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6 Reasons – Why the A.denium Leaves Turning Yellow? – Yellow Leaves on A.denium.


A.d Plant Is one of the Easiest to Grow Plants, but Only if you Take It’s Proper Care. Desert rose leaves turning yellow on A.d Plant are the Symptoms of careless Attitude, that the Plant is trying To Show through Its Leaves.

Therefore in this post, we will discuss about the main Reasons of Yellow Leaves on A.d Plant. I will also describe you their Simplest Solutions, so Keep reading.

Following are the Some Main Reasons, that Can Cause Yellow Leaves on Adenium;-

  • Over watering
  • Compact & Less Draining Soil
  • Deficiency of Sun (Low Light)
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Shock & Stress
  • Life Span of Leaves

Stress & Shock on Adenium;-

The First and the most Common Reason that makes the A.d Leaves to Turn Yellow is Stress & shock On the Plant Body. Let me Explain this Point in detail, this Stress & shock Condition can be caused by Several Things.

How Stress Makes the Leaves Yellow?

Like Recent Repotting, Shifting the Plant From nursery to Your Garden, Change of Temperature & season. A.d plant requires a Hot weather, and Winter days are not so good for Growing A.d plant.

The Decreasing temperature makes the stressed Condition on the A.d Plant.

And the Plant Shows it’s effect through the Yellowing of It’s Leaves. If The temperature is also Changing on your Side, then you can Check out a Video here;-

How to care for A.d Plant in Winter days?

Stress and shock Condition can be Cured very Easily, if You Care the A.d Plant properly. Repotting of A.d is not a Bigger Problem, watering Overly after the repotting is a bigger problem.

Yellowing of A.d plant leaves after transplant is a natural thing, but we became Panic and start adding more Water and fertilizers, that is the main problem.

Just be relaxed after the transplant, don’t Get panic. A.dnium Plant Automatically starts it’s Healthier Growth Again.

Over Watering In Adenium;-

Next Common Problem begins with Watering. A.denium Leaves Turns Yellow and fells off, very Commonly due to the Wrong Watering Technique. A.denium Plant have moisture in it’s Stem, and therefore it can survive without water for weeks. But Watering A.denium again and again can be a bigger Problem.


Most of the time, leaves turns Yellow only due to Over watering Condition. Over Watering not only make the leaves yellow, but it also Damage the roots.

How to Correctly Water an A.denium?

An other Common mistake in watering A.denium is Spraying it on its Leaves. Adding water over the leaves of A.denium can cause many Fungal Issues, so be careful.

For Watering A.denium, let the Soil to Dry out Completely. And then add Water, you Can also check the Upper Layer of Soil before Watering, it will Helps You lot.

Soil mix For Adenium;-

Why-is my-desert-rose-leaves-turning-yellow
Our Next Reason of yellow leaves on A.denium Plant is again Related to Watering. Choosing a Wrong SOIL medium Can also leads to The Yellow Leaves.

A.denium Plant Is a desert area plant, that requires to be Grown in a Sandy Soil Mix, that drains water very Efficiently.

What type of Soil Mix A.denium Likes?

Drainage System of Soil is a Very Important Thing, specially when you are Growing A.deniums. The Waters blocking Soil mix will Definitely cause these type of Yellow Leaves on A.denium. So its better to a choose a good Quality, Sandy Soil mix to grow A.denium Plant Healthily.

Don’t use Coc.opeat while preparing a Mixture for A.deniums, and try to add more sand in it. Sand makes a very Good Drainage, and you can also buy a ready to use potting mix for Your A.denium Plants Here. That type of a Mixture Works great for A.deniums.

Life Span of Leaves;-

Next reason of yellow leaves of A.denium is the life span of A.denium Leaves. As the leaves get older day after Day, they starts to became yellow and after a few days they fells off. It is absolutely a normal thing, the older leaves became yellow.

Mostly the Lower leaves of A.denium turns yellow Before the upper ones, because they are much older then the upper leaves. You need to do any thing in this Case, simply Keep Your Healthy And well Growing.

I have also made a video on A.denium Plant yellow leaves Here!

Why Adenium Leaves Turning Yellow?

Nutrients Deficiency;-

Another Most common Reason of Yellow Leaves on A.denium is nutritional deficiency. A.denium Plant is a Heavy Feeder, that requires so many Nutrients to grow Well. Deficiency of Nitrogen and magnesium can cause the

How Nutrients deficiency Cause Yellowing of Leaves?

Desert rose leaves turning yellow, usually the A.denium Plant with this deficiency also shows an abnormal and stunted Growth. A.denium requires a continuous Supply of Nutrients to Bloom Well, deficiency of nutrients makes the leaves Yellow.

This deficiency can be Cured by adding a Fertilizer Regularly. At that stage, you have to provide a nutrients enrich Fertilizer to your your A.denium Plant.

What type of Fertilizer A.denium Requires?

Choosing a Good Fertilizer for Your A.denium Plant is Important, to Keep the Plant well Growing and blooming. Try to choose an organic Fertilizer, that contains

Making The Best Fertilizer For A.denium!

Otherwise you can also buy a ready to use A.denium Plant Fertilizer, that works very well for them.

Less Sun to Adenium;-

Last reason of A.denium Plant yellow leaves is the Deficiency of Sunlight. A.denium Plant is a desert area plant, that loves to Have a Hot sunny area. Placing the A.denium Plant in a shade can cause the Yellowing of Leaves.

How much Sunlight A.dnm Plant Requires?

Choose a Well lit Sunny area to Grow Lot’s of Flowers on A.denm Plant, it also helps the plant to improve it’s overall health and growth.

Never Place your A.d Plant in a dark place, provide at least 4 to 5 hours of Sun to your Ade for a healthy and consistent Growth.

Sunlight is very important for the formation of new buds and leaves, Adenium Plant never grows Well Without Sunlight.


So these are the reasons of why the Desert rose leaves turning yellow. Now it’s Clear that Yellow Leaves on Adenium Could be an effect of Less Care. Best Practice is to Follow up this Article to Keep Your Adenium Plants Healthily and protected.

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