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How to Get More Flowers on Vinca?


Growing Vinca Flowers is very easy, but getting Multiple Vinca Flowers is a little difficult Process. The plant produces vinca Flowers, if you grow it in the Right Season and Water it properly.

But if you wants to get lots of Vinca Flowers, that keeps on blooming all around the season, then you have to follow this Method, that i am going to show you in this Post.

Flowering vinca Plant is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, that can starts its growth in the spring season and it continues to the end of Summers about in the october month.

So, for applying this method you must to apply this in the Growing Season, if you are going to try it in winters, then there is nothing going to happen. So, Make Sure it is the ideal time for the vinca plants Growth.

How to get More Flowers on Vinca?


Vinca Plant is a very easy to grow plant. And We don’t need to provide it any Specific soil mixture simply keep it Loose and Fertile.

Point No 1.

The first point you have to provide it is a bright area. For all type of flowering plants, the most Important Thing is sunlight. All the processes inside the plant take place only in the presence of sunlight.

Therefore, Sunlight is highly important for all type of flowering plants. Vinca plant is very easy to grow only a bright area is enough, but if you provide it morning Sunlight then it will be great.

Does vinca like sun or shade?

As the Winter season starts, the temp. of environment starts decreasing day by day. And the Sun also changes it’s Rising and Setting time. Vinca plant is a Sun loving plant, but in Summer’s sunlight it doesn’t grows very well.

But in Winter’s Sunlight it grows Very well. You can place your vinca plant in Full sun for the whole day. Vinca plant loves to have a full day of Direct Sunlight, and it also produces lot’s of BLOOMS.

Lack of Sun Can Cause:-

The lack of sunlight also causes Yellowing of Leaves and a stunted growth in Vinca Plants. So must give full day Sunlight Exposure to your vinca plant.

Point No. 2


After the Sunlight, Now it is time to the main step that is the Soft Pruning of Vinca Plant. The Pruning of Vinca Plant in its Growing Season is like a Super Beneficial thing that must be applied.

Why Should You Prune Vinca Plant?

Pruning helps to encourage the growth of new branches and the flower’s buds always grows on a new branch.

When you Prune your vinca plant the multiple Shoots Grows from that point. And only a Bushy plant is Healthy Enough to Produce lots of BLOOMS.

The Soft Pruning of vinca plant not only makes it Growing but its power to Enforces New Buds also increases.

You can Prune your Vinca Plant in the whole Growing Season, whenever you want but make sure the cutter is 100% pest free you can use any dis infective Solution to Clean this.

Remove the dead and dried branches and also some of the growing shoots. Cutting only the growing tips is enough in the growing season. A healthy vinca plant grows very fastly, when you can prune it softly every 10 to 15 days

Point No. 3

Next Step is to make the Roots Breathing means You have to Lose the upper layer of soil. With the time, the SOIL became Compact that is not so good. If the Oxygen, Carbon and other Gases keeps on moving, the Roots feels very Comfortable, and the plant shows it happiness in the form of Beautiful Flowers.

Therefore, it is very important to lose the Upper Soil layer every 10 to 15 days. As the gases keeps on moving the vinca plant also keeps on Blooming.

You can use any tool for this, if Some of the roots breaks during this, then don’t worry, it is okay. The Roots grow again, it is not winter Season the Environment is very favorable for their growth.

Point No. 4

The last Step that is very very Important because the plant needs lots of energy to Produce Lots of Vinca Flowers. It is time to give it an Organic Fertilizer with full of Nutrients and Minerals.

For that, i am using the Same Fertilizer, that i have shown in my Last Post. Let me show you again,

The Best Fertilizer for Vinca Flowers:-

Take 100 g of any Compost, that is very good source of Multiple Nutrients. You can make it at home using kitchen wastes the video link is.

  • Take 100 g Leaf Compost.
  • A Table Spoon of Dried Tea Waste.
  • Add a Liter of Water into the pot, and Let it in a shaded area for 4 days.

How to Fertilize Vinca Flowers?

After 4-5 Days, Fertilizer is ready. Make it dilute with a liter of more Water. Apply 100 to 200 ml of this Organic Liquid Fertilizer in every 8 to 10″ Pot. This is an Amazing Fertilizer, that works very efficiently for the vinca plant.

Must Use this Fertilizer in all your care for vinca flowers, it Enhances their Color and Shine also. You can apply this every 10 to 15 days, if you use it for 2 to 3 times the results will really Amaze you.

Don’t Fertilize Vinca:-

Winter season is the Dormancy time for the vinca Plant due to low temp. Therefore, it doesn’t takes nutrients from the Soil. In the Winter season, the vinca plant is already in stress and it is not a proper time to fertilize your Vinca. You can add fertilizer in the Whole Summer’s, but not in Winter

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