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Growing Fenugreek Plants From Seeds in Just 25 Days… (4 SECRETS)


Growing Fenugreek Leaves is Easy & Simple, & In This Post We will Talk About Growing Fenugreek Plants From Seeds In Just 25 Days. Fenugreek Leaves & Seeds Both Have many Health benefits & Uses In Our Kitchen, & By Following This Post, You Can Grow Your Own Organic Fenugreeks. So Let’s Know How.

Fenugreek Introduction:-

Fenugreek is a Leafy Vegetable Plant, Their Leaves are Used As a Herb, Their Seeds are Used as Spice & Sprouts are Also Consumed as Microgreens. Due To Their Wide range of Health Benefits, You Should also Grow Them, & They are Easy To Grow As well.

How To Grow Fenugreek Plants From Seeds?

So Now let’s Know How we can Grow Them, It is Really Easy Process & Everyone Can Do….

What is the Best Time To Grow Fenugreek Seeds?

The Best Part of These Plants is That You Can Grow Them All around The Year. Mid Range Of Temperature Works Well, To Grow Them Fast. You Can Grow Them in Springs, Late Summers & Even in Starting WInters. Just avoid Growing fenugreek in Hard Winters & Burning Summers.

Seeds Quality:-


The Next Most Important Thing is To Choose Good Quality Seeds, Fenugreeks have many Varieties as Well, based on their hardiness, taste, & Appearance. You can Grow any Of Them Just Make Sure the Seeds are Fresh & Have A Good Germination rate. For More About Fenugreek Varieties & seeds, Check out This Link.

What is The Best Container Size For Fenugreeks?

For The Pot Size, You Can Choose any Container, Fenugreek Grow Well in Every Pot Size. Shallow Pots, Deeper Planters, and Grow Bags all Works Just perfectly. Their Roots Do not Go Much Deeper in The Soil, 4 to 5 Inches Deeper Container Works Well, & Fenugreek Plants Spreads, Therefore Choose a Wider Container as well.

What Type Of Soil does Fenugreek Plant Requires?

For The Soil Mix, You Can Choose any Well Draining Soil Mix. Their Roots Grow Fast, Therefore Make Sure they have Nutrients as Well. A Good Soil Mix For Vegetable Plants is linked Here…

How to Sow The Seeds?


After Filling The Container With Your Soil Mix, Add a Good Amount Of Moisture. Seeds Have To Sprout, Therefore add a Good Amount Of Moisture, and Make The Soil Fully Moist.

After Placing On The Soil…

Now Sprinkle The Fenugreek Seeds over The Soil Surface, Make Sure They Are Not Overlapping one another. Take the Same Soil Mix & Cover The Seeds With a Fine Layer. Press The Soil Gently, To make Good Contact with the seeds & Soil Mix.

Watering Fenugreek Seeds…..

Now we have To Water, So Use a Gentle Spray For This, & Make The soil Moist. You Have To Place This Container in a Bright Spot, Their Seedlings Get Leggy Very Commonly, Therefore Choosing a Well Lit Spot Is very Important.


Fenugreek Seeds Very Quickly & Grow Fast as Well, Just Keep Them in a Sunny Spot, Or At Least in a Bright Area, So They Can Continue To Grow. Water Small Seedlings is also a Crucial Step, So Be Careful.

After 10 Days….


After a Few Days, Your Fenugreek Plant Will Look Like This. You Can fertilize them at this stage, So They can Grow Fast & Healthily. The Best Option here is to Add a nutrient Erich Liquid Fertilizer, Because it Dissolves Faster In The Soil & Give Results Within Days. You Can Check a Detailed article On making The Best Liquid Fertilizer For Winter Vegetables Here.


& keep fertilizing Your Fenugreek Plants every 7 to 10 days. A Glass Of This Liquid fertilizer Promotes a Very Fast Growth of Roots & Ultimately More Leaves on Fenugreek plants, So Must Try It Once.

After 25 Days…


After Around 25 to 30 days, Fenugreek Plants have 5 to 6 Inches Of Height & are Mature Enough to Harvest. For That Just take a Knife Or Cutter & Cut The Leaves Above From The Crown Part. Means Take the Upper 5 Inches Part of The Plant & Leave the 1 Inch, So it Can Grow Back.

When Should You Harvest Fenugreek Leaves?

You Should Harvest Your fenugreek Leaves Within 20 to 25 Days, Otherwise, Their Plants Starts To Form Flowers, & Their Leaves also Lose Their Nuteints Ratio. So Here Is our Final Harvest, the First harvest of Fenugreek Leaves has More nutrition than the Second & Third Harvest.

After Harvesting….

For These Plants, You can Let Them grow, By Fertilizing Them Again. You Can add a Glass of Our Liquid Fertilizer, otherwise, a Handful of Cow dung Compost works Well.

Pests & Diseases:-

Leaf Minors attack…

If We Talk about the Problems & Diseases Of Growing Fenugreeks, Then They Are Not So Much. As Their Leaves are very soft, Leaf minors & Mealybugs Can attack. So If You are Also Growing a Vegetable Garden, Must use an Organic Pesticide, Every 7 to 10 days. A Detailed Video On Making Pesticides at Home is Added Here. Other Wise a Ready To Use Neem Oil Pesticide is also added Here...

How To Grow Lots Of fenugreek Leaves?


Lastly, let’s talk about the 4 Secrets Of Growing Fenugreek Plants, That Ensure a Healthy & Big Harvest of fenugreek Leaves.

  • Seeds’ Quality matter Very Much, If Your seeds are years Older, They Will Produce Weaker Plants. Therefore I told You Earlier Choose Good Quality Seeds.
  • Over-watering & Under Watering Both make Problems, So The best thing is to Choose a well Draining Soil Mix, That Prevents This Problem.
  • Fertilizer also Plays a Very Big Role, A Good Fertilizer Can Boost Plant Growth up to 2x, So add a Powerful Fertilizer, such As Our Winter Vegetables Liquid Fertilizer.
  • an Ideal Temperature also Works as a Growth Booster, So Must take a Look Over The Weather & Day Temperature. The Ideal Temperature Range Is added On The Screen. If You Follow Up on These Points, Your Fenugreek Plants Will Grow very Well.

So It’s All About Growing Fenugreek Plants, For any Questions Leave a Comment Below. & Check This Video For making The Best Fertilizer For Fenugreek Plants.

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