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Best Plant Food for Hibiscus:-

Hibiscus Plant is the Summer Season Flowering Plant, that loves to have a Fertilizer or Plant Food With Multiple Nutrients. The Best Plant food for Hibiscus is Easy to make and It is Also Very Useful for Making Your Hibiscus More Blooming.

The Hibiscus Food:-

Hibiscus Food Is a Combination of Different Essential Nutrients in an Organic Form, that is used to Feed the Hibiscus Plant.

Hibiscus Plant Requires Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. With these Elements, the Hibiscus Plant also Requires Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Manganese etc…

All of these Nutrients are required in little ratio. But their Roles are Very Important to keep the Hibiscus Plant Well Growing and Blooming.ย 

The Best Homemade Fertilizer For Hibiscus:-

For making an Organic Homemade Fertilizer For your hibiscus, You need Different Ingredients that you Can Make OR Buy Here:-?

1- Compost

2- Leaf Moulds

3- Mustard Cake Powder

4- Eggshells Pieces

5- Tea bags


The Compost is very Important because It Contains many of the Essential Nutrients. Compost have Nitrogen, Magnesium, Carbon, Potassium, Phosphorus, zinc, Calcium and so on. Use about 100g of Compost for making the Best Fertilizer for Hibiscus.

Leaf Moulds:-

Leaf Moulds are the only Source Of Fertilization in the Forest Areas, that Shows us it’s Importance in Nature. Hibiscus Plant Grows very Well, if you add Leaf Compost it it’s Soil. Use about 100g of Leaf Compost in This Mixture.

Mustard Cake Powder:-

Mustard Cake is highly Essential for the Flowering Plants like the Hibiscus. It enhances the Bright Colour of the Hibiscus Flowers. Use about 10 Table Spoons of Mustard Cake Powder.

Tea Bags:-

Hibiscus Plant is a Flowering Plant and all type of Flowering Plants (Including Roses, Jasmine, Marigolds, Zinnia) Requires a slightly Acidic Soil mix.

This Thing Enhance Flowering on Hibiscus Plant and Makes New Buds. Use about 5 Table Spoons of Dried Tea Wastes.ย 

Eggshell Pieces:-

To Gain Immunity against Number of Harmful Pests and insects, hibiscus Plant Needs to have Calcium And Magnesium.

Eggshells have Calcium and Other Micro Nutrients that make it Beneficial for Hibiscus. Use about 5 Table Spoons of Crushed Eggshell Pieces.

How do you fertilize hibiscus?


Using the Fertilizer with the Right method Helps it to Absorb More Fastly. Mix all of the Above Components evenly, And Follow the Method:-

1- Dig the Upper Layer of hibiscus Soil.

2- Add the Fertilizer and Mix it Well.

3- Water the Hibiscus Frequently.

4- Fertilize Your Hibiscus Plant in the Evening.

5- Apply this Organic Fertilizers Every 10 to 15 days.

NOTE:- ย Are Slow Release Fertilizers,ย that Requires Some time to Show their Amazing Results, It Usually Takes about 2-3 Weeks to get the Hibiscus Plant On Flowers.

Why is organic fertilizer recommended to use?

Organic Fertilizers are Recommended To Use Because they Are Slow Release Fertilizers, that provide nutrients to the Plant Time to time.

They also Makes the Immunity of the Plant and Keeps the Soil Soft for the Roots of the Plant. Using ย keeps your Garden Well Growing and Healthier in Long Term.

How do I get my hibiscus to bloom more?


Hibiscus Plants are easy to Grow and Blooms on Specific Conditions. You just have to offer Them a Bright and Sunny Spot. Water them When Soil is Dry. And Use this Organic Homemade Fertilizers for hibiscus On Every 10 to 15 days.ย 

In the Summer Season, If the Plant Get these Things then It Definitely Produces Lot’s of BLOOMS all Around it’s Season.

What causes yellowing of hibiscus leaves?


Over fertilizing can also be a Reason of Yellowing of Hibiscus Leaves, So it’s Very Important to Follow the Whole Method. Yellowing of Hibiscus Leaves can also be caused by Number of Other Reasons.

Homemade Fertilizer For Hibiscus:-

Hibiscus Plant Can be Grown only using the homemade Fertilizers It is a Hardy And Well Growing Plant. Fertilizing Hibiscus plant Using Homemade Organic Fertilizers with a Proper Method Can Boost it’s Growth, Produces Lot’s of New Buds and Ultimately Branches of Flowers with a Bright Colour and Bigger Size.

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