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How to make Organic Pesticide At Home?



In the Season of Rains the Pests and different insects are very Commonly found on different plants. To Save your plants from these harmful pests and insects, it is very important to use a Pesticide Sprayerย on your plants.

In this Post, i will show you three different pesticides, that you can use to Save your plants. All of these pesticides are very Effective in the case of different pests. Like aphids, mealy bugs, white flies, rusty leaves, Powdery Mildew and many others.

You can make any of these pesticides to Save your plants from different pests and insects. I am using only the organic ingredients To make all of these pesticides, So they can’t harm the fruits and flowers.

How do you make organic pesticides at home?


It is Insanely Easy to Make organic Pesticides Using Ingredients that are already available in Home. You can Make a Number of Different organic Pesticides Using a Mix of Organic Ingredients at Home.

There are Different Organic Ingredients, that Have Insecticidal Effects and the Insects and Pests Doesn’t like them, that makes them to Leave the Plant. I have Described A Few Insanely easy to make Pesticides Just Down Below.

Pesticide no. 1

Here, I have a simple Pesticide Solution, that helps you to Prevent these harmful pests. It is also able to remove the eggs of different pests that can cause the beginning of pest attack. This Simple Pesticide is made up of only liquid soap and water.

This is very easy to make pesticide that prevent a large number of pests to stay away from your garden.


For making this pesticide, you need to Add 10 to 12 drops of liquid soap into the water and generally spray it all over the plants.

Can I spray my plants with soapy water?

Yes, You can Spray a Soapy Water mixture of the Leaves of the Plant. When you apply this pesticide on your plants. It makes a layer of soap on the leaves of the plant that cause the death of some pests and destruction of their eggs.

The fellows that grows vegetable plantsย  in their gardens needs to use this Solution Every 4 to 5 days to prevent all type of pests and insects.

This pesticide is very effective if you use it in the evening time, because it Helps the Soap to Stick on the Leaves.

Pesticide no. 2


Here, I have Neem oil Pesticide. Curing the mealy bugs, leaf miners, and other common pests, the Neem oil is very much useful product, That is made up of neem and it is Organic also.


For making neem oil pesticide spray, take a liter of water in spray bottle and add aย  tablespoon of neem oil in it. Neem oil is very easily available in the Local oil extracting shops.

How do you mix neem oil for pesticides?

To dissolve the neem oil into the water you need to add few drops of liquid Soap, that helps it to mix properly Shake well and our Pesticide is ready to apply. Spray it all over the affected plant and don’t forget to spray it downward the leaves.

Because the most of the pests are there, you can use this pesticide on your affected plants every 3 to 4 days.

Why Should you Use Neem Oil Pesticide?

Neem oil Pesticide is very beneficial to Save your plants from the common pest and insects. Therefore, you Should must try out this Pesticide on your plants, You can also apply it as prevention every 7 days.ย 

Generally, Spray it on all your plants in the Evening time.

Pesticide no. 3


Here, I have an advanced Pesticide that is highly efficient to Cure all type of pests like aphids, mealybugs, leaf miners, thrips, rusty leaves, and many others. And you can make it at home very easily. For making this pesticide for your plants, You need baking soda.

Baking soda is very easily available in the market. Here you have to make sure, that it is baking soda not the baking powder both are different things. Baking soda is Sodium bicarbonate, that is used in food products and it is very helpful for Gardeners to deal with different Plants.


I am using baking soda with some otherย  ingredients. First take a liter of water in a Spray bottle and add a tablespoon of baking Soda in it.

Now, add one tablespoon of neem oil and one Table Spoon of liquid soap to mix them. A mix of these ingredients makes a very high quality Pesticide for plants, that Removes almost all types of pests and insects.

Mix the Solution properly and spray itย  All over the affected plant. You can apply this pesticide every 5 days. but if the condition of the plant is very serious then these plantsย ย may not works.

Because they are organic solutions and they are not enough effective to cure an Affected plant from very serious pest attacks.

If your Plant is going through a serious condition of pest attack, Then you have to use chemical pesticide in order to save it. Chemical pesticides are not good for the environment, but to save our plants we have to apply a chemical pesticide.

Why Should you Need to Use Pesticides?

Pests and insects are very harmful Things that can be able to destroy all Your plants. So, it is very important to save your plants from them.

Make Sure, you have a pesticide ready to deal with these pests and insects. Otherwise it can Damage Your Plants Very Heavily.



Using Organic Pesticides is Extremely Important to Protect Our Plants Fromm Very Harmful Pests. And Making an Organic Pesticide at Home is also Very Easy and Must be Done Regularly.

As the Prevention is always Better Then Cure. Therefore, Must Use Any Pesticide Every 7 days to Prevent.

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