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4 Reasons – Why radish Plant Not forming Bulbs?



It is a very Common Problem that the Radishes not forming bulbs get So much Bigger, even some times they don’t Make Radish bulbs. Therefore in this Post,  we will discuss about the reasons why Radish plant not forming Bulbs.

It is caused by Number of Reasons but here I will show you the Most Common reasons with their Solutions, so Keep Reading.

Season (Oct to Mar):

The First and the Most Common Reasons of Small Radishes is the Seasonal Effect. Radish Plant is the Winter days Plant that Likes to have a cool environment. If you Are trying to Grow them in Summer days, then they wouldn’t make Radishes.

Radish plants requires Slightly Cooler nights to get Bigger in Size. For solving such issue, you have to Grow them in their season. Sow their Seeds In the Early Winter days, so They have the whole Winters to Get bigger in size

Soil Compaction:-

Next thing That effects The size of Radishes is the Medium in which You are Growing them. If the Soil mixture is Compact and hard, then it also Became harder for the Smaller Radish Bulbs to Get Bigger in size.

What type of Soil Radishes Requires?

In a Soft and Loose Soil Mix, Radishes grows Very Healthily. Make Sure Your SOIL medium is the Loose, so the Roots Can Develop. A well draining, Loose and Fertile Soil Mix is Very Important fir Root Vegetables.

You can also use my vegetable Garden soil recipe, it works Perfect for the Radish bull

I have also Made an Video on Growing Radishes in Containers, that you can check that Later.

Poor Fertility (Phosphorus):

Growing Radishes in Containers requires Extra Attention because they are growing in a limited Space, therefore we also have to add nutrients time to time so they can Grow well. Proper Fertilization is also An important thing that Effects the Size of Radish Bulbs.

What Happened if We don’t add a Fertilizer in Radishes?

Low in nutrients soil Don’t let the Radish bulbs to Gets bigger. Such type of extremely Small And thin radishes, are the results of nutritional deficiency in the Plant Body. It can be caused by competition of nutrients between the Neighboring plants, or May be due to the Unfertile Soil Mix.

What is the Best Fertilizer For Radishes?

This Deficiency can fulfilled very easily, by Adding a nutrients enrich Fertilizer in the Radish Containers, every 10 days. Radish bulbs requires extra energy when the bulbs are getting Bigger. The Best Fertilizer For Radishes is that which Contains phosphorus and nitrogen is larger amounts.

You add a vegetable garden liquid Fertilizer that is Specially Formulated for the Vegetable Plants, according to their needs.

Stress (Spacing, Transplant):

Last thing That is also a very Common Reason of Small Radish Bulbs is the Stress & Shock. It Contains Several Problems, like you have transplanted the Radish Seedlings Recently. Then it can cause stress Condition on the Plant.

That can be recovered from this stress but sometimes it makes the bulbs smaller in size. If Your Plants are Weaker from the Seedling Stage, then it have a High Possiblity that Radishes not Forming Bulbs. Such type of weaker Plants must be Removed from the Starting, these weaker Plants can also be due to poor Quality radish Seeds.

Can Spacing Cause Smaller Radish Bulbs?

An other Thing here is the Spacing Issue, that makes radishes not to form bulbs. If the Radish Seedlings are Too much closer to one another, then there is a higher chance of Competition of nutrients between them. Both the neighboring Plants Fight with one another for Nutrients.

How to Space Radish Seeds For a Healthy Harvest?

Every Radish Plant must be grown 3 to 4 inches away from other Plant. It ensures a Healthy root Growth of radishes. If you are Growing radishes in containers, then Consider putting them in a Larger Container, so they can Grow well.

Summary Or Conclusion:

If we sum up the Whole video, Right Season is Important for Bigger Radishes, compact Soil Mix Don’t let the Radish bulbs to grow, Fertilizer can make them Bigger, Space the Seedlings Correctly to ensure a bigger Harvest.

For any question, comment below. And if you Wants to Know, How to Grow radish plants from Seeds to harvest, then check out this Video.

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