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5 Things to Do If Your Jasmine Plant Is Not Flowering..!

5 Things to Do If Your Jasmine Plant Is Not Flowering..!

For Growing Lot’s of buds & Flowers on Jasmine Plant Requires to be Grown in Such a Way, that I am Going to Show you in this Post. Follow up these Jasmine Growing Tips & You Will Definitely Find a Lot More Growth & Blooming on Them.

Why Jasmine Plant is Not Flowering?

It includes Some Important Points, that are Described Below…!

  • Dead Heading/ Pruning
  • Regular Fertilizer
  • Sunlight
  • Soil Quality
  • How to Get big Size Flowers?
  • Pot Size


5 Things to Do If Your Jasmine Plant Is Not Flowering..!

The Most Important Thing to take Care of for Getting More Blooming On Jasmine Plant is the Sunlight. As Jasmine Plant Is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, therefore a Full Sunny Area Helps It Very Much to Grow Fast.

If You Put Your Jasmine Plant in a Dark or Shady Area, the Growth appears, But Very Slowly. & this thing Also Causes Less Blooming of Jasmine Plant. Deficiency of Sunlight also Causes a Weak Immune System, More Disease, Very Less Growth & Blooming.

So It is Extremely Important to provide Jasmine Plant a Sunny Spot. In summers as well as Winters, A Full day of Direct Sunlight Works Really Well. It Promotes the Growth of New Buds & Branches also. So make Sure Your Jasmine Plant is also Placed In a Bright Sunny Spot.

Prune Regularly;-

The another reason of Why Jasmine Plant Is not Blooming could be the lack of prune. Removal of Dead & Dried jasmine Flowers, Branches & Leaves is also Important. Mostly the flower Buds appears on a New Shoot, so To Promote more & More buds on Jasmine Plant pruning helps Very Much.

If You Keeps on Pruning the Jasmine Plant it Definitely grow more. How to Prune A Jasmine?Here’s a Question arises how & When to Prune a Jasmine Plant. So it is Easy, cut off the Upper Growing Shoots of Jasmine a Little time to Time in the whole Growing Season.

Avoid Cutting & Pruning of Jasmine Plant in the Winter days, the Best Season to Prune is Spring Season & summers. So keeps on Pruning The Jasmine, this Trick Gives you a More Blooming Jasmine Plant.

Providing Fertilizer;-

5 Things to Do If Your Jasmine Plant Is Not Flowering..!

The Deficiency of Nutrients can also Cause Jasmine Plant Not Flowering. It is Extremely Important because Jasmine Plant is a Heavy Feeder & a Heavy Bloomer also. A full of Nutrition Fertilizer Works amazing to Get Your Jasmine Plant on a Consistent & Healthier Growth.

Without a good Fertilizer Expecting Lots of Flowers on Jasmine Plant is very Unrealistic. Because the Flower Production as Well as the Growth of Plant Basically Depends upon the Nutrients, So It is Very Important to Provide a Good Fertilizer to Your Jasmine Plant time to Time.

If we Talk about the Fertilizer for Jasmine, there are so many Options, You can use Cow Dung Compost liquid Fertilizer or Compost, or any Other Fertilizer. But the Best Fertilizer For Jasmine Plant is Our Organic Npk Fertilizer, because it Promotes a Very Constant Growth On Jasmine, as it is a Slow Release Fertilizer. You should Must Try It For once, You Can Make it at Home, Simply follow up this Video & Keep Fertilizing your Jasmine Plant every 20 days for quality Results.

Soil Quality;-

5 Things to Do If Your Jasmine Plant Is Not Flowering..!

The another Common Reason of Less Blooming of Jasmine Plant is a Compact Medium, this Thing Doesn’t Matter most of the Time, because Jasmine Plant is not a Soil Sensitive Plant, & can Grow in Any Soil Mix. But if You are Growing Jasmine Plant in containers, Soil drainage in Very Important.

Water Blocking Soil mix makes the Roots under Stress & hence a Stunted Growth of Jasmine Plant appears. You can use a Slightly Sandy Soil Mix for Jasmine Plant, a Good Soil Mix is Here.

How to Get Big Size Jasmine Flowers?

Now let’s Know how we can get Big size Flowers on Jasmine Plant, it majorly Depends on a Few Things. First thing is the variety of Jasmine Plant, an other thing is Season & the last thing is the Space For Roots.

Roots Space;-

Jasmine Plant is a fast Growing Plant & Requires a Big Size Pot or place to Spread it’s Roots. Bounding of Roots makes the Jasmine plant not Flowering. In Smaller pots This Is the Thing that makes the change, it Effects the Growth & Flower size also.

So what Should we Do. Providing a Bigger Pot To Jasmine Plant can Help & planting Jasmine in ground can also help Alot. As the Roots Find More Space to Grow, the Growth of New Shoots & Buds also appears.

So these are The Some Important Points for more Blooming Jasmine plant, that you should Must Consider. For any Question Leave a Comment Below.

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