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7 SECRET Hibiscus Plant Growing Tips! (Growth Guaranteed)

7 SECRET Hibiscus Plant Growing Tips! (Growth Guaranteed)

Following These Simple Hibiscus Plant Growing tips Guarantees a Healthy & Growing Plant, We Will Discuss a Few effective tips For Growing Hibiscus Plant Fast,So Keep Reading.

1-Seasoning Hibiscus?

Hibiscus Plant Flower

The First Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip is Its proper Seasoning. Season is The Key thing To Grow Any type of a Plant, If The Season is Ideal The Plant will Grow Effortlessly. The Shoots Will Come Up, Buds Will Grow To & many less Problems Will Appear.

So The Growing Season of Hibiscus Plant Starts As Soon as The Spings Starts, The Warming Temperature Works as a Kick Start For The Healthier & Bushier Growth of Hibiscus Plant. & Then It Continues To Grow All Over The Summers, & Rainy Days, Even Till The Ending Summers.

This is Its whole Growing Season, But Once The Winters Starts The Decreasing temperature Causes a Shock On The Plant & Then it goes Under a Dormancy Condition. In This Condition, The Plant Shows No Growth Even The Remaining leaves Starts on Yellowing Too, but Thats a Normal Thing.

So Overall Follow The Growing Season, To fertilize, Propagate, Repot & Prune your Plants, They Will Definitely Response Very Well.

2-Provide a Big Pot!

Pot Of Curry Leaf Plant

Another Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip is to Provide It a big Size Pot. Hibiscus Plant is basically an Outdoor Plant That is Grown In The Ground. But If You Are Growing It In Containers, Make Sure The Pot Is Big Enough for Its Healthiest Growth.

As Long As The Roots Keeps On Growing, The Plant Will Keeps On budding & Blooming,But Once The Roots are Stuck due To a Small Size pot, You Will Find a Stunted Growth & Yellowing leaves On The Plant.

The ideal Way Is That check For Any Root Bounding Before Their Season Starts, & Give It a Bigger Container, If Required. You Can check The Drainage Holes, or dig up Some Of The Soil, If There are Roots Everywhere, its Time For Repotting.

For The Pot, Choose atleast a 10 to 15 inches of a Grow Bag, They Have an Excellent Drainage, You Can Buy Them From This Link. Spring Season is The Best Time To Repot Your Hibiscus Plant, There is a Simple hibiscus plant Repotting Guide Added Here, you can follow that.

3-Soil Should be Idealโ€ฆ

Soil Mix For Plants

Another Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip is About Their Soil mix. Hibiscus Plant is a hardy Plant That Can Be Grown In Variety of Soil mixes, But You Will Find The Maximum Growth in a Loose Sandy Soil Mix, That is also Fertile. While in a hard & Waterblocking mixture The Growth Will Be Abnormal.

You Might Also See Curling Leaves etc. The pest Attack On Such a Plant Will be Much more. So Use a Well Draining & a Sandy Soil Mix. You Can make Such a Mixture at Home, By Just mixing a Few ingredients, Detailed Guide On This Homemade Potting Soil Is added Here.

4-Place It In Full Sun!

Orange Hibiscus Flower

Another Important Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip Is Its Location. In a Shaded area, You Might See Alot of leafy Growth, But The Buds & Flowers Will only Appear If The Plant is Getting Enough Sun.

Sunlight is Like a Key thing for Such Flowering Plants, So You Should Also Make Sure Your Hibiscus Plant Recieves Atleast 3 to 5 hours of Direct Sunlight. In a dark Area, hibiscus Plant Grow Slow & Shows us Pale Yellow Leaves, So To Avoid This Make Sure of a Sunny Spot.

& To Explore More of Such Permanent Flowering Plants, That Grow All Over Year, Follow The Article Added Here.

5-Fertilize With Thisโ€ฆ

Fertilizer for Heavy Feeder Plants

Another Big Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip is Its Proper Fertilization. Hibiscus Plant Is a Heavy Feeder That requires alot of Nutrients To Grow Buds & Flowers. So You should also Use a Powerful fertilizer Atleast twice a Month, Specially In Its Growing Season.

Deficiency of nutrients Appears On The Plant In The Form of Several Leaf Problems. So To Make Sure of a Healthy & Growing Hibiscus Plant, Use This Fertilizer its specially made For Heavy Feeders & Works Just Amazing, It Contains Everything Hibiscus Plant Needs, & You can Make It Home too.

Detailed Guide On This Fertilizer is Linked Here, Must Check It out & fertilize Your Hibiscus Plant twice a Month at The Evening Time.

6-Prune Time To Timeโ€ฆ


Another Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip is its Pruning & Triming. Hibiscus Plant is a Fast Growing Plant, That Produces many Leaves & Branches, Their Proper pruning helps The Plant To Grow Healthily & Produce More Blooms time To Time.

Pruning makes The Plant Bushier & More Branches Results in More Blooms. So Do A Soft pruning of your Plants Every 2 weeks. You Can Follow an Article Linked Here To know The Whole Method.

7-Keep Pests Away!

Hibiscus Branch covered With Mealybugs & Ants

Another Hibiscus Plant Growing Tip is about Pests. Hibiscus Plant is a Soft leafy Plant That have Many pest Enemies, That Will keeps On Appearing Time To Time. these pests Include aphids, leafminers, Mealybugs, Whiteflies etc. & If You leave Them Untreated They Will Spread Over Your Whole space & Destroy Everything.

For Their Timely Treatment & Also For Their Prevention You can Use neem Oil Spray Every Week At the Evening Time, Detailed guide On That is Linked Here, must check That Out.

So Its All About Hibiscus Plant Growing Tips, For Making The Best Fertilizer For Hibiscus Plant Follow This Article.

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