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Adenium Care in Winter:-

Adenium Care In Winter,ย also Called as Desert Rose, is the Summer Season plant and thrives in very Hot areas producing Lot’s of Beautiful Flowers. Therefore, Winters Environment is not so much Favourable for the A.denium Growth Style.

So we have to make Some Small Changes to Keep it alive and Well growing. Handling A.denium Plants Without knowing the Proper guide can Be Fatal for Them.

In this Post, i am Going to show you How you Should Care Of your A.denium Plants, so They Wouldn’t Die and Stay Healthy for the Next Season.

Right Watering Technique:-

First and the Most Common thing, that Cause Serious Issues in A.denium Specially in Winters is the Wrong Watering Technique. Always Water the A.denium Plant when the Soil is Fully dry. A.denium can Bear Extremely Dry Conditions Very Easily.

Because they have their Own Moisture Stored in their Trunk. A.denium plant Requires Very Less amount of Moisture in Winters, because the Soil is already not drying due to the Environmental Change. You Can add Water only When the Top layer of Soil feel Dry.

How Often Should I Water my A.denium?

And the A.deniums likes to have a deep Watering, like water frequently, so water Drains out.

It will be very Easy if You are using a Succulent Soil Mix that is Well Draining and loose.ย But Water the them Very careful.

Best Location:-

Next point is about Sunlight or location, that plays a very Vital Role in it Growth. A.denium plant is a Desert area plant, that Loves to have a Warm and Sunny Spot.

Desert Rose Indoor Care:-


But Never Place Your A.denium plants in the Open Where the frost can Directly Falls on their Leaves, it is Not Good extreme Decrease in Temperature Can result in death.

Can A.denium grow in Shade?

You can Place your A.deniums in a Shade to Protect it from the Frost. A.denium plant Can Grow in a Shady area but Never Produces Flowers. So to avoid this Problem, you can Place the A.denium plant in a shade like under a big tree or Plant, or may be inside the House.

Does A.denium need Sunlight?


A.denium plant Requires Plenty of Sunlight, But it is Not Possible to Provide such an Environment of Winters. It Will be great if you Can Provide it in a Sunny Area. But Always Keep it Protected From the Frost.

Remove Dried Leaves:-

Next thing that You can Do on your A.denium Plants is Removing Dead and dried leaves. in Winter’s, the leaves Became Yellow and Fells Off on the Soil, that You can Remove time to time.

Why do A.denium Leaves Turn Yellow?

In the Absence of Sunlight, the A.denium plant Feels uncomfortable that makes the Leaves to Became Yellow and Fells Off. To avoid this thing, you can Place it under a Shade or in a Warm Spot.

It helps the Sunlight to reach out the SOIL and remove any fungus or harmful insect. If the Sunlight reaches the Soil and on the branches also indicates the Plant to Keep Growing.

Loose Upper Soil:-


Other Thing You can do is to loose the upper Soil layer, this thing Reduces the Chance of Over watering and also Enhances the Circulation of Air. Enhancing the Roots can help the A.denium plant a lot to Survive in such hard Condition. Simply, Take any tool and slightly Loose the upper Soil layer, try Not to damage the roots.

Serious Precautions:-

Next Thing that need to be describe here is Some Very Serious Precautions that you have Avoid Completely. In the winter season, the A.denium plants needs not to be disturbed again and again. Any stress or Shock can Harm the plant so much.

  • First thing to avoid is Repotting, Any Disturbance to the Roots can leads to Stress and Shock Conditions that Are not good for A.deniums Specially in Winters. So don’t Report your A.denium Plants in Winter.
  • Next thing to Avoid is Fertilization. As we discussed, A.denium plant is don’t Requires any stress because winter season is it’s resting time.
  • If add a fertilizer in the A.denium plant in Winter Season, then it can Cause Root burn. Adding a fertilizerย n the Winter Season have no benefits because the Plant is Not Going to produce Flowers.
  • It will be very Beneficial if you add a fertilizer in it’s growing season.
  • Other thing to avoid is Cutting or pruning, don’t prune the A.denium Branches in the Winter days. The Air is Slightly Moist in the winter days, that can cause the fungal issues on the Cutter part.
  • So it is better to avoid this thing and pruning also have no benefits in Dormancy time period. So, don’t prune any part of the A.denium plant in Winter Season.

A.denium Seedling Care:-


The next thing to avoid in Winter’s is Propagation. Cutting will never Grow, Seedlings also came in Stress due to the Decreasing temperature. So it is better to avoid this thing. It will be very Beneficial if you grow them in early springs or Summers.

A.denium not Flowering?

A.denium plant Doesn’t Produce Flowers in the Winter days, Due to the Effect of Temperature.

The last thing is to know that A.denium plant is a Summer season plant, and Winter season is it’s resting time. So it’s better not to disturb the plant and Don’t even aspect flowers.

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