading and Pruning. First the Plant makes buds and then A flower Appears that is Further Converted into a seed pod.

At that Stage, Plant Requires Much amount of Nutrients and Energy to Make seeds. That’s why the Flowers became Small and leaves became a little Yellow.

So to overcome this Problem, you can add a Fertilizer if you wants the Seeds to be produced. But otherwise You should Remove them to Let the plant to Bloom again.

Removing the Dried and dead Flowers promotes a new Healthier Growth and Untimely more Flowers.

How to Dead head a Pansy Plant?

Simply Remove these type of Flowers and leaves time to time. It also keeps the Plant healthy and Well Growing. If You wants to Get Lots of Flowers on Pansy Plants, then you must have to Provide them a Fertilizer, that fullfils Their Requirements.

Best Fertilizer:-

So Now We are Going to talk about the Fertilizer requirements of Pansy Flower Plants. Pansies are mostly grown as the Seasonal Plants and their life cycle is Very Short, their Blooming season is about 1 to 2 months in the spring Days.

Therefore they have to produce Lots of flowers, in order to Make seeds for the next season. If you don’t add a Fertilizer, they still produces Flowers, but adding a Nutritional Organic Fertilizer can boost Flowering so much.

So if You Provide them a Fertilizer that have potassium and phosphorus, then they definitely bloom Very Healthily. Such type of a Fertilizer.

That fertilizer works Best for Growing Healthy pansy flowers, so much try out that.

Correct Watering:-

Another important thing, that can leads to Yellow buds and leaves. And if We keep it in a Correct way, then it can also provide us a healthy root structure, for a consistent and massive Flowering on Pansy Plants.

Watering Pansies must be done Very Carefully, they loves to have a moist soil. Deep Watering makes their Roots Very Comfortable and promotes a healthy root Growth. For that, let the soil to dry out a little and then add water frequently.

How to often Water to Pansy Plants?

Often water in the early morning or in the evening time, so it can Absorb perfectly. But make sure the soil Mixture is well draining, otherwise it can cause yellow leaves or buds.

How to Grow Bigger Pansy Flowers?

Lastly let’s talk about how to get Big size flowers on Pansy Flowers. first thing is to place them in a well lit area, about 2 hours of morning Sun light is perfect for growing big size Pansy Flowers.

You can Place them in semi shaded area to let them grow Bigger. They don’t grow So much well in a Sunny area, don’t place them in a full day of Sun. Other thing that you can do is to prune them a little and add a Fertilizer regularly.

Big size pansy Flowers can be Grown very easily if your plant is healthy and pest free.

These type of Pests commonly appear on these plants, you can apply a Pesticide for Prevent these Pests. Pest attack is not so much harmful in pansy plants, but be careful.


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