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A Comprehensive Guide On Cyclamen Plant Care! (6-TRICKS*)


One Of The Most Easy To Grow Winter Flowering Plants, Is The Cyclamen Plant. It is a Low Maintainance Plant & Can Give You Lots Of Blooms, If You Care It In a Right Way. & In This Post, We Will Talk all about Cyclamen Plant Care, Starting From Its Location To Fertilization, Soil Mix & Much More.

Origin & Basics:-

Cyclamen Is a Winter Season Flowering Plant, & That Have Many Colour Varieties. Their Flowers Looks Like This. They Also Produce Seeds, & Have a Bulb Growing Under The Soil, Both Helps In The Propagation of the Cyclamen Plant.

Their Flower petals Grow Upward & Don’t Have Any Smell. But The Shade of Their Flowers Is More Than Enough To Add These Plants In Our Garden. They Might Be Rare In Your Area, But It Will Be Available Around your Local Nurseries, Specially In winter Days.

Cyclamen Plant Care:-

In General, It’s an Easy To Grow Plant, But There are Few Things You Should Consider For Getting Them On Maximum Blooming.

Seasoning is The Key:-


The First & The Most Important Thing In Cyclamen Care is Its Proper Seasoning. If You Are Not Growing Any Plant in Its Season, They Will Produce Very Less Blooms & Grow Very Slowly. In The Same way, Cyclamen Plant Loves to Be Grown In Its Season. These Small Size cyclamen Plants Can be Planted From Their Tubers, At the Start Of Winter Days.

They Will Continue To Bloom In The Whole Winters & Springs time To Time. After The Springs, They Reduces Their Flowering Habit & Became a Little Dormant. If You are living in a Cool Climate Area, Then They Can Grow All Around The Year. But In Most Areas, The Summers are Their Dormancy Time & Should Be Moved In a Shade To Protect It From The Heat. But Winters are Their Growing Time & You Can Get Lot’s Of Blooms From This Plant.

Fertilization For Flowering:-


The Another Thing In Cyclamen Plant Care is Its Proper Fertilization. You Can Grow Cyclamen Plant very well With A Normal fertilizer Because They Don’t requires Much Fertilization. To Boost Buds & Flowers, You Should Use A Nutrients Enrich Fertilizer with an Acidic ph.

I am using My Own Winter Flowers Fertilizer, It Works Really Well To Keep The Cyclamen Plant Blooming. A Complete Guide on Making & Applying This Organic Fertilizer Is Added Here, You Check That. Whatever Fertilizer You Use, Just make Sure You are Fertilizing Them Regularly.

Master Watering With Thisโ€ฆ.:-


One of The Common Problem In Such Type of Tuber Plants is Its Watering Issues. They Are More Likely to Get A Fungal Problem & Over Watering problems. For The Fungal Issues, You Can use Neem Cake As A Fungicide, Details are Linked Here, But Watering Should be Kept In Control As well. Under Watering Wouldnot Harm This Plant Much, But Over Watering Can Go Really Bad.

To Overcome This Issue, Wait For The Soil to Dry Out Completely. & Then Give It a Good Amount Of Watering. Some Soil Mixes Dries Out Much Quickly & Some Take Time. But Make Sure Your Soil is Not Staying Moist For a Long Time. You Can Also Loose The Upper Soil Layer Time To Time, So The Soil Can Dry Out.

Soil Mix For Healthier Roots!


For The Soil Mix, You Should Use A Well Draining & Fertile Medium. It Helps In a stress-Free Growth & Blooming Of The Cyclamen. A Compact & Hard Mixture Can Cause A Very Stunted Growth Of The Plant.

That’s Why You Can Either Buy a Good Soil Mix Linked Here. Or You Can Also Mix Up a Few Ingredients & Make Your Own Mixture. a Complete Guide On That is Also Added Here.

Adjust Locationโ€ฆ.


The Next thing Cyclamen Care is To Adjust its Location. Location is Very Important To Maintain a Well Blooming Cyclamen. It Does Not Require Much Sun, A Few Hours of Sunlight is Enough To Keep The Plant Growing.

Deficiency Of Sunlight Can Cause Less Blooming & Drop of Its Flower Buds. But If You At Least put it In an Hour Of the Morning Sun, The Cyclamen Will Grow Really Well.

Dead Heading & Seed Pod Relation..?


The Another Important Thing To Boost Buds & Flowers On Cyclamen Plant is To Keep Removing The Dried Flowers. Cyclamen Flowers Stay Fresh & Healthy For Around 4 to 6 Days, After That They Start To Make Seed Pods.

This Thing Reduces Cyclamen’s Flowering, On The Other Hand Removing The Dried Flowers from Time To Time, Keep The Plant More Blooming. So Keep The dried flowers out of The Plant, To keep It Blooming.

Pests & Common Problems;-

Cyclamen plants are susceptible to several diseases, including:

  1. Gray mold: This fungal disease causes the plant to rot and can be identified by the grayish-brown fuzzy growth on the leaves and flowers.
  2. Fusarium wilt: This fungal disease causes the plant to wilt and eventually die. The leaves may also turn yellow and brown.
  3. Powdery mildew: This fungal disease creates a powdery white coating on the leaves and flowers, which can stunt growth and cause the plant to weaken.
  4. Cyclamen mite: This tiny mite can cause distortion and discoloration of leaves and flowers, as well as stunting growth.
  5. Botrytis blight: This fungal disease causes a brownish-gray mold to form on leaves and flowers, which can lead to rotting and death of the plant.

To prevent these diseases, it’s essential to provide good air circulation, avoid over-watering, and keep the plant in a well-lit, but not too sunny, location. It’s also important to remove any infected plant material and use a fungicide as needed.

For The Fungicide, you Can use Neem Cake as a Prevention, all details are Linked Here. So Its all About Cyclamen, Some Of The Other Winter Flowers, Are Also Added Here, Check it Out to Grow Them too.

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