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The Ultimate Guide On Kalanchoe Plant Care! (Road To Success)


Kalanchoe Plant is Low Maintainance, Winter Flower Plant, That Comes In Many Color Varieties. In This Post, We Will Uncover Every Useful Point You Should Must Know While Growing Kalanchoe Plants. Overall it Is The Only Guide You Need To Understand For Getting It On a Heavy & Healthy Blooming. So Lets Begin.

Intro & Origin:-

Kalanchoe Plant Is a Permanent, Winter Flowering Plant, Native To A Subtropical Region. They Are Drought tolerant, Succulent Plants & Grow Very Well In a Cool Area. That’s Why It Comes in The List Of Winter Flowering Plants. Some Other Easy To Grow Winter Flowers Are Added Here, You Can Grow Them Too.

But For Kalanchoe Plants, The Maintainance & Care Requirements Are Very Less. They Have Thick & Fleshy Leaves, Which Helps Them Survive In a Dry Area. They Gets A Little Dormant In The Summers, But The Impressive Thing About Them Is That They Are Permanent Flowering Plants & Can Have a Life Cycle Of Around 7 Years, With Constant Blooming Habit.

Why Do People Grow This Plant?


Most Of The People Grow Kalanchoe Plants because Their Flowers Blooms & Stay Fully Fresh For Around a Month. This Plant Normally Produces Banches Of Flower Buds & As They Bloom Their Colors Fills Your Garden With Beautiful Colors. Unfortunately, Their Flowers Dont Have Any Smell, But Their Range Of Colours Is Very Wide.

How To Grow Kalanchoe Plants?

You Can Grow Kalanchoe Plants By Buying Their Younger Plants, At The Starting Winter Days & Then You Can Propagate Them Either By Their Stem Cuttings, Or Through Their Leaf Propagation. Their Propagation Is Very Easy Only If You Can Keep Moisture Of The Medium In Control.

Kalanchoe Plant Care

Once You Have These Plants, Then You Need To Folow Up Some Very Important Things, For Their Healthier Growth & Blooming.

What is the Growing Season of Kalanchoe Plant?


The First & The Most Important Thing In Kalanchoe Plant Care Is Its proper Seasoning. Their Growing Season Starts As The Temperature Starts To Drop From 30 to 35 Degrees Celcius in The Early Winter Days.

A Little Cooler Environment Is Extremely Important For Their Buds To Fully Bloom. They Produces Buds & Flowers In The Whole Winter, But After The Heavy Blooming of Spring Days, The Summers Heat Gradually Effects Their Flowering.

In Summers They Produce Very Less Flowers, & Most Of The Time Plant Faces a Dormancy Condition, On Which We Will Talk In While. But Still You Can Enjoy Their Beauty Around 6 to 8 Months Of The Year, By A Proper Care.

A Proper Way Of Watering:-


Another Problem That Can effect Kalanchoe Plant Very Badly Is An Overwatered Condition. As kalanchoe Plant Is A Succulent & Have Moisture Stored In Its Leaves, You Have To Be Very Careful While watering.

A Weekly Watering Can Be A Good Choice, But Your Soil Mix Should Be Well Draining As Well. Too Much Moisture In The Soil Can Cause a Stunted Growth & rotting Of Its Stem.

How To water Kalanchoe Plant?

So First Let The Soil To Dry Out Completely, Your Kalanchoe Plant Would Not Dry Out, Because It Can Survive Without Moisture For Weeks Very Easily. When The Soil Starts To Look Like This, Then You Can Add Water. Give a Deep & Frequent Watering & Then Again wait For The Soil To Dry Out. This Way Your Plant Grow Well & Produce Blooms Also.

The Best Soil Mix For Kalanchoe Plant:-


For Proper kalanchoe Plant Care, a Poorly Draining Soil Mix Can Be A Issue. If The Moisture Dont Drains Out Time To Time, The Roots Can Rot & Whole Plant Can Die. A Soil Medium With ph of More Than 7 Can Be Bad For Them As Well, On The other Hand a Little Acidic ph Promotes a Heavy & Consistent Flowering Over The Plant.

