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A DETAILED GUIDE on Cosmos Flower Plant Care! (7-SECRETS)

A DETAILED GUIDE on Cosmos Flower Plant Care! (7-SECRETS)

Cosmos Flower Plant is One Of The Most Beautiful flowering Plant, That Is very Easy To Grow. In This Post, We will Discuss About Cosmos flower Plant care, includi ng its Growing Season, Their Fertilizer Requirements, Which Soil Works Best, Where To place This Plant etc, So Keep Reading This Detailed Post.

Origin & Basicsโ€ฆ

Cosmos Flowers

Cosmos Plant is an annual Flowering Plant, Native To Mexico Where they Are Grown for making borders & Attracting Pollinators in The Garden. its also called as Mexican Aster & garden Cosmos etc That is Non Toxic at all & best For Growing Indoors As a Container Plant.

Cosmos Plant Have Many flower Colors & also a Variety with double Petal flowers , Which Makes Them even More vibrant & Beautiful. Overall Its an excellent Choice For a Beginners, To add Different Colors to their Space.

You Can Either Grow Them By Their Seeds at The Start of Winters, Or Springs. You Can also Grow Their Cuttings, but The best Option Would Be Buying Their Younger Saplings in their Growing Season. & Once You Have This Plant, Follow These Care Tips To Enjoy an Endless Supply of cosmos Flowers.

1-What is the Growing Season Of Cosmos Plant?

Cosmos Plant Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing in Cosmos Flower Plant Care is understanding Its Season of Growth. Its a Little Tricky To Understand Their Season, So focus.
The Ideal temperature for the Growth cosmos plant is 15 to 27 degree Celsius. & whenever The Season makes This temperature, Cosmos Plant grow Well.

As in asian continent, This Temp range comes In early Winters, & Then In Springs upto Mid Summers, So In both The Times We can Grow Cosmos Flower Plant.
In colder Areas Like United States, Even The summers Temp. Goes Just Upto 25 degrees, So there Cosmos Plant Can Be Grown in Whole Summers. & Its also considered as a Summers Flowering Plant in usa.

But In tropical regions, Like India, The summers Are too hot that cosmos Plant cant Survive there. But The Temp. of Springs is just Ideal for The Blooming of Cosmos Plant. So It Basically Depends upon The Climate of Your Region. You Can Simply Google this, Mentioning Your country. But Here this Plant is Blooming In Winters & Springs.

2-The Correct Watering Technique?

Dry Soil Of Cosmos Plant

Another important Thing In cosmos Plant Care is Their Soil Mix & Watering needs. Cosmos Plant is a hardy Plant That Can grow in a wide Range of Soil mixes. But As You most Probably Will grow this Plant In Pots, So Use a Well Draining, loose Soil mix. In Such a mixture, They Will Grow very Healthily Producing bunches of Buds & Flowers.

For a Making an Ideal Soil mix For Such Seasonal Flowering Plant, Using very simple Ingredients, Simply Checkout The article Added Here.

For Watering, No Matter How Good Your Soil Mix is, You Should Always Let The Top Layer of Soil To Dry & Then Water. it May dry in a day, Or a week. Just Follow This Simple Rule. Never Water Until The Soil’s Top layer is Moist. & The Remaining watering rules will Automatically Come In to Your Experience.

3-Pot Size Requirement?

Pot of Cosmos Plant

Another Important Thing in Cosmos Plant care is Their Pot size. As Its an Annual Plant, that Have to Produce flowers, So here Pot size doesnot matter Much but Drainage Holes Are important, So Make Sure That. ideally around a 5 to 6 inches of Pot is Enough for a Single Plant, but They Grow Long Giving Support To Another, That’s Why You Should use a Bigger Pot & Plant Multiple Cosmos plants. Some Good Pots are Also Linked Here, if You Like To Buy.

4-How Much Sun Is Good For Cosmos Flower Plant?

Cosmos Plant In Sun

Another Very Important Thing in Cosmos Flower Plant care is their Sunlight Requirements. Sunlight is Very Important For All The Flower Producing Plants, & Just Like Them cosmost Plant Also Loves A Good Amount of Sunlight. You Can Provide Them a Full Day of Direct Sunlight, & minimum of a Few Hours.

Just Make Sure Your Cosmos Plants are Not Placed in a Dark & Shaded area, Otherwise not Only The flowering reduces, But also The Plant Looks Dull & dying. Sunlight Promotes buds, Reduces The Attack of Pests & attract pollinator too, So Make Sure of That & for Exploring more of Such Winters Flowering Plants, Follow The Article Added Here.

5-Pruning Helps?

Pruning Cosmos Plant

Another Important Thing in cosmos Plant Care Is their Pruning. Pruning Promotes Multiple Shoots, that means More Buds & Then more Flowers. So Its A Very Beneficial Thing For Cosmos Plant. Simply Cutt of The upper Growing Shoots Of the Plant whenever They Grow Long & Leggy.

You Can also Prune Some of Their buds. If The Plant Is Young. & To Learn indepth About Such 37 more tricks to boost Flowering On Any Plant, You Can Checkout This Ebook, Its Linked Here To Buy.

6-The best Fertilizer For Cosmos?

Fertilizer For Cosmos Flower Plant

Proper Fertilization of Cosmos Flower plant is also Very Important. As Though its a Low Maintainance & Hardy Plant, But It do gets a Lot of Benefits From a balanced Fertilizer. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium & Other Trace Elements are the Requirements Of Every Plant, The Plant Absorb these Elements From The Soil & Then It Makes Such type Of Beautiful cosmos flowers.

Fertilizing Cosmos Plant

If The Soil dont have These Elements, The Flowering health of a Plant Will Be Affected. So Its Really Simple, You can Use this Homemade Organic Fertilizer That is Made Just for Such Flowering Using Really Simple Ingredients. it Will help the Plant In Flowering, makes The Soil Fertile & Much more. Detailed Article on This fertilizer is Added Here. must Check it Out & Apply On Your cosmos Plant.

7-Common Pests & Problems?

Cosmos Plant Flower

Some Of The Common Problems Of Cosmos Plant Includes, Their Small Size Flowers Which occurs Due To temperature Change, Rotting of Their Stem & Roots Which Happens Due To a Poorly Draining Soil Mix, So buy the Mixture Added Here For Your cosmos Plant, & Also Keep an Eye On Seasonal Change.

Pest Related problems Will be very less If You Follow these Simple Care Tips, But aphids, Whiteflies etc Are Found as Their Enemies That you may Notice On a Weaker Plant, So The best Practice Is To act As Soon as You See Any Pest Attack On Your Cosmos plants. You Can use Neem Oil Spray, At The evening Time Every 3 to 4 Days. detailed Article On Making & Applying Neem Oil Spray is Linked Here.

So Its all About Cosmos flower Plant care Guide, the only Discouraging thing about Cosmos Plant is That They die As The Season Changes. So Here i have made list Of hardy Flowering Plants That you can Grow Once & Enjoy Their blooms For Years long. Must Check Them Out.

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