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6-TRICKS To Maximize Calendula Flower Plant’s Blooming! (APPLY NOW)


In This Post, i am Going To Show you 6 Most Important Things To Consider in Calendula Plant Care. Follow Up This Guide Step by Step & Your Calendula Plants Will Definitely Produces More Flowers.

1-Water Frequently With a Well Draining Soil Mix:-

The Most Important Thing For Growing Calendula Flower Plant Healthily is to Water Frequently. Unlikely Other Winter Flowering Plants, They Requires a Slightly Higher Amount of Moisture in The Soil.

How You Should Water Calendula Flower Plants?

Frequent Watering Helps Them Grow Very Consistently. In The Winter Days The Moisture Evaporates Very Slowly, that’s Why You Have To be Very Careful. It Will be Better If You Let Your calendula Plant To Stay Thirsty For a While, As The Soil Goes Dry, You can Add a Frequent Amount of Moisture In The Soil.

What Type of Soil Mix Calendula Plant Likes?


Here Your Soil Mix Plays a Very Big Role, Either It Will Drain out The Extra Moisture or Make It Block. Blocakge Of Moisture In The Soil Can Cause Many Serious issues Like a Stunted Growth & Yellow Leaves. So You should Use a Well Draining & Loose Soil mix To Grow The Calendula Flowers.

You Can either buy a Ready To Use, Well Draining Mixture Linked Here. or You can Also Make a Good Mixture By Mixing Simple Ingredients, A Complete Guide On Making a Well Draining Soil mix is added Here, You Can Checkout that. Just Make Sure Your Soil Mix is Not Staying Wet for a Long Time, The Moisture Must Keeps On Draining Time to Time.

2-Keeps Pruning & Dead Heading:-


Another Important Thing in Calendula Plant Care is to Keeps On Pruning & Dead Heading. In Both Ways, The Plant Tries to Push More & More Buds. Hence It Will be Very Beneficial. Oppositely if You Does not Remove the Dried & Dead Flowers, The calendula Plant Starts To Make Seeds, that is Not Good For Its Blooming Health.

At The Younger Stage of Growing Calendula Flowers, You Should Also Pinch Them Off, It Helps In More & more Branching That Ultimately Leads to More Buds & Calendula Flowers.

3-Provide Full Sun:-


Providing a Frequent Amount of Sunlight is also Very Important in Calendula Plant Care. As It is a Winter Season Flowering Plant, You Can Put It in a Full Day of Sun. Sunlight Causes More Buds Formation & Plant Grows in a Healthy Way. A Light Deficient calendula Plant Comes Up With pale Yellow Leaves & Less Blooming.

How Much Sun is Good For Calendula Plant?

So You Can Place Your Calendula Pot in a Sunny Spot, 3 to 5 Hours of Sun Will be Optimum & More Than That Will be Good. Likely to Other Winter Flowers, it is a Sun Loving Plant & Low Light Area Can Harm It Very Badly. Some Of Other Easy to Grow Winter Flowers Are added Here, You Can Check them Too.

4-Plant Them In a Big Size Pot (5-8″):-


The Next Important thing in Calendula Flower Plant Care is The Size of Pot. The Size of Pot Effects The Size of Your Calendula Flowers. The Bigger Pot Helps In Provides More Space To The Roots & Hence You Will get Flowers Constantly. The Winter Flowering Plants Grow Fast & Smaller Pot Can Cause Root Bounding & You Will Find a Very Stunted Growth & Almost No Flowers.

What Is The Best Pot Size For Calendula Flower Plant?

Ideally, Your Calendula Plant Must be Planted at least In 5 to 7 Inches Pot. So Must Give it a Bigger Pot, Plastic Pot Is Not a Good Choice As The Chance of Over Waterig is Much Higher In As Compared to a Grow Bag. So Its Upto You, You can Either buy Grow Bag from This Link or Water Very Carefully.

5-Seasoing is The Key For More Blooming:-


Proper Seasoning is one Of The Most Important Thing to Achieve a Healthy Blooming on Your Winter Flowers. Calendula Flower Plant Starts its blooming as The Springs Comes up, & In The Summers You Would not find a Good Growth on Your Calendula Plants.

What is The Growig Season Of Calendula Plant?

So Its Is Important to Grow Them in Their Season, That Starts From Early Winter Days & Continue Until Late Spring Days. Summer Season is Its Dormancy Time & Very Small Size Flowers Comes Up In Results of Heat Effects. So Follow up The Right Time To Sow calendula seeds, or buy Their Plants.

6-Fertilize Regularly With a Bloom Booster:-


The Another Important Thing is the Proper Fertilization of Calendula Plants. They Requires a very minimal Fertilization, But a Good Fertilizer Can get it on a Heavy Flowering. Deficiency of nutrition Causes Many Leaf Problems, that’s Why You have To Choose a Fertilizer carefully. The Calendula Plant Stops to Produce buds & Flower, If the Soil’s Ph is above 7.

What Type of Fertilizer Do Calendula Plant Likes?

That’s Why Your Fertilizer Should Must have an acidic Effect on the Soil. This Things Helps In More & More Blooming. You can’t Use Cow Dung or Compost, because They would not Work Much Well. but You Can Make a Homemade Fertilizer By Mixing a Few Simple Ingredients. A Complete Guide In Linked Here. This fertilizer is easy to Make & Works Just Perfect To Feed All Type of Winter Flowering Plants.

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