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5 Easy Steps For Yellow Leaves Treatment! (Follow 1-By-1)


Yellow Leaves Comes Up Very Commonly On Almost all Type of Plants, & Leaving Them Untreated Can Causes Many Other Related Problems. So Here in This Post, We Will Talk About Yellow Leaves Treatment.

Check Your Soil Mix & Change It If Required:-

The Most Common Thing, That Causes Yellow Leaves Around 70 % of Times is Beacuse of Your Soil Mix & Blocked Drainage Issues. It Might be Due To Lack of Drainage Holes At The Bottom of Your Pot, Or It Could be Due To Your Soil Mix. Some Type of Mediums Hold More Moisture Like Cocopeat.

& If Your Potting Medium Is Also Holding More Moisture, Than It Can Cause Yellow Leaves. In The Same Way, The Moisture Drains & Evaporates Slowly in The Winter Days, So Again It Can Cause an Overly Moist Soil Mix.

But Whatever The Reason, Make Sure Water is Draining Out Properly & Your Soil mix Drying Out Time to Time. If The Soil Remains Wet Most of The Time, The Roots Can Undergo a Stressed Condition & In Result Plant Shows us Yellow Leaves.

How To Overcome Drainage Issues?


So To Effectively Solve This Whole Issue, You Can Buy a Ready To Use Well Draining Mixture Linked Here. Or You Can Also Learn How To make a Well Draining Mixture By YourSelf, Its also Added Here.

Different Type Of Soil Amendments Can Be Used In Different Ways To Make a Good Soil Mix, All Is Added In That Guide. The Whole Point here, is To Use a Well Draining Soil Mix.

Reconsider Your Fertilizer Nutrition Value:-

The Cause That also Makes Yellow Leaves Most Of The Time Is The Deficiency of Nutrition in The Soil or Plant Body. You Should Provide Fertilizer To Your Plants Time To Time. Otherwise The Deficiency Comes Out Such Type of Yellow & Diseased Leaves.

Roots Requires Nutrition, That makes The Plant Growing. Deficiency Leads To a Stunted Growth & a Dying Condition Sometimes. Regular Fertilization can Helps Your Plants Thriving, So It is Important To Prevent Yellow Leaves As Well as Other Leaf Problems.

What is The Best Way To Fertilize Plants?


You must know that every type of Fertilizer Comes Up With a Different Type Of Nutrients. I have Somes Guides, Explaining About These Organic Fertilizers Including Their Nutritional Values, Benefits, Drawbacks etc So They are Right Here, Feel free To Check them Out. But Remember Every Plant Requires Nutrition, So It Is Important To add Fertilizer At Least Every 2 Weeks.

Check pH Levels:-

The Another Cause of Yellow Leaves Is Ph Issues, pH of More Than 7 Causes the Soil To Be Alkaline. & In Such a Mixture, The Roots Becomes Unable to Absorb Nutrition, Regardless How Much Frequently You Fertilize Them.

ideally, Your Mixture Should Be Slightly Acidic or At Least Neutral. For Checking Ph, You Can Buy a Soil’s Ph Tester Soil Here.

Acidic pH is Good For Flowering Plants, & Neutral pH Goes Well For Other Plants. But Alkaline Mixture Cant Let Your Plants To Grow At Their Full Potential.

How To Maintain Ph Levels For a Healthy Plant Growth?


So Here The Solution is Either Use an Acidic Medium, or Reduce Its Ph By Using Some Compost. Compost Have This Beneficial Effect on the Soil, That is Reduces The Soil’s Ph, That is Perfect. Many of Its Other Benefits Are Added Here, Must Check it Out. Include Compost In Your Regular Fertilizer, or You can Also Add it Separately.

Just take a Dose Of Compost & Mix It With The Soil. Don’t Forget To Water & That’s It. Repeat This Process Every 10 Days in The Season. With Time, The ph Comes Down, Roots Starts To Take In Nutrients & Hence No Yellow Leaves.

Make Your Plants Stress-Free (Transplant / Root Bounding):-

Stress & Shock Caused By Transplant Or Root Bounding Can Also Cause Yellow Leaves, But it is a Temporary Thing. As The Plant Recovers From The Shock, The New Green Leaves Starts To Grow As well. It is a Natural Process & Just keep Your Plant in a Shade For About a Week & It Will Recover Automatically.


For The Root Bounding You Can Checkout The Drainage Hole, If It Seems Overly Crowded You Should Give It a Bigger pot. Choose The Right Pot & Season & Plant it. With Time, The Yellow Leaves Fells Off & New Leaves Grow Back.

Move your Plant in a Sunny Area:-

Deficiency Of Sunlight Can Also Cause the Yellowing Of Leaves. Sunlight is The Main Source Of Energy For The Plants, In The Dark Area, Plants Grow Slow, More Pests Attack & Very Less Flowers Comes Up.

So Sunlight is Very Important, Amount of Sunlight Matters From Plant To Plant, But It’s Obvious Plants Like Sunlight. If The Lower Leaves of The Plant are Turing Yellow, That Means The Sun Is Not Reaching Their.

How Much Is Enough For Plants?


Generally, 3 to 5 Hours of Direct Sunlight is Optimum, Unless The Sun is Burning. So Locate Your Plants Carefully & Leaves Would Not Turns Yellow. But Still Every Every Plant Have Different Reasons To Show Yellow Leaves, Some of The Treatment Videos Going from Plant To Plant Are Added on Our Channel, You Can Visit To Know More.

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