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Important Tips On Growing Tomato Seeds Faster?


For growing lots of tomatoes you need to have healthy tomato plants and many times when we sow the tomato seeds they germinate and dies. Therefore in this Post, i am going to show you a beginner’s guide to How To Grow Tomatoes From Seeds the Post is going to be very important so keep Reading. ,

Right Seasoning:-

The most important thing to get higher germination rate from tomato seeds is the right season. When the environment is favorable the seeds automatically germinates very Healthily. You can sow the tomato seeds when the temp. is about 25 to 35 °C in your area.

It is mostly in the starts of winters and in the starts of summers tomato plant is a mid season plant that can’t be able to bear extreme cold and extreme hot season. Therefore, in the asian climate we mostly grow this plant in the middle of the both seasons.

Seeds Quality:-

The other most important thing to grow tomato seeds faster is quality of seeds. If your seeds are harvested from the tomatoes one to two years ago, then they will don’t grow and if they germinates the result would be very Dis hearting.

So always choose good quality seeds, if you don’t have tomato seeds you can also get it from the fresh tomato also. But the store bought tomato seeds are most preferable because they have a layer of fungicide on them. That is very beneficial.

What is the Best Planter for Sowing Tomato Seeds?

You can also choose plastic pot to grow these tomato seeds, but for a beginner it would be difficult. So a clay pot is very good the clay pot have small aeration pores in its layer.

But the plastic pot doesn’t have this quality. The water drains very well in clay pot and in plastic pot the drainage system is not so good.

I am choosing this clay pot for the soil mixture i have a trick for you, that helps you to grow your tomato seeds very fastly. you can use this method to grow other seeds also after rainy season.

Most of our soil is wet and moist this may have a chance of having fungus and insects in it. This thing is very harmful for growing seeds, specially the tomato see.

If you have this type of soil, spread it in the sun for about two days and make it fully dry. Now you can use this soil mixture to grow seeds for growing tomato seeds faster.

Soil mix:-

The Quality of Soil mix also Depends a lot, when you are Growing Tomatoes in Pots. A Well Draining, Soft and Loose Potting Mixture Works Perfect for Tomato Seedlings. Such type of a Mixture can Be prepared Very Easily, Simply follow The Seed Starting Soil Mixture.

Spacing Issues;-

The Next Thing that Matters When You are Growing Tomatoes in pots is the Correct Distancing of Tomato Seeds. If the Seeds are Placed to Much Closer to One another, then there is a Higher chance of Fungal Issues and Competition between Neighboring Seedlings. Try to space them properly.

Cover them with a light soil layer, You can Use Coco peat or any Other Soft Medium to cover the seeds, Don’t Burry Theme too Deep. Make the Soil Moist properly, using a gentle spray.

After The Germination:-



After about four days, the result is amazing all the tomato seeds have germinated very fastly the tomato plants that are in the coco peat mixture have a good germination rate and they also looks more healthy.

What If We Place the Seedlings in Shade?

If you have placed the seedlings pot in a shaded area, then deficiency of Sun or Light makes these tomato plants so much leggy.

So, it is also very important to shift the tomato seedlings in the sunny area, immediately after their germination.

This thing helps the tomato seeds to produce healthy plants. Bright location is a very beneficial thing to get a higher germination rate.

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