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Why Hibiscus Leaves Turning Yellow? – 6 Killing Reasons & Their Fixesโ€ฆ


Why Are My Hibiscus Leaves Turning Yellow: If Your Hibiscus Plants also Showing Yellowing Leaves, Keep Following This Post. Because We Will Talk about The Most Common Reasons for Yellow Leaves Of Hibiscus & Their Simplest Solutions as Well.

Deficiency of Nutrition:-


The Most Common Reason Of Yellow Hibiscus Leaves is the Deficiency of nutrition. As We all Know Hibiscus Plant is a Fast Growing Heavy, Feeder Plant. When Hibiscus Roots Cant Get Enough Nutrients In Its Soil Mix, It Starts Showing Yellowing leaves. Mostly The Deficiency of Nitrogen & Magnesium Causes This Problem. If We Still Don’t Provide It A Good Fertilizer, Gradually The Plant Stops Its Growth, May Die As Well. So The Best Way to Provide nutrition to Your Hibiscus Plant is to Apply A Good Nitrogen Source, Like Cow Dung Compost. If You Have Not Applied a Fertilizer On Your Hibiscus From Weeks, Then Immediately adds a Glass Of Cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer. A Complete Video Guide On Cow Dung Benefits & Uses is here.

Over Watering:-


The Another Common Reason Of Yellow Hibiscus Leaves Is The Water Blockage. If You are adding Too Much Moisture In The Soil, Then It Can Also Cause Yellow Leaves On Hibiscus Plant. & It Can Also Be Due To The Poor Quality Soil Mix. So To Solve This Issue, you Can Use a Good Quality Soil Mix, That Drains Well. Take a Part of the Sand, CocoPeat & Mix it WIth Half Part of Cow Dung Compost, & Our Homemade Well Draining Soil mix is Ready To Use For Hibiscus Plant. For a Proper & Effective Watering You Can Check Thye Soil Before Watering, Water Only If It Feels Dry. Over Watering Not Only Makes The Leaves Yellow But Also makes Stress On The Roots, Ultimately Cause Less Blooming & Growth. So It Important To Water Carefully.

Deficiency Of Sun:-


The Next Reason For the Yellowing of Hibiscus Leaves is The Deficiency Of Sunlight. When Your Hibiscus plant Gets a Very small amount of Sunlight, The Leaves Turns Yellow. as Hibiscus Plant is a Flowering Plant, Therefore it Requires a Good Amount of Sunlight, to Grow well. A deficiency of Sun Also Affects The Blooming Health of Hibiscus. So If the Hibiscus Leaves Turning Yellow, That also Means The Plant Is not Getting Enough Of Sun. Provide at Least 4 to 5 Hours of Sun to Your Hibiscus, For Consistent & Healthy Blooming.

Stress & Shock:-


When We Brought a New Hibiscus Plant From the Nursery to Our House, Then It Turns All its Leaves Yellow, This is a Very Common Problem. It is Because The Plant is Facing a Shock, That Will Be Recovered Within a Few Days. After the Repotting of the Hibiscus Plant, Yellow Leaves appear Very Commonly as Well, That is Due to The Transplant Shock & Here We Have to Wait for A Little & It Will Be Recovered Automatically. The Problem Occurs When We Became Panic & start On Adding Different Fertilizers. Just keep The Plant in a Shade for a Few Days, & As The New Leaves Appear, Move It Back To a sunny Spot.

Temp. effect / Dormancy Season:-

Another Thing That Turns Hibiscus Leaves Yellow is the Effect of Temperature. As The Season Changes, Hibiscus Plant Turns Some Of Its Leaves Yellow, Which is again a Normal Thing, Only Due to The Change in Season. In Winters, The Hibiscus Plant Doe Not Grow, & First The Leaves Became Yellow & Then Fells Off. They Grow Back as The Spring Season Starts Again.

Compact Soil mix;-


Hibiscus Leaves Turns Yellow Due To The Compactness Of the Soil Mix as Well. With Time, The Soil Becomes Hard & It Became Hard For The Roots To Grow As Well. Hibiscus Leaves Became Yellow & Plant died. So To Solve This problem, You Dig The Upper Layer Of Soil from Time To Time or Use a Loose Soil Mix Instead. The Best Soil Mix For Hibiscus Plant is Here.
So It is All About The Most Common Reasons For Hibiscus Yellow Leaves, Identify Your Plant according To These Reasons & Make A Solution. For Any Questions, Leave a Comment Below.

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