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Cow dung is being used as a Fertilizer all over the world in different ways, just to raise Healthy Crops. Cow Dungs have so many benefits, that is the reason of it’s so much importance. And over use of Cow dung can also leads to so many Problems.

Cow dung is being Used in Plants from thousand of Years, Due it’s Beneficial Effects, that Boost a Healthier Growth on Different Plants. But the cow dung Fertilizer also have Some Very Harmful Effects, that i will also describe to You in this Post.

So it’s Better to Know it’s Benefits as well as the harms of Cow Dungs. And at the End We also know About making the Best Liquid Fertilizer from Cow dung, that have almost zero side effects. And it also promotes a Fast and Healthier Growth on Different Plants.

Benefits of Using Cow Dung in Plants:-

Cow dung contains nitrogen and phosphorus in larger amounts, that are required by every plant. Cow dung also contains helpful Minerals, like sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium, copper, Iron etc. All of these micro nutrients makes a healthy Immune System of a plant, that further protect the Plant from diseases and Pests.

You can use this Organic Liquid Fertilizer on all type of Plants, including Vegetables, Seedlings, Flowering Plants, trees and indoor plants etc. It gives a Healthy Green Growth on every Plant. It is not for More Flowers, bigger size vegetable.

But it’s a great choice to Grow your Plants bigger. If you don’t Know So much About Cow dung Fertilizer, it beneficial and harmful effects.

How to Correctly Use Cow dung Fertilizer in Plants?

Cow dung is the waste of Cow, that is used to feed Plants in different Ways. Besides of Cow Dung, Farmers also utilize the Other Manures came from different Cattles. But the Cow Dung is the only Fertilizer, that is used from ancient times, and it also Gives us very delightful Results in the Plants Growth.

Cow Dung Contains a High amount nitrogen, that is the need of every Plant, Starting from seedlings until the Harvest of Fruit. Nitrogen is important to promote a Greenย  growth on different Plants.

Besides of Nitrogen Cow dung also contains a balanced amount of phosphorus, that works for a Healthier Root Growth. A Plant with Poor root Structure is Unable to absorb Nutrients from the Soil.

Cow dung Compost also contains Multiple Micro elements, that are also extremely Important to keep the Plant of many Harmful Pests and Diseases. It contains Sulphur, Magnesium, copper, calcium, iron potassium and so on.

Why use of Cow Dung Can Be harmful For Plants?

As the right use of cow dung Can provide as a Protection from pests and Insects. in the same way, using cow dung in a wrong way can attract the same pests towards your Plants. Cow Dung in itself can Makes the Roots healthier, and in the same way it can burn the Whole Plant.

It’s because how you are using Cow dung on your Plants. So it is also an extremely important thing, to know About these effects of using Cow dung in plants.

Disadvantages of Using Cow Dung as a Fertilizer:-

The Fresh Cow dung contains very high amount of nitrogen, that leads to the burning of roots and Leaves. Fresh Cow dung is a very harmful thing, if we use It directly into our Plants. Never Use Fresh Cow Dung in any of Your Plant, otherwise The plant will be Burned overnight.

You can Use Cow dung By making it’s Compost, or You can also use it’s Liquid Fertilizer, that is Very easy to make and have amazing results in younger Plants.

Cow Dungs Liquid Fertilizer For Plants

A detailed Video on making Cow dung liquid Fertilizer for Plants.


Applying cow dung Fertilizer in the form of Liquid, is very Helpful and have almost zero side effects. Returning to the Harmful effects of cow dung, Using the cow dung in composted form can also be harmful, if you are using it in hot Summer days.

In the hot weather, Roots and leaves are already Facing to much heat. And if you add cow dung Compost, it can show you Burning of leaves and some times a stunted growth. So the right way is to use Cow dung in only a Smaller amounts, specially in summer days.

Let me give you an estimate Value, for a 5 inches container use about 50 grams only in a Dried form. You can Buy Cow Dung Compost from this link, that you can use Directly on all your plants.

In the dried & Composted Form, cow dung Releases it’s Benefits slow and steady. So it’s better to use Cow dung Compost, instead of Dried Cow dung. Use it every 20 Days, and for larger container you can increase the dose a UpTo hundred grams .


Harmful Effect Of Using Cow Dungs

Another harmful effect of using Cow dung is in seedlings, at the earlier stage seedlings have a Smaller root Structure, and adding a high dosed fertilizer can be fatal. So the right way is to use cow dung in the potting Soil.

You can use cow Dung compost in their potting mix in a little amount. For an estimate, use About 3 parts of soil and 1 part of Cow dung Compost. You can grow seeds and seedlings only in Coco.peat, but bot only in cow dung Fertilizer, they will be died overnight.


Last Thing to know about cow dung Fertilizer is that cow dung Is the best Fertilizer to grow More leaves and Branches. But cow dung Doesn’t Work So much well for Flowering Plants. Apply Cow dung Fertilizer at the evening Time, never fertilize Your Plants with the Cow Dung at the day Time.

How Make a Liquid Fertilizer From Cow Dung?

Now let’s make this Liquid Fertilizer. First of All you need cow Dung compost, you can also use dried cow dung cakes. But Cow dung Compost is the best Choice, because it is fully Decomposed and very beneficial For Plants Growth. You can buy ready made Cow dung Compost from this link.

It is extremely easy to make This Liquid Fertilizer, simply Take a handful of Cow dung Compost in a Container. And add a liter of Water into it. Put this Container in a shaded area.


After about 3-4 days, the liquid will be turned into blackish Colour, that means it’s ready to use. All the useful Nutrients have been Dissolved into the liquid. But don’t use this Liquid directly into the Plants. First you have to Dilute this Liquid Fertilizer with 5 parts of More Water.

Must dilute the liquid before use otherwise it can burn the Roots. I have also made an video on making this cow dung liquid Fertilizer.

How to Apply Cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer On Plants?

After diluting the liquid Fertilizer, now you can use it in all your Plants. Try to loose the upper layer of Soil Before Applying this liquid Fertilizer. Best Time to apply this organic Fertilizer is in the early morning and evening Time.

Add about 2 hundred milliliter of this Liquid in every 10 inches of Pot. Small amount for Smaller Pots, and large amount for larger Pots.

On What Plants Cow Dung Liquid Fertilizer Can Be Used?

You can use it on Flowering Plants, on all type of Vegetable Plants, On the Indoor Plants. Even you can use this Liquid Fertilizer on Younger Seedlings, but in a Smaller amount. This Liquid Fertilizer have nitrogen in a Slightly higher amount, so It’s better to use every 15 to 20 Days.

Try to avoid, using this liquid Fertilizer in hot days of June and July.


Now it’s Clear that Cow Dung Can be a Useful Source to feed Plants as well as a Harmful Thing. It depends Upon How we Use This Magical Fertilizer. The Most Safe way to Get Benefits of Cow Dungs is to Make A Liquid Fertilizer, that Can be Uses with out any Side Effect. Hope Now You Will use this Magical Fertilizer in a Correct way.

Regards;- Pure Greeny.

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