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How to Grow Tomatoes from Seeds?


How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed: Growing Tomato Plants from Seeds is very easy even you can grow them in Small Pots. I will show you the whole process in this Post, So Let’s Start.

What the Tomato seeds Requires to Germinate?

The tomato seeds requires little warmer Environment to start their Germination. Tomato seeds can be germinated in the Winter months very easily. For getting high quality results, always Choose the freshly Stored good quality Seeds.

The quality of Tomato Seeds is very helpful to grow healthy tomato plants if you wants to buy Fresh and .

Tomatoes have many type of varieties and Colours, But all of them can be germinated Through this method.

Follow these Steps:-

  • Always choose a container with drainage holes, You can use a seedling tray or a Clay Pot also.
  • For the Well Draining and Soft.
  • Add soil in the seedling tray or any Container, that you using to germinate the tomato seeds.
  • A well Draining, Soft and Porous Soil helps the Seeds to Germinate Healthily.
  • Add frequent amount of water in the Soil, make the whole Soil Moist.
  • Now, You Can place the seeds in the center of pot, you can grow tomato plants from their Seeds very easily by this method.
  • Tomato plants are very hardy plants that gives you their first harvest in only 2 to 3 Months.
  • Cover the seeds with a thin layer of Same Soil Mix you can also cover them with Coco peat.
  • Use a Gentle Sprayer to water the Soil, the direct through of water on the seeds can displace them.
  • The most important thing to grow tomatoes from seeds is to keep the soil moist all the time.
  • You can place these pots in the Semi Shaded area, So the direct Sunlight can’t reach the Soil.

How long the Tomato Seeds takes to Germinate?

It mostly takes about 7 to 10 days to germinate the tomato seeds. It Mostly Depends on the Temperature, or Season And on the Quality of Seeds. Some Varieties Takes Less time and Some Requires a Lot more Time. Within 5 to 8 days, Some Small Tomato plants come out from the Soil.

Now, You have to place your pot in the Sunny Place, the Deficiency of Sunlight Causes many Harmful Diseases. So place your plants in a Sunny place, with minimum 3 hours of Sunlight.

How to Transplant Tomatoes Correctly?

After 25 days, the Tomato Seedlings grows UpTo 4 to 5 inches of Height. At this stage, you have to Transplant them in a separate and bigger pot. Transplant your Tomato Seedlings in a bigger pot when they have three to four True leaves

For Their Transplant, you Can use UpTo 12 inches plastic pots, That have larger drainage holes to drain out the water. You can also Grow them in the Clay pots.

For the Soil mix, You Can use My Vegetable Garden Soil mix, that is Prepared Just to Grow Vegetables like the Tomatoes, peppers, Peas, etc….

What Type of Soil the Tomato Plants Requires?

The Roots of Tomato Plants Requires a well Draining, Fertile Soil mix to grow fastly, this ย is very much helpful to grow Tomato plants. you can achieve heavy results with this soil.

After Filing the Pot With SOIL, Remove the air Pockets by Hitting it With the Ground. Removing the air pockets repels the Growth of Fungus in Soil.

It is time to brought the seedlings out of the pot. It is a very Critical process, so be gentle and careful while handling the Small Seedlings.

One can
use any gardening tool for this. You Can Check out a Detailed Article or Video On Transplanting the Tomato Seedlings Correctly, to Understand Clearly.๏ฟผ

You have to add Soil up to the Main Stem level, it helps the tomato plants to grow straight. Add Soil Around the stem of the plant and press it gently.

Must Add water after Transplanting them into a new pot.

Make the Whole Soil Fully Moist. First watering after transplantation, helps the plant Recover itself.

What is the Best Time to Transplant Tomato Seedlings?

The Best time to Transplant your Tomato Seedlings is in the Evening time. When the temp. is little cooler than the day.

For Some Days You Have to Put these transplanted Plants into Shade, But as the New Growth Appears, you have to Move them in Sun.

How much Sun Does Tomato Plants Requires?

Tomato plants are the sun Loving plants that grows very well in a sunny place. The morning sunlight helps the Tomato Plants to improve its immunity against Many harmful diseases.

You can also add Some type of Support to the plant That Keeps it Stable in Shock Time. After transplant, it is very common that the plant fells off on the Soil. But after one to two days it recovers Automatically.

If you Need a Detailed Video on Growing -?

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