What Type of Soil Is Good For kalanchoe Plant?

Kalanchoe Plant Loves To Grow In a Sandy Soil Mix, Clay Soil Or OverUse Of Cocopeat In Your Medium Can Cause an Overly Moist Condition. To Overcome This Problem, You Should Add Some Sand Or Perlite In Your Mixture, It Helps In Better Drainage.

If You Want To Know About Making A Well Draining Mixture By YourSelf, A Complete Guide In Linked Here. Otherwise a Ready To Use Potting Mix For Succulents Is Also Added here To Buy. Just Make Sure Your Soil Mix Is Drying Out Time To Time.

Kalanchoe Plant Sunlight Requirements:-


The Next Point In Our Kalanchoe Plant care guide is About Its Sunlight Requirements. The Sunlight of Winters Will Be Very Healing, But The Burning Sun of Summers is Not Good For Its Growth & Blooming. You Will Find Very Ideal Growth In a Sunny Spot with a Minimum 2 to 4 Hours Of Sun.

Where Should We Place Kalanchoe Plant?

You Can Also Provide A Full Day Of Winters Sun, But Not The Summers. The Deficiency Of Sunlight Causes The Alongation Of Its Stems, & The Plant Produces a Very Few Flowers in its Result. So Choose a Suuny Spot & Place Your Succulents There.

How To Fertilize Kalanchoe Plant?


The Another Thing In Kalanchoe Plant Care is About Its Fertilization. Every Plant Requires To Have a Nutrients Enrich Medium To Constantly Continue Its Growth & Blooming. kalanchoe Plant is not a Heavy Feeder, But Gives a Very Delightful Response as We Use a Good Fertilizer.

A Low Potency Fertilizer Can Give You Consistent Blooming. But For a Fully Blooming Kalanchoe, you Should Use a Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer, With an Acidic pH. This thing Promotes Hundred Of Blooms Over Your kalanchoe Plant.

What is The Best Fertilizer For Kalanchoe Plant?


I am Using My Own Bloom Booster Recipe, Which is also Linked Here, With Complete Guide On Its Usage. You Should Also Try This One, A Single Dose Helps In Better Growth Of Its Buds & Flowers. Otherwise, You Can Also Buy a Ready To use Bloom Booster Fertilizer, From Here. Just Keep The Plant Fertilized Every 15 to 20 Days.

What Is The Ideal Pot Size For Kalanchoe Plant?


One More That Effects Its Flowering Health, Is The Pot Size. The Roots Stuck Much Quickly In A Smaller Container & If You Are Trying To Grow Them in a Small Container, The Results Would Not Be Good.

They Don’t Requires a Much Bigger Pot, 5 to 8 Inches Pot Is Good. But Make Sure Its Not a Plastic pot, Because the Chances of Over Watering Will Be Very High In That.

Pests & Problems:-


Kalanchoe Plant Has Not Many Pest & Diseases, They are Very hardy & Low Maintainance Plants. Overwatering Can cause Rotting of Its leaves & Trunk, Just Be Careful About That. Fungus attacks Can Be Harmful Thing, Because Succulents Comes Up With Such Issues Very Commonly. For The Solution You Can Use Neem Cake In Your Soil Mix To avoid Fungal Growth. A Complete Guide About Neem Cake is Added Here, Must Check it Out.

Dormancy Management (Kalanchoe Care in Summers):-


Lastly Lets Talk a LIttle About The Dormancy Time of Kalanchoe Plant. It is a Winter Season Plant, But Can Survive Summers Heat Very Easily. You Just Have To Place Your Kalanchoe Pot in a Shade with A Good Amount Of Indirect Sunlight. Just Make Sure The Direct Sunlight is Not Hitting Kalanchoe Plant. In The rains, You Also Have To Protect The Plant From The Rainwater, Because It is Succulents & Can rot.
So Its All About kalanchoe Plant Care, For Any Question Leave a Comment Below. & Check Out Some of the Other, Easy To Grow Winters Flowering Plants here In This Video.

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