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How to Grow Spinach from Seeds?


Growing Spinach Plants From Seeds can be Very Easy, if You Know the Right Technique. Therefore in this Post, i am going to show you my Own Method, how i Grow Spinach From Seeds.

We will also Discuss Why the spinach leaves Remains Smaller in size, and how we can get Bigger Spinach Leaves.

Main Points to Grow Spinach:-

  • First Thing that you need to grow Spinach Plants are the good Quality Seeds, with a high Production Yield. Quality and Variety of Spinach Seeds Depends a lot to grow bigger spinach leaves.
  • So, Choose good Quality Freshly stored Seeds, that you can also Buy them.
  • Next thing is to Choose a Well draining, Fertile Soil Mixture To grow Spinach Seeds. For Growing vegetable Plants, i have prepared this loose and Porous Soil Mix.
  • That you can also make after reading this Article. This mixture Works Perfect for the Vegetable Plants.
  • For the pot or Container, you can use a Broad and Wide Container. because the spinach Plants Requires a wide area to spread, there roots doesn’t gets so much Deeper into the Soil. But minimum Choose a 5 to 6 inches Deeper Pot, and wider as much as you wants.

Method to Follow:-

After filling the Soil into the Container, you need to Water the Soil Frequently, make the Soil Fully Moist. Use a Gentle Watering Method, Don’t Displace the Soil so much. Malabar spinach seeds with a proper distancing. Don’t Add too much Seeds, make proper Distancing. It prevents the overlapping and overcrowding of seeds and plants.

Now you need to add Soil over The Seeds, cover them with a Thin layer of Soft Soil Mix. General rule is to add the Soil layer of 3 times Thickness of the Seed.
Now the most Crucial Step Comes up, Watering Plays a very Important Role is Sprouting of Seeds, so use a Gentle Sprayer. Try not to Displace the Seeds and Soil. Seeds to Soil Contact is also very Important, so Be careful.

Where to Place the Spinach Plants?

Place this Container in a Well Lit area, that Minimum Receives 2 to 3 hours of Morning Sun. You can Grow water spinach seeds almost around the Year, but their main Season of Growth is Winter days.

The Spinach leaves expands in the Cool environment. So try to grow their Seeds in the Winter months.
Within Some days Spinach Plants Starts Their growth, always keep the Soil a little Moist. If the Soil gets Under watered once, all of the tiny Seedlings Dies.

So be careful while Handling the Smaller Seedlings. Within few days, Smaller leaves Will start appearing.

How long does it takes to grow Spinach Leaves?

About 30 to 45 days, your Spinach Leaves looks like this. It depends upon the season, if you are growing Spinach Plants in Summer days, then it takes a little longer time. But in winters the spinach leaves expands more fastly.

How to Care for Spinach Plants?

Until that keep Your Container in a Bright Spot, and Water them Regularly, only when the Soil feels little dry. Now we can harvest these Green Leaves, if you wants to get multiple harvests follow up this Method.

Harvesting Technique:-

  • Cut the Leaves Just above from the crown.
  • Crown is the part From Where all of the leaves are growing Out.
  • Cut only the Bigger Leaves, leave the younger leaves.
  • Use a Clean Cutter.
  • Fertilize the Plants, just after the Harvest.

How to get Bigger Leaves on Spinach Plants?

Now let’s take a look of the reasons and Causes, that makes spinach leaves bigger in Size.
  • First and the most important thing is season, spinach leaves requires a cooler environment to Spread it’s leaves bigger and bigger.
  • Seed Variety is also a factor of getting bigger spinach leaves.
  • Pot depth also cause the bigger leaves, minimum take a 5 to 6 inches deep pot for Growing Spinach Plants From Seeds. Here is the example, this Container have a depth of 2 to 3 inches, that is Extremely Small for Spinach.
  • Next reason could be early harvest, wait at least 40 to 45 days for harvesting the Spinach leaves.
  • The last reason must be the poor Soil, your Soil Mix must be rich in Nutrients. It shouldn’t be so much harder. Loose and fertile soil mix is perfect for them.

What type Of Diseases occurs in Spinach Plants?

Lastly if we talk about the diseases that occurs in Spinach Plants are not so much. Leaf minors, leaf Curl etc may found in egyptian spinach seeds.

But to prevent this Problem, you can use an organic Pesticide Weekly on their leaves. Use a Gentle Spray and wash their leaves, you can repeat this process every Week.

Growing Spinach leaves became Extremely Easy, if you follow this Process step by step. You also need to have a fertilizer for Growing Spinach Plants.

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