Top 8 Permanent Flowering Plants To Grow In Pots! (EASY ONE’S)

In This Post, i Am Going To Show You Some of The Permanent Flowering Plants, That Comes In variety of Shapes, Sizes & colours, & Are Easy to grow even When Growing Them In Pots. We Will Also talk about Their Season, Some Of The care Tips Etc.

1-Hibiscus Plant:-

Orange Hibiscus Flower

Lets Start From the Most Obvious Plant, That is Hibiscus Plant. Its a Topical Area, Summer Season Permanent Flowering Plant. You Can Grow This in the Starting Springs & It Will Grow Very Well All Around The Summers. Winters is Its Resting Time, But It Can Pass That Very Easily.

How Many varieties Hibiscus Plant have?

Hibiscus Plant Comes In many varieties, Some Have Single Patel Flowers, Some Grow Multi Petal Flowers With Hundred Of Flower Colors. Besides flowers Variation, hibiscus Plant Also have Leaf Variations Like This, But That a Little Sensitive Plant. Otherwise Hibiscus Plant is very easy To Grow Plant, That can Live Upto 20 Years With a Proper Care & Maintainance.

How much Big Pot Hibiscus Plant Likes?

Hibiscus plant likes a Good Size Pot, In Smaller Pots The Growth Will be very Slow, So Consider Such a Grow bag. Some of The Articles are Added Here On Hibiscus Plant Care, Pruning method, The Best Fertilizer, Repotting All In That Link, must Check it Out.

2-Kalanchoe Plant:-

Yellow Kalanchoe Plant Flowers

The Second Plant in Our Permenent Flowering Plants List is the kalanchoe Plant. Kalanchoe Plant Is Basically A Winters Flowering Plant, But it can grow Year Long, only The Flowering Season Is Winters & Springs.

What is The Dormancy Time of Kalanchoe Plant?

Its Dormancy Time Is Starts In Summers That Continue Until Starting Winters. During Summers, the kalanchoe Plant Can Grow But Only in a Bright Shade. The Direct Sun Can Kill This Plant, Otherwise Its a very fast Growing Plant, That Can live Upto 6 to 7 years, With a Proper care. A Detailed Guide on its Care guide Is Linked Here.

What Varietes kalanchoe Plant have?

Kalanchoe Plant Also Comes In Several Shapes & Colors, Some Of Them Hardy & Some Are Sensitive Varities. So As a Beginner, You Should Start from a Hardy Variety, So You dont fail. They Can Be Grown In Smaller Pots Very Easily, But Its Better To give It a Good Size Pot.

3-Jasmine Plant:-

Jasmine Plant Flowers

The Next Permanent Flowering Plant is the Jasmine Plant, That is a Very Hardy & Easy To Grow Summers plant. Its Season of Growth Starts As The Springs Starts & Cotinue To Produce Buds & Flowers Until Late Summer Days.

what is The dormancy Time of Jasmine Plant?

Winter Season is Its Resting Time, At This Time You Should Water Very Carefully, Otherthan That It can Pass These Days Very Easily. Some of The Care Guides, On its pruing, fertilizer & Growth Hacks, are Added Here. Remember jasmine Can Live & Produce Flowers Upto 7 to 10 Very Easily, Simply Follow The Tips & Tricks Described In These Articles.

Do Jasmine Have Multiple Varieties?

Jasmine Is a family Of many Flowering Plants, Like Star Jasmine, mogra jasmine, Arabian Jasmine Etc. All of Them have Different flower Colors, But Their Care Requirement Is Almost Same. All Of Them can Be Grown In a Good Size containers Also.

4-Vinca Rosea:-

white Vinca Flower

The Next Plant in Our List is The Vinca Rosea, That is also Called as Periwinkle. The Common Variety Of Vinca Plant is a Permenet Plant That can Survive Very Well Upto 2 to 4 Years, Even in pots.

What Are The varieties Of Vinca Plant Grow the Best?

Vinca Plant Also Have a hybrid Variety That have a Shorter Life. But This Pink Color Variety is Easy To Grow & prduce Many flowers.

What is The Growing Season Of Vinca Rosea?

Vinca Plants Season of Growth Starts In The Early Springs & Continue Upto Late Summers days. In The Winters, You Should Move This Plant In A Shaded Area With Some indirect Sunlight. Yellow Leaves Are very Common In The dormancy Time, So Dont Worry About that. Simply Go Through Some of the Articles on Vinca Plant Linked Here, & They Will Guide You All About This Beautiful Flowering Plant.

5-Lantana Plant:-

Lantana Flowers

The next Plant in Our Permenent Flowering Plants list is the Lantana Plant, That is very Wildly Growing container Plant. Basically Lantana Plant is also a Summers Flowering Plant, That Starts its Growth In Springs & continue Upto late Summers.

Why lantana Plant Stops to Grow in Winters?

In The winters, You Will Notice a Stunted Growth With yellowing Leaves, So That Normal, Just give It Some Time & It Will bloom Again In Springs.

Which Lantana Plant variety Is Best For Growing In Pots?

Lantana Plant Comes In Several Varieties, With Different Flower Colors & Growth Styles. They Have Dward Variety As well As a Wild One, At The Start & For Containers, Dwarf Lantana plant is best. Some of The care Guides, For Lantana plant are also Added Here.

How big Pot Is Good For Lantana Plant?

About The Pot, They Also Likes a Big Pot, & Try To Choose Such a Grow Bag With a loose Soil mix To Plant Lantana. Grow Bags are also Added Here To Buy.


Gardenia Flowers

One of The Permenent flowering Plant is Gardenia Plant that Grow Beautiful Flowers, But In a Limited Amount. Their Fertilizer Requirement is Very High. For Them Consider Using This Homemade fertilizer, Otherwise The Leaves Will Turn Yellowish. You Can Make This Fertilizer At Home, Detailed Guide is Linked Here.

What is The Growing Season Of Gardenia Plant?

Gardenia Plant is a Summers plant, & Have Such type of a Varigated Type as Well, But Its Better To Grow a Common One at The Start. This Plant is Not For Beginners, As it requires Alot of Active care.

7-Rose Plant:-

Rose Plant Flower

Another Permenent Flowering Plant Is The rose Plant, That is a Winter Flowering Plant & can Grow in pots For Several years Very Easily. Its a Sensitive Plant, A Little Change in Soil nurtitional Value immediately causes Leaf problems. So Consider using The fertilizer added Here.

How Many Varieties Rose Plant Have?

Rose Plant Have Beautiful flowers With A Huge varity of colors & Shape. Some Rose Varieties are rare & have Small Flowers, While Some of Them Are Common & easy To Grow as well.
Some of The Guides are added Here To Show You Rose Plant care, Causes of Yellow Leaves & Much More. must Check that out.


Begonia Flowers

Another beautiful Flowering Plant in our List is begonia Plant that is also a mid Season Plant, That Like a Little Warmness, But In hot Summers its Stops Is Growt. begonia Plant Have Number of Types To Choose From, The Common one Have Such Flowers, That Grow In much Quantity.

This Plant can Also Survive In pot Very Easily, & Have A life Of Around 3 years With Proper care.

Almost All Of These Flowering Plants Likes a full Day of Sun To produce More Flowers. For The fertilizer You Can Use this Homemade fertilizer, Because Its best For Flowering Plants. Here is the Article to Show You All About Making This fertilizer at home. Use It very 10 days For better Results.

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