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8 CAUSES – Why Hibiscus Plant Not Blooming? & Their Fixes!


In General Hibiscus Plant is an Easy To Grow Plant, But Sometimes Due to Certain Reasons, It Stops Its Growth & Bloom Very Less. & In This Post, We Will Talk All About Why Is My Hibiscus Not Blooming, Discovering Its Causes & Making Their Easy Solutions.

1-Seasoning Hibiscus Properly:-


The Biggest Reason That Causes Less Blooming On Hibiscus Plant is The Change Of Season. Hibiscus Plant is a Summer Season Flowering Plant, That Likes A Hot & Humid Area. But In the Late Summers, As The Temperature Keeps On Decreasing Day By Day, Hibiscus Plant Also Slow Downs Its Growth.

Why Hibiscus Not Flowering In Winters?

Winter is the Dormancy Time of Hibiscus Plant & It Would Not Produce Any Bloom In These Days. But As The Temperature Starts To Warm Up again In Springs, Hibiscus Plant Will Grow Back As Well. Just Give It Some Time To Pass The Winters, You Will Also Find Yellow Leaves At This Time, That is Totally Normal, So Dont Worry.

2-Root Bounding:-


Another Big Cause Of Hibiscus Plant Less Blooming is The Bounding Of Roots. Hibiscus Plant is a Tree Type Plant & Can Grow Upto 20 Feets, But For Keeping It in Pot, You Have To Repot It Every Year.

When the Roots Get Stuck With Walls Of Your Pot, Plant Again Shows Us A Stunted Growth As Well As Yellowing Leaves. So Here You Should Give Your Plant a Bigger Pot.

For That Choose At Least a 10-15′ Pot, & Here A Grow Bag Works Even Better. Its Linked Here To Buy. After Repotting Place Your Hibiscus In a Shady Area For Some Days, as You Find Signs Of New Growth You Can Put It Back In a Sunny area.

3-Locating Hibiscus:-


Giving Hibiscus Plant an Ideal Location Is also Very Important For The Formation Of New Buds. Sunlight Is Very Important For Flowering Plants, & For Hibiscus Deficiency Of Sunlight Can also Cause Less Flowering.

How Much Sun Is Good For Hibiscus Plant?

For Proper Growth & Blooming, 3-4 Hours of Indirect Sunlight Can Works Really Well. Full Day of Sun Is Not So Much Helpful, So Try To Place Your Hibiscus In a Semi Shaded Area.

4-Pests Attack:-


Another Cause Of Why Hibiscus Tree Not Blooming is The Attack Of Pest, That Is also very Common. Hibiscus Plant is a Soft Leafy Plant & Pests Loves Such Meal. MealyBugs, WhiteFlies & Leaf Minors are Some Common Enemies of Hibiscus. Infected Plant Slow Really slow & Produce Very Less Blooms.

These Pests Can Be Fatal For Hibiscus Plant, So Here You Should Use Neem Oil Spray As A Prevention, Because Treatment Can Be Difficult. Complete Guide On Making & Applying Neem Oil is Linked Here, Must Check it Out & Keep Applying It every 10 Days. or You Can Also Buy a Ready To Use Pesticide Here…

5-Stress & Shock:-


Another Cause of Less Blooming of Hibiscus Plant is The Stress & Shock, That Could be Due to Change Of Place, Or Transplantation.

But It is a temperary Thing, As The Plant Recovers It Will Grow Again. OverWatering & UnderWatering Can also Cause a Stress Condition, So Be Careful About That.

6-Compact Soil Mix:-


Hibiscus Plant also Slow Downs Its Growth, When Your Soil Mix is To Hard. Compactness of Soil also Causes Yellow Leaves, So It Is Also Important To Provide Hibiscus Plant a Well Draining & Soft Soil Mix.

On The Other Side, A Good Soil Mix Promotes Root Growth & hence The Plant Blooms Even more. Hibiscus Plant Likes a Well Draining, Loose & Fertile Soil Mix.

& For That You Can Use This Mixture That Is Made From Very Simple Ingredients & Works Just Perfect. Complete Guide In Linked Here to Show You How To Make It. Otherwise Just Make Sure Your Soil is Not Too much Hard, & Drains Extra Moisture. Buy Ready To Use Soil Mix For Hibiscus Plant Here..

7-Less Pruning:-


Another Reason Of a Less Blooming Hibiscus Is Less Pruning, Hibiscus Plant is a Fast Growing Plant & Once It Starts To Grow, You Need to Prune It Timely.

OtherWise The long & Leggy Branches Dont Let the Buds To Grow. The Buds Mostly Grow on a Younger Shoot, So Pruning Helps In Side Branches as well as More Flowers.

So To Effectively Prune Hibiscus Plant, A Detailed Guide In Linked Here, It will Show You The whole technique, So Must Check It Out. & Keep pruning Hibuscus Plant every 20 days In The Season.

8-Nutrients Deficiency:-


Deficiency Of Nutrition Not Only Cause Leaf Probelms, But It can also Cause Less Blooming Of Hibiscus Plant. Hibuscus Plant Is a Heavy feeder & Requires More Nutrition Than Any Other Plant.

ThereFore You Shoud add a Powerful Fertilizer every 15 to 20 Days, Otherwise The Plant Will Stops Its Blooming. For The fertilizer You Can Use a Mix Of Very Simple Ingredients, & Make A Good Fertilizer at Home. Complete Guide For making & applying This Flower Fertilizer Is Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

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